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In my opinion in reincarnation and also that past life regressions can deliver great information from beyond this realm, but this book doesn't give you a very truthful message in my opinion. It would appear that many of the people under hypnosis are merely pulling off of their own austere ideas about karma and spirituality that are dependent on the strict interpersonal structures of the (manipulated) religions and cultures of this world, not on spiritual truths. Some of the subjects, a fraction, appear to be in alignment, but most are not. For example, one especially long passage from a subject called John speaks about how precisely souls are shipped off to Earth against their will so that they can " suffer" by starving to dying in Ethiopia to " repay their past lives of indulgences. " This would " force them into realizing they need to grow spiritually" in line with the subject matter. Yuck!

I truly wanted to like this book, but I regret buying it now because its purporting all of these cleaned out, negative ideas about karma and we're supposed to just believe it because its Dolores Cannon. I don't care who is interviewing the subject; I know from my own intuitions that reincarnation is a conscious choice, and I don't think their very responsible or truthful to attempt to scare people into believing in this sick punitive system of retribution called " karma, " which is definitely a fabricated idea used to change people into fear, making them much easier to control. That is what the major beliefs of the world have done. All of us are all empowered beautiful beings of Source energy experiencing the illusion of " separation" for the expansive funness of it! And WE are the masters of our destiny, we are not being prodded, analyzed, schooled, and having our wrists slapped by some spiritual principle on the other side. That is some wacko throwback Planet trauma coming through the subjects under hypnosis, in my opinion.

I'm not saying Dolores Cannon is a fraud, because I'm certain she's really trying to do her best to reach people and explore the nonphysical realms. But ultimately, this material thats coming through and having published is fabricated out of an old paradigm - the paradigm of surrendering to authority, fearing punishment, and striving for spiritual excellence.

Just be in the moment, experience your daily life completely, embrace your challenges, even the least fortunate person has something to be grateful for. You chose this life for a reason, not because you had to repay spiritual debt or answer to spiritual authorities, however for your own unique reasons. Ultimately we are all One endless organization. Knowing you would can be found forever, wouldn't you want to play around, experience numerous lives, some of them very challenging? There is finally no judgement, abuse, or hierarchies in the eternal One. Those techniques come from illusion, which is how I feel a few of these subjects are lost - in illusions borrowed from hierarchical, manipulative social structures., Composed in the format of interviews between hypnotherapist and client, this book explores the time between lifetimes (sometimes called the spirit world) as reported " first hand". As a student of yoga philosophy, I use some familiarity with this subject. But I appreciate the cheerful, useful and sometimes humorous details which give me much more depth in and appreciation for the vast and benign realm of spirit, that our acquainted world is but a tiny part., Everyone should read this book. Embrace the hear-after with anticipation. Live your current life well. Dolores' regressions give you the information we should all use as a guide to live a good life and not be afraid to pass on and not be concerned about our loved ones who passed before us. Very good hand-book for us all>, I enjoyed this book because it was easy to read and I experienced it answered or made me think about the place we go when we pass. I am aware of this line of thinking so it reaffirmed that idea. The book encouraged us to think about how precisely we can develop our life on earth. To look at events in life as a learning experience for ones personal and those who are around us. I believe it did a good job encouraging us not to be judgemental to others or ourselves because it will look quite different in the spiritual realm., between death and life this is a book you could read. It's important for everyone to know there is nothing to be afraid of when we die... it's only the beginning. An individual will learn so many things you've got a knew before like why we choose to come to world and why we experience certain things in our lives a lot., Arrived quickly. Dolores Cannon's " Among Death and Life" is truly fascinating. She also repeats common themes I've read in other books and articles, but her way of presenting them is rather unique, I believe. The girl conversations with " spirit" were done through the woman hypnotized clients. Ms. Cannon is now dead, so likely she'll be researching and documenting in the afterlife what she wrote about here at earth., Absolutely incredible reading! I had read Brian weiss' books and this is extreme approval that religion has it JUST ABOUT ALL WRONG!, I appreciate the initiatives and the boldness of Dolores to explore and iterate on this 'mystery'. You will find a lot of resonance with what feels more true. If the stories came from varied individuals, it would appear that it did, and the info is consistent throughout, we have a lot to gain from the study and practice of the info.

Life on Earth, on this aircraft is purpose-full.

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