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Great story told of claudia and michael. Aiden an evil fallen angel is after claudia and want to kill her to get his powers again. She has yet to be at peace to find herself. This is when the lady discovers powers and however sometimes life isn't good and they both needed to go their separate ways but not because they chose to. That part saddens me but i certain hope they figure it out on another. Definitely recommemd this book. You can laugh, get heart broken, smile, and be in awe. If you love books of angels and demons fighting and romance then this books is made for you. You won't be disappointed., I really enjoy the growth of connection between Claudia and Michael. I also love the growing friendship between Claudia and all of those other alkins. Regarding me, these are the best things about this story.

Overall though, I am a little disappointed in this book. I just do not find the remaining portion of the story very exciting. There are plot points that I find contradictory and figure decisions that make very little sense. Most of the history lacks real direction, and the ending feels completely unnecessary other than to produce plenty of angst for book.

I will continue to finish the series though to see where Ting takes it., I woke up Saturday morning hours to finish reading this book.
Simply by 9: 05 I was crying into my mug of coffee with my hubby staring at me like I had lost my brain.
I attempted explaining but gave upwards and told him to read the book themself.: )

With that said, this book was Awesome. Fantastic. Superb. I can't even find a word fitting for the second sequel with this series. (I just finished the 3rd one as well and - seriously, whether it was a movie I would have been screaming at the TV. )

Claudia and Michael's story will rip your heartstrings out and make you want to problem. You cross your hands and hold your breathing.
I may want to give away any spoilers. I can say that the battle for evil continues in this book and so does the battle for love. I love the closeness of the figures and the friendship/family connection they create amongst on their own.
Great job Mrs. Ting!!!!, I had to begin this immediately after reading Crossroads and it didn't disappoint. Claudia's life isn't very in immediate danger so she is to live real life normal. She won't see her guardians as often. A minimum of until the lady is once again in trouble which seems to happen to her a great deal. There is a new threat that will force two groups to work together who don't play well with others. The particular whole group is again and determined to keep Claudia safe as the woman power grows, but will it be enough?
Claudia is coming into her own and am love that. The creator did a good job surprising me on several occasions through this history. We met some new characters, some I adored, and some I despised. Michael is still more determined than ever to keep Claudia safe. Davin is back more enhanced than ever, along with the rest of the staff. I absolutely hated/loved the ending of this book.
A 5/5 and I cannot wait to keep the series!, I like the idea behind this fable. It's just not proceeding anywhere. It's alot of the same stuff over and over. No really good plot twists. I decided to stop after this book. I gave it a chance with the first two books, but I'm not going any further. It's a pity, because I really wanted to like them. The particular concept caught me, but the storyline couldn't keep me. Also, these publications must be published by a little house because the editing is horrible. My fingers were itching to achieve for my red pencil the whole time I was reading. Just a little pet peeve of mine. But it also takes away from my enjoyment of the book. So, about three stars. I probably would've chosen second . 5, but 1/2 stars are not an option. I offered three as opposed to two becuase I liked the idea a great deal. I took one star away for stagnant storyline and 1 away for all of the typos and misused punctuation I had to read through. Ugh., Absolutely not only love the main characters, but the assisting characters as well. This particular will take your feelings on a roller coaster, yet it is well really worth it. Again, I enjoy how you feel complete when finishing the guide, and then the anticipation seeps subtly into you. On to book 3!, However long will be too long. That's what Michael tells Claudia every time he has to leave. It will be picks up where Crossroads left off. I smiled thru this guide, laughed because Devin is simply the funniest, cutest Alkin, and cried like a infant towards the end. Claudia has now met a Venator named Austin who is a demon monster. He has been designated by Claudia's Gramma as her protector on earth since she has passed on. Michael is not happy about this because he is her guardian angel and feels jealousy within the fact that Austin may well not function as the one to be around Claudia because he doesn't trust him. Claudia finds himself at times drawing closer to Austin but showing herself it isn't right and wants only to be friends with your pet, although Austin would like more than a a friendly relationship. Claudia starts discovering capabilities she didn't know the lady had and has the chance to utilize them. Where ever before Claudia is, demons will follow because of how special she is and this book proves to be so worthwhile, I wanted more. I'm not the spoiler so may expect it from me personally, but know you won't have the ability to put the guide down as I read it in one day. Jane Ting went beyond the call of writing a best seller on this one. She never ceases to amaze me. There has to be a 3rd book and I can't wait for it. Fantastic story.

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