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Lucidly written and punctuated with a mixture of artfully-executed humor and a biting on sarcasm that's badly needed in an industry that often takes itself too seriously, Krishna's book appeals to an audience broader than technology executives, creative designers, and developers. Of course, it's people who load these roles professionally that need to pay for attention. Individuals of us who conceive and design and build software, websites, applications should think a lot harder about why we're doing anything in the first place. Sadly, the condition with the much of the technical world is usually that the obsession is with the wizardry of the " how" somewhat than a thoughtful contemplation about whether or not people really need an app for that.

Through the narrative, Krishna describes the silliness of tech's obsession with putting screen-based interfaces on things that probably don't need them--take for instance the 17" touchscreen in the centre console of a Tesla--and then offers real-world samples of more invisible and significantly more useful technology. It can a good way to combine necessary criticism of an industry that has lots of mental processing power but deficient conscience, with actionable, tenable solutions.

For anyone engaging in " experience design" or " UX/UI" or whatever it's called these days, this is a much better and more important read than another book on nifty tricks with CSS and Javascript. It's a dosage of sanity, and a really fun one in which., There’s this general get worried that individuals spend too much time taking a look at their mobile phones. And a lot of folks accept this decade-old habits as sort of a cost of doing business, the price we purchase all the happiness and efficiency and entertainment we get from these glowing slabs.

Within “The Best Interface, ” a sharp and incisive critique of screen-based design thinking, Golden Krishna factors out that designing digital products has morphed into a discipline of making the most of time and attention on screens, which is often in complete opposition to helping people solve problems or accomplish goals. Design has turned into a science of habit somewhat than the art (and science) of empathy and human needs.

Mr. Krishna’s witty, irreverent delivery belies a serious message, and it gets at the heart of this vague concern about where digital culture is advancing, and how it seems like we’re headed in the incorrect direction. The considerable contribution of “The Greatest Interface” is that it not only identifies the problematic trend -- he’s not the first to talk about it -- but, critically, gives us a vision of the future where this trend is not inevitable, and a template for creating this future. His breakthrough is at doing that thing that in hindsight seems so obvious: reject the idea that digital solutions should start with imagining the corresponding interface, then follow that line of thinking to its natural findings.

This book is food for thought, if by “food” you mean a 12-course feast with wine pairing. It is full of heady, simple ideas with practical power, and if you need to be a much better designer, product manager, venture capitalist, or human, you’ll want to sit and break down it., There is not any practical guide to good design. Yes, this book is a manifesto, and an important one. Designing in the organization world, I've long recently been fatigued with screen-based thinking and ignoring the right answer because it's hard. This book won't give you the answers to your design problems, but it does encourage you to keep trying, because it can important.

As designer practitioners, we are now more than ever able to directly impact the daily lives and activities of customers in meaningful ways. But steer clear of artificial, made meaning. Typically the final chapter, in which Krishna writes about Programmed solutions, was definitely my favorite reminder that, as a designer of intricate financial systems, I was working to make hard things possible for people, and that will take some novel thinking. Not hype, not marketing, not a simple answer. Deep understanding, thoughtful research and insights paired with a good design process and a team of folks dedicated to making the right solution are the key, and with No User interface as a philosophy, the ideas are bound to become more innovative., I think the premise just for this book is spot on - slapping interfaces on every idea is a bad way to set up a much better world. I'm an interface designer with an industrial design background, so I'm certainly on board. The book left me wanting more though. The core discussion for the book was performed over and over and over without really providing a clear path ahead other than vague generalities around considering deeper understanding of problems and how to truly solve them.

The writing style is pretty informal, but entertaining. There was lots of good illustrations of products that got fallen short (created useless apps) and products that had gone the " correct" path to make a meaningful impact with out a display screen as the primary suggestions, so that's good. But there are concrete, actionable take aways I got using this book., I'm happy I acquired a opportunity to review this guide. The premise is absolutely incredible, I do think there will be a point where a lot of digital products will be seamless and will work with out a screen BUT the book itself is not that good at delivering the right answers or at least interesting insights. Instead the author complains about the current paradigm for the majority of the book. He or she tries to be clever and visionary but instead he comes off as whiny and boring. I love the who No UI concept, I believe it can very powerful, and as a product designer I was expecting to find some useful insight instead it can only a waste of time besides a few interesting parts. If there's anything positive about it it can that it helped me want to actually learn big data and machine learning myself to make my own, personal products and hopefully at some point write a much better version of this book with actual scenarios and real solutions.

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