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I'm of slight physical develop and actually a couple of inches shorter than Ben Hogan but their physical characteristics seemed really similar to my very own, so I took a great interest in reading this specific book. I think is actually been the single largest improvement to my golf game in 20+ yrs. I've never taken classes and this book provides become my golf bible for swing mechanics. The particular guidance and tips appear to align with the physical features very well. I'm hitting my night clubs sharper with more control in addition to distance than previously. I've experienced the book for a lot more than a year in addition to have gradually added a tip or two to the practice with it just lately starting to pay away. My scores have long gone from the mid 90s to low 80s in addition to I'm playing with a confidence I've never experienced before. One of the particular biggest struggles had been setup and the tips for playing the ball inside the same position in addition to simply making slight changing to your stance (mainly your back foot) w/each club has verified priceless to me. I read a review where someone mentioned the swing mechanics in addition to tips in this book are dated but I have not found that as the situation at all. I've only made one slight modify to setup w/the motorist which is just b/c motorist and ball technology provides changed considerably over the particular years. Instead of placing the ball within the remaining heel, as suggested inside the book, I place the ball more in-line w/my left instep or even front portion of the left heel and tee the ball up increased. It appears to far better accommodate drivers of today that are designed to be able to create less spin in addition to hit the ball upon the upswing as apposed to contacting the basketball at the bottom associated with the swing or actually slightly descending (as has been common in Mr. Hogan's time). For me no less than, this does not change the swing mechanics described in the book, that simply promotes catching the particular ball further along inside the swing plane. We think the key to be able to this book helping is not giving up in addition to practicing the tips on a regular basis. If something doesn't job at first, try 1 of the other tips and come back to be able to the main one that's giving an individual trouble later. I would not try to completely change your swing but in case you can slowly learn to add some of their techniques, I think you will find your swing will get started to mimic what your dog is explaining in the book. I think it worked for me b/c That i knew I struggled with setup and being able to get started on with that section enabled myself to simply progress into their other techniques., This is the only thing a golfer needs to go through... i am sure there are things in here that do not apply to be able to all golfers.. but inside general, this can be the golf swing. You can spend thousands of dollars on lessons, aids, and so forth.. ( I know because i did! ) and and then come back to know this is every little bit of all that.. compacted into a short book. I also learned the particular hard way that the parents knew the actual were talking about! (Of program that cost me very a little a lot more than golf performed... but I'll, write that book review if the Dad can come back again from beside the good lord and write that! ), Plus playing the particular game for more than a decade right now, purely self taught. At my best got right down to a 15 handicap, but then because of work and existence I only played a few full rounds the final few years. This 12 months circumstances changed and i also have been able to acquire out around the course, in addition to it was all long gone. I couldn't hit something, and I was returning to shooting in 100s... that got so bad that I almost gave up the game. Then We found this book, in addition to I rediscovered all of the basics that I had neglected - my grip, the stance, my take away, coiling my shoulder change against my hips, starting my down swing not necessarily with my arms. This particular, combined with the "wall drill" for lag got me back to hitting shots again. Recently We have been posting results back in the 1980s. The best thing is when things go awry, I just go back again to this book in addition to give attention to the fundamentals, in addition to things get straightened out there.

I no more read any kind of golf magazines nor do I watch the golf channel for instruction. We just use this book. I seriously was out there in the weeds, in addition to this completely turned the game around., Mr. Hogan 's fundamentals make so much sense and is actually easy to see why I'm terrible at golf. We do believe if I could follow these lessons Items become better and more constant... but it's going to be able to take time and energy to undue the habits., It's incredible how timeless these pointers are! I've been golfing for around 12-15 years and still figured out a lot about the swing. Great illustrations in addition to excellent descriptions. Don't spend your money on a a lot more expensive golf-tips book, add this to your selection. You'll be glad an individual did!, I cannot advise this book enough for beginner golfers. It explains not only the 'how' but the 'why' at the rear of certain motions of the particular swing. Easy read, easy to follow. Pictures are old sketches but work ideal. Easy to use the particular book with a six iron and take training breaks while reading. When you are new at golf or are struggling to improve your novice game please buy in addition to read this book., Excellent book on fundamentals of obtaining the ever allusive ideal golf swing (a brand new project for 2016). Particulars on the " Hogan" grip, stance and pose and the swing alone with over 50 well crafted drawings and blueprints. I expected instant gratification nevertheless know I may need time and energy to fully include this into my sport (or not). So I've set some goals for this year - whether or not I fail We are take pleasure in being outdoors. It's such as learning to play the particular piano - takes determination and regular practice. Hogan gives practice exercises to be able to help adapt and acquire the feel for their technique. Also YouTube videos of Hogan in activity is really a nice supplement to be able to see everything put together.

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