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I was shocked at how absorbing this guide was to read. Often I couldn't put it down.

I failed to expect a book about the most recent iterations of the LA Dodgers to be quite this interesting, but you may be wondering what a beautiful mess that team is. Such an eclectic and discordant mix of talent, wealth, entitlement, immaturity, and insecurity.

Year after 12 months, statistical projections predict the Dodgers to be at the very top of the league and then each season unfolds into a melodramatic roller coaster ride for them. Molly Knight's book provides all the most intimate details of these adventures.

Starting off with the story of the transition of the LA Dodgers franchise from bankrupt pathetic embarrassment under crook owner Frank McCourt to the financially prospering Guggenheim ownership regime with lots of behind-the-scenes details, the book (paperback version) covers the period of 2012 to 2015 concentrating on a persons side of the game without drifting into the territory of hero worship or évidence or cliches. Just lots and lots of fascinating, entertaining tales about very proud and powerful personalities trying to coexist.

Knight certainly is aware baseball and when the lady does discuss the play on the field or statistical performance, she deals with it adeptly. But the heart of this guide is its human stories---the peculiarity of pitcher Zack Greinke, the pouty superstar outfielder Matt Kemp, weird middle man manager Wear Mattingly, the loose canon polarizing rule-breaker Yasiel Puig, the focused and decided superstar Clayton Kershaw, and so much more.

Typically the style sometimes jogged my memory of Dan Okrent's classic guide " Nine Innings" in which the description of a single ballgame units off lengthy tangents outlining the history of this or that player, all the poker site seizures of their job that led them to that point.

My only complaint (a minor one) is that things seem to be to fade towards the end, like she had not been sure how to determine this great book. I was really hoping for extremely in-depth detail and dialogue of the corporation assembling what Knight calls " Typically the Best Front Office Money Can Buy" but sensed that section was a little too truncated. That giant front office, an All Celebrity team of former GMs and sought-after execs, is (I think) the most fascinating thing about the existing Dodgers and I expected for more stories about how that all came to exist and how they managed to function. Was shocked to see Knight mention a few times that the team had missed out on a trade or a signing because the front office was too focused on some other matter. Sounds like just what this braintrust was built to avoid and completely contradicting the stories that were coming out during the 2014-15 winter group meetings when all the ex-GMs in the leading office were wheeling and dealing individually, divide-and-conquer style.

But We guess all of that is a story for another book., Was kind of disappointed in this book, as a season ticket holder. There was really not much otherwise in it other then her being there when Kershaw signed his deal that we didn't know already. But for those not knowledgeable about the Dodgers it is just a good read., As a born and raised from Brooklyn… Dodger fan… We read anything and everything about my beloved “Bums”. Most books are pure historical… but this one… a history (excuse my definition)… is so recent it is current. To know how the Dodgers got to the position they’re in right now… the fact that they have done so much to reshape the complete franchise… from top (owners)… to bottom… players… managers… coaches… in such an explosively short period of time… is both mind throwing out and exciting.

Mcdougal floods in all the absent pieces… and behind the scenes drama… this does not show up in the papers or TV. Or at the very least… she puts it all-in-one tantalizing place. The girl combines not only the “soap opera” goings on… between mega-millionaire ballplayers with egos mostly large… intellects… high… and low… alongside with mini-biographies… that are extremely concise and interesting. The portions dedicated to the best one-two pitching combination in baseball… of Kershaw and Greinke… are extremely lighting. It’s comforting being aware of what a good person Kershaw is off the field… and reassuring knowing what an ultra-competitive guy he is on the field. He is certainly one ballplayer whose drive will not be diminished due to a huge contract.

As far as Greinke… I knew he had some “issues” with depressive disorder type problems earlier in the career… but the history information provided puts it all into a brand new more crystallized light. It makes me want to root even harder (if possible) for Greinke. I was gladly amazed at just how much Zack loves baseball… and all its intricacies’… and his dedication. Because an old-school Brooklyn-Los Angeles fan… his acquisition reminds me of when the Dodgers got Preacher Roe whose record with the “Bums” from 1948-1954 was **93 wins – thirty seven losses**… and that’s the path that Zack is on… “If” he re-signs with the Dodgers following this season. (Please do Zack! ). Additionally it’s quite entertaining some of Greinke’s “Cosmo Kramer” type no- holds- barred comments.

Typically the real benefits of this book… is that despite having the tons and tons of knowledge I use of the Dodgers… I’m so thankful… to how much We learned… i didn’t know. I didn’t realize how much power was obtained away from Ned Colletti… before his title was changed. How little he really had to do with the blockbuster Red-colored Sox deal that brought over Adrian Gonzalez and all the others. And also how the whole deal was actually about Gonzalez!

Typically the mindset of the new owners… is so refreshing… and outsiders don’t realize that it isn’t merely a matter of spending huge dollars. It’s truly looking at the big lasting picture… such as huuuggggeeee… I am talking about huge… TV contracts… and spreading the investment out over future years… and future income. This particular book is a “true-blue-revelation”… and the only real minor imperfection is the overuse of metaphors such as “quacking” body parts… but honestly, that is akin to saying you didn’t like the fingertip in Michelangelo’s Sistine Church ceiling., The author has the inside scoop on the " no expense spared" Los Angeles Dodgers and their " win at all costs" ownership party. She shared stories and quotes that I experienced never heard, and some of her player images reshaped my opinions of individuals I believed I realized pretty well. Dodger fans and Dodger haters both will enjoy this guide. I dislike the Dodgers and enjoyed the inside accounts of the discord and dysfunction that have periodically plagued this assemblage of high-priced talent. Yet as a baseball fan, We can appreciate the story of how the image and fortunes of the franchise were so quickly recast by the new possession group. The portrayal of Clayton Kershaw will attractiveness to any baseball enthusiast that appreciates outstanding talent and character.

The guide probably deserves five superstars for entertainment value, but the story lacks quality. I feel like it was written too soon. We don't know yet whether the Dodgers will become " the best team that money can buy" or if they will become just another expensive disappointment. We should find out soon, maybe even this season. If the author could have adopted through to a point of greater resolution, the lady would have a piece of more lasting value.

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