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I will sense there might be some debate in store about America's Test Cooking area new cookbook, " The Best Mexican Recipes. " There are people who pride themselves on their familiarity with traditional ethnic cuisine. Out of their passion for the real thing, they can at times become choosy about anything that isn't completely genuine. When you consider this cookbook, I think it is for the best if you realize that it is written by America's Test Cooking area, recipe developers whose objective it is to produce consistently delicious recipes that can be replicated by the American (or do i need to specify estadounidense) home make.
Here is a quote from the Summary of this cookbook:
" So with this guide, we set away to tell the story of Mexican cooking in the usa through a collection of foolproof recipes that range from little-known traditional dishes and Tex-Mex favorites to fresh, modern dishes inspired by the flavors of Mexico... We think this guide presents the very best of American cooking put through the filter of what makes sense for the American home kitchen. No incredibly exotic local components or complicated techniques that is better left to chefs. "
With that mind, I am very excited to get this collection of Mexican(ish) recipes. This is actually the breakdown of chapters:
1) Starting (intro to ingredients, equipment, and basic methods)
2) Appetizers and Drinks
3) Soups, Soups, and Chilis
4) Tacos, Tostadas, Tamales, and More
5) Burritos, Chimichangas, and Quesadillas
6) Enchiladas and Casseroles
7) Poultry
8) Beef and Pork
9) Seafood
10) Vegetarian Mains
11) Eggs
12) Sides

***So far, not much I actually don't like about it. The only thing is when I opened it to the halfway page and attempted to pull it to its " completely opened" book position, the binding made a noise that no binding should ever make, but maybe it was just rigid. I will, of course, update if I have any issues with the durability of the book.

***The size of the book--it isn't so heavy that my wrist hurts when I hold it with one hand, the way ATK's " The Best Recipe" hardcover does. It is pretty flexible and easy to page through.
***Full-page illustrations of many recipes (I counted about 88), and many more smaller photos and picture sequences such as " Putting together Flautas" and " Framing Flour Tortillas, " which I expect to be tremendously useful
***The " Getting Started" section at the starting includes some helpful information, including a picture glossary of fresh and dried chiles, corn products and common Mexican seasonings/herbs

***A reasonable variety of bold and conservative, depending on your mood or company
***Some I have tried:
--fresh tomato salsa (good, but I still like the soupy looking salsa at the local restaurant)
--classic ground beef tacos (my go-to recipe for taco meat, instead of those seasoning packets)
--easy chipotle chicken tacos (my husband absolutely RAVES about these tacos! )
***What I actually am looking forward to trying: recipes for both corn tortillas and flour tortillas, enfrijoladas, queso fundido, chicken burritos mojados, parmesan cheese enchiladas (unabashedly Tex-Mex), skillet chicken fajitas, meatballs in chipotle sauce, Mexican breakfast time sandwiches, cilantro rice/lime rice/chile rice, mashed spiced pumpkin, mango, jicama, and fruit salad

I will update ?nternet site try out many of these recipes!

In conclusion, this is a very user-friendly and tutorial cookbook for those who are searching for something more traditional than Taco Bell but not quite so traditional as to call for... I dunno, tripe or brains. This is a good starting point for those hoping to explore Mexican food and don't want to spend time with recipes that don't turn out. An individual can always try a purist cookbook later if you feel the desire, but in the meantime, you will have some solid recipes to try out. I give this an enthusiastic five celebrities., This book is somewhat unusual as it's about modern-day Mexican-style cuisine. Just what most people don’t seem to comprehend is that traditional means utilizing a cooking style along with ingredients relative to a culture; it doesn’t promise traditional methods of food preparation, use of components, and cooking. The guide does cover some traditional Mexican recipes, while some have been modified to make it easier for modern cooks to attain similar results. The book won't shy away at the fact it also centers on Tex-Mex recipes, modern methods of cooking, and different applications of making the dish which was proven effective in the test kitchen. A particular worthy notice is the book’s hard work to explain the cooking methods and showing pictures of the constituents you’ll need to procure and substitute when you can’t. Your best traditional Mexican cookbooks lack in well-defined explanations of the ingredients we need; this guide gives a simple and concise review to minimize any confusion. There will be those that argue the book’s merit over other Mexican cookbooks as they list more traditional food, however, traditional isn’t always feasible and modern-day really does. I would actually desire that the test kitchen would one day handle most (if not all) of Mexican cuisine with a modern day and modern-day approach along with Asian food. Personally, i thought the guide was worth buying., I am am very pleased with yet another great guide put out by Many Test Kitchen. I love America's test kitchen because they've done the tests of lots of recipes for the exact same meal to figure out what doesn't work and the best recipe so that really does work for that particular dish. I don't need to " reinvent the wheel" when cooking. ATK put in the time to tell me WHY their recipe works and what they tried that performed not work. I appreciate that.

In So. Calif. we've got tons of Mexican restaurants in my area so I'm exposed to variations between food and I've been to different regions of Mexico too. Sure, each state or region in Mexico has their variations on a particular dish just as each family makes things just a little differently from the next. We do the same thing here in America. Who cares to bother fighting the " what's authentic" argument? I'd much rather eat and enjoy my company than get into that. The bottom line is: what you like to eat, even perhaps cook yourself, is still good food to you.

ATK helps me to cook things at home, at my time and choosing, with good tried and true recipes, I'm all for that. Experiment all you want with variations, that is what cooks do. I am making my first formula out of it today, Drunken Beans, pg. 295 to go with the rest of my Mexican meal for dinner.

If you want to know how to choose your own tortillas, flour and corn, from scrape, this book informs you how. You want to Philippine spices and all about chilis, ATK tells you. You want to know about the differences between Mexican cheeses, it's in there.

Step by step, with pictures, and each procedure for:

empanadas carne asada
chicken breast tortilla soup huevos rancheros
carnitas 5+ different enchiladas
sopas classic arroz que tiene pollo
home made tamales chiles rellenos
and much more. Check and check.

ATK breaks it down into manageable steps for you and now I actually seem like I'd make theses dish, whereas before, I actually was intimated by what was involved and would only get in a restaurant.

If you are considering cooking Mexican food, with a good variety of recipes to choose from, both classic and innovative, ATK has you covered. Where you take it from there is about you!! This is a great book for those of us who don't have a native Mom or Grandma to call for help every time we want to make Mexican tested recipes. You want to take it further, try Ron Bayless.

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