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I preordered this cookbook and received it early this morning. I was able to see that there is not something wrong the formatting with my versions. It looked great on my fire HD, kindle for iOS on the iPhone as well as iPad.

I prepared the spicy drunken noodles for lunch today. It had been really tasty--I'm grateful that there's an Asian market local that carries the holy basil. It opted for substitutes; you will also find those little helpful tips and more if going through the book. Holy basil is peppery and also this make the dish. This book is a bargain, considering the recipes available. I was excited to find a jungle curry recipe. It's not your typical Thai curry served at restaurants across the U. S.

So this book is broken upward in sections. You have:
1-The Thailänder Kitchen. Explains ingredient used in Thai cooking and suggests what to stock for a Thai pantry. There's also a basic tools segment, optional tools and Thailänder cooking techniques.
2-Snacks and Starters
3-Rice and Noodles
4-Soups and Salads
5-Curries (I love this chapter---it has curry paste quality recipes AND curry dishes)
6-Vegtables and Tofu
8-Chicken and Ovum
9-Beef and Pork
10-Drinks and Desserts
11-Sauces and Condiments

General, for the price, it's an awesome buy. I say that because of the amount of recipes you get for such a low price. We cook a great deal inside my home, in particular, Asian foods. This has a little something for everyone. I plan on making the Panang Almond Curry for dinner. The particular recipes aren't overwhelming. I made the sweet chili sauce this afternoon too. My child loves the Thai sweet chili gravies you get at Thai restaurants. It's a good dipping sauce for a lot of things. Like chicken nuggets (amongst others! ). There are a few of drink recipes too. The Thai Iced Teas was and still is delicious. I normally never ever review things, this is my first. I felt like I had developed to review because I feel that a cookbook review should reflect the items of the book that actually have happened. Is actually a keeper!, We love Thai food, absolutely adore it. It's one of our weaknesses when it comes to eating out there. 90% of the time, we are going to eat Thai. We also cook Thai quite somewhat and have for nearly 20 years, and we own several good Thai cookbooks. Being addicted to good Thai, I had developed to give the Kindle ebook version of this cookbook a try. Surprisingly, it's very well-formatted for a Amazon kindle cookbook and very readable. (I say surprisingly, as I've deleted several Amazon kindle cookbooks as unusable simply due to their format. It's a rather common problem. ) The Much better Than Takeout Thai Cookbook has colors that work well, the font size and contrast on the colored blocks is also good. The pictures are clean and hunger-inducing. I'm not sure why another reporter only saw one letter per line, as my copy displayed correctly, at full-page width; having said that, I was using this on a Kindle tablet. These people could have been using a true Kindle ereader.

After reading the entire introduction, ingredient and tool explanations, and over half of the quality recipes, I used to be more than sold and jumped on Amazon online to obtain a print duplicate also (mostly because I can't seem to be to print out from my tablet, and I prefer to read and mark off published copies when I'm cooking food. I do believe my Kindle Fire is definitely too old or I'm too old-school. )

I absolutely adore this cookbook already. While I have some excellent Thai cookbooks with good ingredient, kitchen tools, and recipe suggestion sections, this one is probably the very best. Each and every seasoning is discussed: what it is, how to store it, how to substitute for it (or when not to replace, but leave out altogether), and so forth I've learned a few new things already, such as not to substitute ginger for galangal/kha. While I normally use galangal and usually keep some frozen, I may always have it and didn’t consider that ginger would change a dish too much. The tips are repeated on recipes where they're needed, so no worries on missing important information.

The ingredient and tool info feels as if every hint from every Thai cookbook that I have plus that from chats with restaurant masters is put together in one easy reference. There is such useful info as changing the ratio of ingredients (as some restaurants allow) changes the balance of textures and tastes away from the Thailänder origin dish. That seems common sense, and yet it isn't (or wasn't for me, anyway; I had developed to be pointed over the straight and narrow with a restaurant owner). There's facts about various ways to rinse out rice, what things to substitute for coriander root, fish spices, kaffir lime leaves, etc. This info can be very useful for us cooks who can't regularly get all the ingredients.

The quality recipes themselves seem to be very complete, the constituents are along the lines of those I understand from our local Thailänder restaurants and recipes I have already and use on a regular basis. We are always drawn to recipes that are similar to what restaurants make because that is what we are utilized to and expect from Thai food. Rather unoriginally, I imagine, I am always trying to get recipes to match the most popular dishes from our favorite restaurants. I sometimes have to modify more traditional recipes, such as that from Thai local cookbooks, so they'll preference more like that from Thai restaurants, yet Dont really want them more Americanized than from my local Thai eateries.

I'm pumped up about using this cookbook and its hard-copy version to recreate the most popular Thai dishes. I anticipate to add technicalities to our current repertoire, add new dishes, through adding some of our favorite dishes that people didn't have recipes for yet. In case my judgement from reading this cookbook is accurate, we're going to be very happy cooks. I will update this review if this doesn't maintain true, and I might update it if it does. But don't maintain your breath if this cookbook is as good as I believe it is, because I’ll be in the kitchen cooking., Good recipes for very delicious food, Great book. Simple recipes., Why hasn't any person mentioned that this recipe book has no pictures? Apologies, but no matter how great the recipes, I just cannot get right behind a cookbook that does not include photos, in particular when it's about an unfamiliar cuisine., Provided 'Takeout' in the name, I used to be really surprised at how authentically Thai the food resulting from these recipes was. I use a couple of other Thailänder cookbooks that I acquired when I was in Thailand, but I actually like here better--each of use, instructions, and the fact that there are so many good accompaniments recipes: gravies, salads, and so forth The other cookbooks I have are a little short on those. My only problem with the Kindle version was I can't stand having my pill or phone next to the stove. I feel afraid I am heading to have to split down and buy the paper version, but I think it could be worth it., The strength of this book is that it is written by somebody who grew up in the US ALL eating her mom's Thailänder food. Such strength is a warrantee that the recipes will be as close as possible to the original Thai plates yet using products and ingredients one can find in the US--for some of them one may need to go to a local Asian grocery tale. I like that the recipes are easy to follow and the explanations are thorough. As an improvement, I would have loved some illustrations, in particular when describing how to fold a wonton in a certain way or to carve a vegetable in the condition of a flower. All in all, a great book to bring Thai cuisine into my kitchen!

Note: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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