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You may want to permanently shelve your traditional thesaurus. If you're a writer in search of substitutes for over-used words and phrases, then Arthur Plotnik's "Better Than Excellent: A Plenitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives" is the Swiss-Army-knife for your Macgyver-esque writer's bag of tricks.

When the only word that comes immediately to mind is "GREAT, inch "HUGE, " or "AWESOME, " imagine having at your fingertips such options as: monsta!; a lower-leg on perfect; Mozartian; smack-in-the-glove perfect; tweetworthy; and more.

Regardless of your personal writing style, there are transforms of phrase here for everyone, from the street-smart coarse to the ten-Ph. M. erudite. What's more, his lists will inspire you to definitely come up with your own brains-into-putty expressions and insights that will send frissons of delight coursing down your word-loving backbone.

How about: Jayne Mansfield 2 . not 0; lick-her-boots mesmerizing; boop-boop-a-doopa appealing? Or try these on for size: gigabig; incomprehensibly immense; pachydermous?

Even better, try a few of these réformers to spiff-up the over-used "awesome": awesome unabridged; giga-awesome; kiss-the-hem-of-its-robe awesome; out-of-the-ballpark awesome.

Even these don't commence to inform the whole tale. The author provides commentary at the start of each section, as well as synonyms or in-context examples for less-than-familiar movement.

The only down-side is that I wish I had created purchased the paperback version, too. It would be dog-eared, highlighted, underlined and otherwise accoutered with gross note tabs. On the other hand, will be certainly a lot to be said for being able to seek out something without flipping pages. I absolutely must learn how to use the highlight and bookmark functions on my Kindle fire!

If you value words, then this gem of any book is a no-brain inevitability for your shopping cart. Better change on 1-click. Quick!, Arthur Plotnik's latest book for words people, Much better than Excellent, is a sizzling success. Short, punchy and unrivaled, this slender volume is good company for two of his previous writers' necessities, The Elements of Expression and Spunk and Bite. BTG is designed to be a helpful mention of the grab when a writer needs an expressive adjective, something other than the used-to-death "great. inch I wished the announcer on a recently-televised NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE game had had a copy of BTG on hand when he blithely recognized the Packers as "a great team with great owners in a great city with great followers. "

Even though the book is meant for occasional guide, I read it from beginning to end--it's that mesmerizing. The five bout are an especially fecund resource, notably Appendix 5, which provides us a starter set of alternatives to tired old terms. Amongst my favorites are: raveworthy, avalanchine, ungluing, gobsmacking and both-barrels mind-blasting. Mr. Plotnik, URTM (per Appendix 2 on texting acclaim: You are the man)., A great reference when you need fast word with bite. Not for laid-back reading. Just buy it, go to the TOC, and select the idea you need. Voila! Instant word., Now, I may be prejudiced considering It is good Spunk and Bite and Elements of Expression, but this guy offers. Some have complained that the words are too progressive there, and while there are simpler ones, this book conducts it can mission: deliver a brain-bending, evocative, air-to-air missile of adverbs, adjectives and shrunk metaphors (and how-to for newer writers) that will definitely take your writing upward a notch. It is going to even get you thinking of expression in a whole new way. It will rivet you and your work. It is jaw-droppingly, uber-helpful. ^. ^, Roget should have started looking over his shoulder the afternoon Arthur Plotnik was created. I first ordered this book for my Kindle fire because it sounded interesting and it was very cheap, but quickly realized that this is one syndication that must be handled in order to be effective.

Not only is it a " compendium of wallopingly fresh superlatives, " it is flat-out fun to see.

My hard copy just arrived, and I'm already putting gross note tabs and document clips on my favorite pages. If you write, if you blog, if you merely want to play with words, if the banalities of awesome, great, and fabulous bore you -- go ahead and springtime for the hard copy. This belongs within hands duration of your keyboard., Usually are you a word lover? Perform you have a feloniously fun bedtime browsing habit of looking through books for tasty & decadent phrases, words & superlatives (then noting them down in a notebook)? Do you find some words gulp-worthy or phrases as a blend produced in heaven?

If so, I think you'll enjoy this book & believe it is a knee-wobbling, heart-walloping treasure! I love it. Is actually an avalanche of awesomeness. Recommended!, I'm an Episcopal priest in charge of a parish. Besides attending to the usual wedding ceremonies and funerals that means writing endless, wrist hurting thank you notes; at least twenty a week. Just how to keep these vitally important notes fresh and vibrant? Arthur Plotnik has given clergy-persons and non-profit types with the greatest tool because the look em' in the eye handshake. 'Better than Great' is a mosh pit of fresh new words and key phrases to express thanks or joy or any number of occasions that head rear end your stale thank you notes and make them sing (okay perhaps I'm over Plotniking here but the enthusiasm is ardent! ) 'Better than Great' will enliven your writing and provide you with this way of writing what you so want to express without sounding cliche and tired. A truly fabulous surprise for anyone who writes letters of thanks for their work or charitable projects. If if you're among those who still value to the surprise of writing letters to people.. buy this book.

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