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Trying to find hearing about Berserk more or less since i have really got into manga, but it was only recently that I truly made the decision to look into it. I had heard that it was violent and bloody, but I never thought much of it, believing it would be something along the lines of Rurouni Kenshin or You You Hakusho. I could not have been farther from the facts. And I could not be happier about it. Berserk is truly the single most violent and gory manga I have ever encounter, but the story is intriguing enough to keep me employed.

The story itself follows a man named Guts. Yes, Guts, like intestines. It's actually quite fitting considering the number of times *SPOILER* he or she slices someone in half. Guts is a main character I feel we don't see enough of in manga: an antihero. He's not the positive knight in shining armour. He's rude, he's crude, he's violent, plus more often than not he comes off as a psychopathic jerk. But for some reason, I still enjoy his character. Most of the time it seems he's fueled solely by anger and revenge, but that's what makes the few short times when he seems to truly care all the more special. We don't see any of Guts past explained in this quantity, but we get tips that he's been through something horrible. It's enough to keep you arriving back for more.

Right now as for the art, I must admit I was somewhat taken aback for a moment. The majority of of my life, I have dealt with much light artwork and stories. However, in just a few pages, I commenced to fall in love with the art of Berserk. The shading is very heavy on most pages, something that usually doesn't go over so well in manga. Weighty shading can quickly make things blur together and disappear so that you have no idea what's happening the page, but not in cases like this. Kentaro Miura somehow manages to heavily tone practically every panel and somehow build in outstanding amount of depth with his images, minus making the panels look too busy.

Now I'm going to talk about the one thing that appears to turn most people far from Berserk (besides the gore). The particular pricetag. Many of the volumes went out ofnprint in the last couple of years, and scalpers are ready to take benefit of the hardcore fans. Check the prices of certain amounts, and you're looking at a price of -00. Yes, you readnthat right. I've seen a backup of an out of print volume classified by " fair to poor condition" for 00. Do NOT pay over for people books. Dark Horse, the The english language publisher of Berserk, is aware of the scarcity and the pricejacking. These people are currently reprinting the series to be able of scarcity. I myself am an impatient little narwhal, but I'm also a frugal one. I overpaid for two of the volumes before doing any major research to see if there would be a reprinting. I don't want to make that mistake again. My lessons to you today, my darlings, is to just be patient. Dark Horses is working in the direction of correcting the scarcity issues. Simply choose the volumes when the price is correct.

Now, my word of warning to all of you who are new to this series: Nothing can really prepare you for this series. It's violent, and bloody, it's downright disgusting at times. There is certainly sexual intercourse, and nudity, and even rape. There are demons and monsters so unbelievably ugly that you've never seen the like, even in your worst scarey dreams. I've read manga like Attack on Titan. That pales in comparison, in my humble opinion. This series is hellish in all the right ways, and it's got this woman hooked. I love everything regarding it so far, and I plan to stay with it for the long carry., This review is firmly for the Manga: 'Berserk'. This review and the text it is specified by is the thoughts and opinions of the author. The Berserk manga is one of the best stories I possess ever read. I primarily watched the old anime and decided to read the book and am must say I am amazed by the level of the story. The particular hero will require some getting used to, but he or she grows on you. The particular villains will leave you in disgust, and you will not be able to stop turning the pages. This is a great series, and it is definitely a worthwhile read. This is an adult manga, and features extreme violence, nudity, and all the other things that add depth to a story. Don't miss this epic... you won't second guess., Finally Berserk came to kindle. Maybe Amazon/Kentaro got tired of me personally clicking the kindle request button: )

The image quality is decent, not much difference from the hardcopies I have seen. I had been hoping that these ones would come with the intro colour pages like the digital copies in Japan include but beggers can't be choosers. Normally I wouldn't buy 37 volumes for over 3 hundred bucks but this was the exception.... because is actually Berserk: )

Hopefully the digital copies sell well to convince the other digital holdouts in Asia to change their brains and stop leaving money on the table., This review is all about the Kindle release itself - Berserk is Berserk - you know it's in the operating for the best manga of all time and a masterwork of literature.

BLUF: If you really want to read the manguera, go to a web site or get a manga downloader. However, this is a great way to show support for the designer if you don't want to buy the physical copies whether due to cost or since it requires up too much space.

The fidelity of tests is very good and about just like the best scanlation sites. I haven't seen any errors in phrases of scan-in. However, because of to Kindle software constraints, I would consider this to be inferior to a manga. The most important reason is the Amazon kindle doesn't allow you to view two-page spreads. A few of Miura's best art is when he combines two pages for one image and the Amazon kindle only enables you to view a page at a time. Further, you can't focus in or out like you would for an internet site. On the plus part, you have the benefit of a lower price, no shipping, and no space required for the physical book.

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