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Logan and Tara have the history. High scool sweethearts torn apart by family tragedy. They are back together again due to a great FBI mission in which Tara, AKA Cherry, is designated to. Logan must educate Cherry in being a obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable. Can she trust him or her enough go submit? Can he put aside his / her enduring love for her so as to train her well enough to survive the objective?
This quickly paced book has something for everyone. White very hot passion, steamy sex, mystery, suspense and crime. Loved both Cherry and Logan as well as Xander. I am hoping to determine him in his personal story., It took me two tries to get via this book. At very first I used to be immediately turned away by the descriptions associated with Dominion, and Fantasy Key disturbed me greatly. After that I took some period off and when We came back with it, We looked at it using a different view. Fantasy Key is supposed to be troubling, the main characters are disgusted by it, that is part of the cause they are there, in order to stop it. Some associated with the coincidences are the little too convenient. " Xander used to work there? No way! " but it helped tie up the story together, specifically since Xander is the recurring character in the Wicked Lovers series. Obtaining through the book permitted me to understand Logan a lot more as compared to what he seems upon the surface, and today I think I possibly could actually like him if he or she were a real person, and I understand Tara's feelings for him. We was very glad in order to see how much Logan respected Tara deep straight down and was willing in order to change himself for her (pipe dream? maybe... ) instead of coercing her into becoming someone he or she wanted her to get, specifically that whole " an individual say you don't need xyz, but i know that you just do deep down" bologna. Tara remained the strong woman, able in order to handle herself and failed to fall into the 'take care of me i'm helpless' category. Make certain to give this guide the chance it deserves, and you'll be glad you performed., Logan and Tara loved each other at of sixteen. When Logan's mother will be killed and he will get threatening letters about Tara he breaks up with her. Now twelve years later on Tara is a FBI agent going undercover to look for her missing colleague. Logan is the Dom that is training her. This individual can't believe she's back and will do anything to get her back. Outstanding story. Steamy sex scenes. Suspense., Part of Evil Lovers series. Shayla Dark-colored is in her zone along with this erotic romance collection. If this is your current genre you will not necessarily be disappointed. Dominant/submissive (unknown @ beginning) using a storyline of trying to separation abduction/sex ring. Teenage really like that ended abruptly leading man & heroine reunite many years later to try in order to take down bad guys... Turn, turn & surprise within storyline. Great sex. Great read., First i want to recognize that I have go through all of the books of the Wicked Lovers series as well as other stories told simply by Ms. Black. I think about her to get an automatic purchase whenever I see her work. I have go through many books in the genre. However, this will be definitely not my favorite book in the Wicked Lovers series. The book has far too many web pages that draw out Tara's struggle to trust her very first love, Logan. Their story would have been far more rewarding if their turmoil a new more believable emphasis. Oops, I'm going forward of myself. Logan the Navy Seal on depart is a Dom at a club that has agreed train FBI agent, Tara, like a submissive so she may be believable when she goes undercover to rescue her bestie and many other agent who is getting held captive by the sex slave ring. Logan was Tara's first really like and she gave him or her her virginity. However, the next day he breaks upward with her without sharing that he received a page threatening her safety in case they continue their relationship. So twelve years later on, she's engaged and still trying to go on along with her life though Logan remained in her center in spite of initiatives to hate him. Logan has not been capable to have a relationship or meaningful sex along with another woman so he is been celibate for the past 5 years. Logan has never stopped loving Tara. For him no woman can beat Tara though many women would have loved the opportunity in order to show him otherwise.

Anywho, this story was built on a juvenile base that was underneath the characters. Tara just arrives off as whiny and hypocritical. I can't trust you because you broke my heart like a 16 many years old male who had been cautioned to stay away coming from me or I would die. Despite she learns why he broke along with her 12 years ago, she still tries in order to punish him for this. What was the purpose associated with growing up? You failed to tell me that an individual if didn't collar and / or marry me, you would lose your current membership at the club; even though, I put you in the position of having to danger your membership (conspiring in order to have you removed as my trainer / Dom), I was pushing an individual away, I was involved to another man, and I refused to recognize that I never stopped loving you, we can have worked something out instead. REALLY? Logan We can't trust you but I have sex along with my ex while involved underneath the guise of teaching for a mission. We can't trust you but I won't tell my fiancé that you are my trainer because We don't want him in order to overreact.

Logan's celibacy had been believable and endearing. It showed that he recognized himself and sex. This individual demonstrated his masterful abilities repeatedly throughout this tale.

Xander needs a implant before he gets his / her own novel. He arrives off like a bratty sister rather than a Dom or a grow man's best ally. Really he performed not know that it was not his spot to tell Tara about celibacy, and undying love, tattoos, the collar and /or marry or you lose your membership agreement.

The identity associated with Sire was obvious coming from the very beginning. Pity too because a much better subplot could have saved this book.

The endings were rushed. Ms. Black need to have spent more period on st. kitts; it would have got made for a greater read. Tara and Logan could have tested their own trust issues on the island since Ms. Dark-colored insisted that that end up being the theme for this tale. Okay, ENOUGH associated with my rants. I had been disappointed with Logan's story but I am going to continue in order to read all the books in the series because generally the series has been filled up with sizzle. Do I recommend this guide? It depends if you want to read the collection. If you are looking for a stand only read, I say miss this one. Or even, it can not the worst just not the best. You may get through it, I did., At this point, I am just about half method through with Fit in with Myself... seriously... I can't put it down! I love this story!!

Tara and Logan are probably near as heart and soul mates since you can ever desire. Their connection is raw and captivating.

I enjoy how they react in order to each other and it's not necessarily in that overpowering soft mushy were it's a lot more like, 'ugh gag me'. It's just enough that you really feel their own connection and are entirely jealous of it.

Now, I'm finished with this, and most definitely this is my favorite Evil Lover book so far.

It's funny because We honestly entered this story with the thought that We wouldn't like it this. Mostly because I had been so excited about Hunter's story and also wasn't the fan of that one. Then learning Belong in order to Me was Logans, We thought it was will be something of the exact same thing since we already knew some Logan's history.

But, low -and-behold, the great story!

Tara's teaching as a sub, their own sexual energy together, their own love for one one more, just amazing. Such the great story!

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