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15th of October

Buffalo Bills Wild West Celebrity (15th of October, 02:02:31 PM)
Seventh Ward Haunted Book (15th of October, 11:03:22 AM)
Seven My Lucky Number Reverse (15th of October, 06:13:15 AM)
Accidentally Hers Sterling Canyon Book (15th of October, 03:30:36 AM)
Adobe After Effects Classroom release (15th of October, 02:37:05 AM)

14th of October

Slouching Towards Bethlehem Joan Didion (14th of October, 10:55:02 PM)
001 Spanish Language Flash Cards (14th of October, 07:59:27 PM)
Canine Olfaction Science Law Environmental (14th of October, 07:26:35 PM)
Butterfly Island Corina Bomann (14th of October, 05:03:37 PM)
Big Data Baseball Miracles 20 Year (14th of October, 02:46:26 PM)
Ashes Heathens Ink Book (14th of October, 10:19:07 AM)
Shadows Jamestown Virginia Mysteries Book (14th of October, 02:48:56 AM)

13th of October

American Icon Mulally Fight Company (13th of October, 09:02:58 PM)
Art Fallout 4 Various (13th of October, 08:51:16 PM)
Seriously Wicked Novel Tina Connolly (13th of October, 07:29:39 PM)
Shojo Fashion Manga Art School (13th of October, 05:49:43 PM)
BODYWEIGHT Bodyweight Boosting Calisthenics Isometrics (13th of October, 01:03:20 PM)
Beer Bible Essential Lovers Guide (13th of October, 12:43:12 PM)
Simple Trade Setups That Make (13th of October, 08:22:01 AM)
Almost Bride Wyoming Wildflowers Book (13th of October, 07:37:46 AM)

12th of October

Show Another Unlikely Heroes Book (12th of October, 11:44:10 PM)
Black Friday Valens Legacy Book (12th of October, 10:28:15 PM)
Automotive giants America Industry Automobile (12th of October, 10:23:56 PM)
Brothers Grimm Illuminated Kindle Motion (12th of October, 08:16:02 PM)
Ball Four RosettaBooks Sports Classics (12th of October, 06:10:23 PM)
Asset Protection Made Easy Invincible (12th of October, 05:15:55 PM)
Being Jamie Baker Trilogy Book (12th of October, 02:26:02 PM)
Shadows Edge Night Prowler Novel (12th of October, 11:23:44 AM)
47 Ronin Sean Michael Wilson (12th of October, 09:10:31 AM)
Catastrophic Care American Health Father (12th of October, 03:23:32 AM)

11th of October

Smoothies Everyone Healthy Smoothie Wellness (11th of October, 07:15:51 PM)
Societys Child Autobiography Janis Ian (11th of October, 06:24:52 PM)
Between Luck Magic Chanmyr Chronicles (11th of October, 01:51:55 PM)
Angry White Male Phenomenon Changing (11th of October, 01:22:36 PM)
Altered Traits Science Reveals Meditation (11th of October, 10:33:39 AM)
1922 Stephen King (11th of October, 08:00:18 AM)

10th of October

Sisters Grave Tracy Crosswhite Book (10th of October, 06:55:47 PM)
Smoking Meat Essential Guide Barbecue (10th of October, 06:48:39 PM)
Souls Black Dover Thrift Editions (10th of October, 03:43:38 PM)
Small Great Things Jodi Picoult (10th of October, 12:27:59 PM)
Animals Translation Mysteries Behavior Scribner (10th of October, 10:31:19 AM)
Southern Attraction Heart Book (10th of October, 10:29:56 AM)
3D Printing SketchUp Marcus Ritland (10th of October, 10:15:02 AM)
Batman Killing Deluxe Alan Moore (10th of October, 10:04:37 AM)
Air Ash TIDES Book 1 (10th of October, 09:35:42 AM)
Blue Rose Magazine Issue 03 (10th of October, 03:06:30 AM)

9th of October

Bad Science Ben Goldacre (9th of October, 07:57:55 PM)
Big Book Stock Trading Strategies (9th of October, 03:37:34 PM)
Brendan Voyage Tim Severin (9th of October, 02:29:11 PM)
Book Launch Formula Non Fiction Schedule (9th of October, 01:53:21 PM)