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I had formed mixed thoughts reading this book. I did find some useful tips in the second half of the book, on the other hand the writing style of the author is fairly verbose and somewhat repetitive. Inside a how to manual I prefer sharp and clear instructions rather than conversational style. At times I think the author's sculpt was slightly condescending to those who will be less experienced amateur photographers. Since these folks are the potential audience for the book I think it would have been far better to take those remarks out during the editorial process.

This guide is based on " On Focus on Photo Training" newsletter written by the author. This book combined daily writings and this is probably why some information is recurring multiple times, as in a newsletter the author might want to re-enforce a number of his favorite details in multiple publication. However the repetitions were not edited out in the book that combines the all publications.

A great deal of the advice when the first half of the book are extremely basic, useful for beginner but somewhat boring for someone with a little bit of experience. The particular second half, I thought, was more interesting and addressed a wider audience not merely beginners. Many of the images included in the book are extremely nice, I would have loved to listen to more about each image - how it was taken, how it was edit in Photoshop, how it was clipped to achieve better composition.

My favorite tip? Invertible center column tripod.

Ali Julia review, Here is a guy who allows you in on his techniques to better photography. What I appreciated is his " outside the box thinking" which is similar to mine. This specific is where real creativeness comes in and models you apart and he or she states a similar thing in the book. Over the years I have read many photographic magazines and textbooks and this guy breaks it down to the simplest concepts and makes it straightforward for even the rank newbie. I actually also like from a business point of view that he has all his other books featured at the end of the book. Nice marketing touch. So do yourself a favor, if you wish to be an improved photographer, buy this book and STUDY it.

I particularly liked his explanation that you need towards your camera and follow his directions during multiple shoots to master a techniqe and then go on to the next one. Great photographers are not born but made through study, trial and error and " outside the box thinking" Kudos sir to a great book, Dan's approach is easy and to the purpose. He give the photographer basic advise that models up a fairly easy to understand foundation to taking photos. We have learned why a number of my pictures turn out like they do, and learned how to fix many common mistakes. The exercises he provides are easy and fun. I really do not remember reading any "how to" book that is this easy to understand and will make you grin at the same time. Worth the read if you wish to improve you pictures.

Today was a "field trip" of sorts to practice a few of the tips from this book. I went to the LA Arboretum for the first time. I arranged my camera on the "A" setting or Aperture Priority Auto Mode. I am determined to learn all of the special features that my camera has. I actually played with the f-stop setting and was very excited when I got shots of the waterfall... this was an outstanding exercise! I actually have a picture of the water in that lovely soft cotton candies look and another with the water fall very clear.

If you want to be an improved photographer, the tips in this book are easy and do help! Next week to another location to understand a different function on my camera., I have no prior photography training and with some of the following tips in this book, I actually am already taking better photographs with my smart phone. The book is actually geared toward professional photographers. I also want to enter sweeps, and my husband has a new expensive camera. Will read this book many times for advice and pointers., These are actually very good tips and truly just common sense in most cases. Many of these are really going to assist improve my photography.

I absolutely wish the author had chosen a different style of writing. It really reads like a rant against all the amateurs out there who have no idea of what they are doing. My favorite one was the one about keeping a shot notebook. The author repeats themself so many times on this subject and admits that only 1% of the readers are heading to follow his instructions. In the days of digital photography, where a riches of metadata is captured with every shot, the value of such a notebook is much lower than implied., Read all of dans books and learn a lot... clear and simple to understand especially the advice about reading the camera manual, Excellent demonstration! Photography is a hobby and I am rather new. But I have read the majority of the kindle free books on pictures and the way this was presented is fantastic. A new very easy read that is packed with a myriad of ideas for both novice & experienced photographer. The particular best idea is keeping a image journal which I plan to get started on this week. The author produces like he sitting down in your living room and talking to you. Honestly, this book held my attention from the beginning to the end. You aren't go wrong with this one!!, This series models a great foundation for newbies. If you've been to many professionally taught photography courses or you've been a professional photographer, most (though not all) of precisely what is covered in Dan Eitreim's books will have already been learned. However, if you wish to keep your instructor's advice on your computer, these books are sopt on.

For the beginner, who just received their first DSLR camera and who wants to really learn how to possess fantastic shots using the settings, not merely the green auto box, these books are perfect. Dan starts at a basic level and strolls through the theory and the how to so you know not only what you are doing, but why you are doing it.

A key to taking good steady shots is a stable basis (how you place your feet). These books give the photographer a constant foundation of knowledge and know how on which to build beautiful pictures.

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