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That is a great series, but make sure to ask about whi: -) editions your get. Mine came in and had extra areas on the spine, changing my collection up.
The first edition spines have the horse and logo together. Reprints have horse on to_O and logo at the bottom. Good for folks who ist want itit, a llittle annoying for individuals who require a selection., Berserk, in the earlier volume, lost a lot of momentum during the "political intrigue" part of the story. It just didn't appear like the same old Berserk We had come to know and love, especially after getting five volumes of almost frequent battling and bloodshed with only enough story to expose character inspiration. Luckily, though, by the end of the final volume, I knew that this volume and the ones following would be fascinating (especially since I've seen the anime), and the slow, action-driven story is about to get heavy and dark, as it was in the beginning volumes.

In volume more effective, Guts and Casca lastly come for an understanding with each other, and Courage gains a title that will follow him on the battlefield and make him both feared and hated. Also, a little of Casca's history with the Band of the Hawk, as well for instance a of Griffith's darker aspect, is revealed. By the end, the Band of the Hawk are on the war path once again, but this time it's against an challenger that may not be beatable.

Through the first more effective volumes of the Berserk manga, I only found an issue with only two of them. One was more of a moral issue than anything else, and the other was simply that We was bored with the events and the plot-advancement. Today that things are returning to norm for the manga, I don't expect much more disappointments, and I can, actually guarantee that Berserk will only get better from here on out, especially since the end of the Guts's history is near and his frequent battle against demons and monsters in his present life is about to continue. So, if you enjoyed the anime or have started reading the manga, then now is to not time to drop away of it; Berserk still is one of the better manga on the market today, and I recommend it to adult visitors., If you haven't read or seen berserk, you don't understand what your lacking. From art to story, very well done in every little way. You can feel the action frame by frame. Solid work. Among the best., Perfect! Thanks., This book can be summarized by one word "Action". The particular novel depicts one of the best struggle sequences in the series. The aftermath is a mound of flesh forged by a hundred bodies of soldiers defeated by guts. After the action however we get a glance of the deep beliefs that guides the series, and a peek at gutts place in the world and in the band of the hawk. If the this far into the series chances are that you are already connected, so needless to say buy it and enjoy it., Great story!, The particular story is still in the Golden Age arch at this time., The condition was a little bit more worn than expected besides that it's perfect.

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