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I have loved all of Gretchen Rubin's books and pre-ordered that one with great anticipation. It really is interesting and can be insightful, but as someone already familiar with routines after reading The Strength of Habit (highly recommend!! ), this had two major flaws for me and I would recommend reading other books on habits first.

First, Rubin attempts to break down people's personalities to conclude what methods will continue to work best for different people, which would be incredibly helpful if her framework of the Four Tendencies proved helpful. For me, it fails because people don't easily fall into those 4 categories - I think it might be more correct to say that in a few situations people need external commitment (Obliger), and in other situations those same people are going to reject any guidelines (Rebel). But I think its very, very unconventional that one person any " Tendency" in all situations and for this reason, her regular reference to the platform in many ways detracted instead of helped me think about habits and how I might apply the different strategies. As she information herself, Rubin is a very unique person and I think the reality that she is an Upholder in all situations is just about the exception, not the rule.

My second critique is that because Rubin herself is so unique and as a person completely without vice, she isn't able to evidently demonstrate the power of habit. Her method of writing is to incorporate research with personal stories. In her Happiness books, I found that method to be very successful. Here, nevertheless , she can't use herself as a guinea pig because she has few major habits to change; somehow she does not struggle at all with food, sleep, alcohol, exercise, etc. in the way many people do. Thus instead she uses her strategies to change small habits, which didn't come across as very dramatic to me because they aren't as difficult to change. Had she been able to point to one or more major habit to change and demonstrated the process and the challenges and ultimate success of doing so, it would have been much more compelling. It really is as not hard to set an burglar alarm every day to make yourself meditate as it is to fully change your diet (for most people, that is. For her that somehow was not a struggle).

If you are really interested in habits, and you should be because habits are fascinating, We would start with the Strength of Habit., I have combined feelings about this book. On the upside, there are a lot of interesting insights and helpful 'customizable' frameworks that can help you build healthy habits... Such as the Upholder/Obliger/Rebel/Questioner and Abstainer/Moderator concepts. However , all this could be summed up in a dozen pages or so and the takeaway communications would be much more clear and crisp.

Regrettably, personal examples and anecdotes are (over)used for each and every point. I understand way more about Gretchen's life, thoughts, and feelings than I want to... In fact, sometimes it seemed I was reading her personal record (at one point the lady reminded herself of her Number One Commandment: " Be Gretchen"... Come on! ) which was uneasy and a huge waste of time... so I ultimately were required to scroll through webpages each time to just get back to the core messages that could help the READER work on their habits -- and not waste time on hearing how Gretchen and her friends and family were so successful in forming/maintaining their own routines.

Not sure if I had created recommend buying the book and wasting your time reading all of it or if I'd just recommend reading reviews and articles that cut through the cr*p and just explain her basic but very helpful habit-forming frames, which are truly useful and applicable to everyday life., I enjoy reading Gretchen Rubin's books a lot. Personally i think with each one of them I have produced in several aspects of my life. I have started realizing through many of them what really makes me happy, what regions of my life I significantly need to work on and what type of person I am in general. I was thrilled from day one when this book was announced to come out but We just got the opportunity to start reading it now. In the last two books you have got many helpful ideas on how to find out what really makes you happy in life. This book tries to identify on how to really hit those goals and make things happen. No more standard excuses. Just do it. We started trying to make chances in January instantly although it was only a month, I feel like I am off to a great start. I see this book as a great tool, and just enjoy her writing style. It is easy to read and inspiring., To start with, I dislike Rubin's style. I've tried her podcast and this is the second book I have read that she had written.

They all are packed with eye rolls for me, hence the 3-star rating.

Despite my issues with her style, there is lots of great information here on habit formation.

I'd suggest getting the Kindle preview or picking Better Than Before up at your local bookstore. Spend 10 minutes looking through it and see if her style works with with you.

If it is, go for it. If not, read Switch by Chip and Dan Heath. It's not specifically on habits, but it's all about making the changes you want to., Let me be able to give this book 4 1/2 stars. Total it was a really good book that trained me a whole lot about how precisely I develop routines. That's exactly why We picked up, so it did it's job. We knew I had more trouble than some people, but couldn't pinpoint the reasons, and she was able to help me figure all of that out. This specific book truly did help me make some new routines, make the things into place which i need to be successful in creating habits. The only complaint about the book really is that it probably could have given a tad bit more info on actions for the various types of habit formers, and a little less detail about her own life. She also seemed to get a little bossy with her friends and family, but she does own up to that. Total a great00 book., Excellent book to help you form and keep good habits. We love the four tendency framework that Gretchen provides; it really really helps to understand why we may battle to maintain good routines and also identifies habit-forming strategies based on your tendency.

The Happier Podcast Gretchen and her sister, At the Craft, do is a great companion to this book.

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