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A great read, I really liked this book., Love biographies and this was one of the better ones!, I like how she Grace Carter left nothing out, I've always admired her stamina, it was interesting through and through., This was great to see Bette Davis in the statements thanks to the FOREIGN EXCHANGE Tv shows “Feud” about her long spat with Mary Crawford. And this is merely the book you need to get all the background about Bette ~ and the roots of the animosity. But there’s so much more. Bette liked to decide on fights with just about every person she met ~ even her daughter M. D. started up her with a nasty memoir. That will book didn’t get nearly as much attention because the one written by Crawford’s daughter, “Mommie Dearest, ” but it was actually more venomous because Cardon was still behind the scenes read it (and to be permanently scarred by it).

Armchair psychologists will have a field day seeking to figure out how Bette could go through life fighting one struggle after another, and this book goes a long way toward explaining that mystery (there’s a Daddy issue for sure) while also giving her credit for what she achieved in her illustrious job – creating memorable character types and giving women agreement to behave out. The only way to succeed in a male-dominated world, Cardon seems to say, was to stand strong. This wonderful, engrossing book explains how.

Most people don’t realize that Bette Davis helped bring down the Studio System that chained actors to their studios for at least seven years, making them to can be found in whatever movie their bosses wanted, and crank them out at an exhausting rate. She lost her suit against Warner Brothers, but inflicted enough damage that a later court challenge been successful in freeing actors from bondage (okay, well-paid bondage, but bondage nevertheless).

This particular book’s a page-turner. Highly recommended!, And it wasn’t easy. As biographer Grace Peterson writes in this marvelous, entertaining, fast-paced book, “Bette failed to disappear into a role; rather, her character types always reflected the larger-than-life personality of the celebrity who created them. ”

Carter chronicles it all - the friendships, the husbands, the feuds - in gripping detail. There’s never a dull second.

This is the second book I’ve read by Grace Carter. Her biography of Katherine Hepburn was also first-rate. I highly recommend both., Very helpful and interesting, It was a somewhat superficial biography of Ms. Davis. Readable, but not too informative.

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