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We read this book after my pregnancy. I experienced fun going through Jenny's anecdotes and I really loved how the book is organized: so many more serious pregnancy books are typically of the " month by month" kind.
Here, each chapter covers one aspect of pregnancy - mostly ailments! (and each has a hilarious title with a pun) eg one on morning sickness, one on bloating, another yet on baby kicks, etc . which gives a refreshing overview of what is in store for you.
It is, indeed, fairly blunt and direct nevertheless the humor makes it go down more easily! and We could totaly relate to a lot of the tpics covered and her belief.
However, it is enough to frighten a sensitive future mother, and I want to point out to all pregnant women who read it: may worry, things are not always as bad as that, there is little chance you will endure all or even almost all of the issues described here, for a lot of women is actually down to a few specific problems - some of us don't gain much weight, other medication is not bloated etc. `
When I read through the book I kept thinking, " this is the worst pregnancy We ever heard of! ", not to mention the hellish delivery. Chances are you will provide an easier time statistically speaking!

A new criticism I have is I thought the publication was overpriced for the length; I read " Baby laughs" too and the same applies - if sold together they will be worth 10 dollars, but 10 dollars each is a little over the top., This book has everything in it that one other baby books may tell you. It's funny and it's a fast read. We thoroughly enjoyed this publication and I do not read often. Tip: May read when you're in a crowded place (such being an airplane like We did) as the game titles of the chapters that are in bold letters are not child appropriate., Despite this book being authored by a celebrity with some unrealistic references, like finding something to wear to an award show, the writer was down to Earth with completely amusing parts in this publication. It's a good read, I read it in 2 days and would recommend it to anyone wanting to know some pregnancy secrets.. no matter how personal. Jenny definitely rips the covers off with her personal encounters and offers seemingly good advice throughout the entire book. A new definite good read., As a scared, very first time mother to be, this publication kept me cracking upwards while you also going over the things people just don't talk about. Many books offer information on the actual stages oof pregnancy and labor, which is of course absolutely vital. But, you can simply take in so much oif the same, or contradicting, information. Belly Laughs offered her encounters in a raunchy, Jenny McCarthy type of way. Typically the things that happen and make you go " what the.... " Definitely recommend as an addition to your pregnancy education books., Loved it. Great book for very first time moms, veteran parents, or any type of human being, in general. Jenny McCarthy is funny, witty, crass, and best of all, sincere. Not only is it a nice crack from each of the pregnancy textbooks you've been telling you everything you've been doing wrong or scaring the s*** out of you, but it's a good laugh. 5 stars from me, and 5 stars from you, too, after you read it., We 100% recommend this publication to all pregnant women. I read it in a few hours. It's an easy read and it is very entertaining. Jenny is very relatable and very amusing. You have to have an open sense of humor but I love that she tells it like it is. The prenancy seems so similar to hers and it's great to see that someone more has gone through this and understands. It's like having a girlfriend to offer advice and lift your spirits.
I will definitely see myself looking over this over and over throughout my pregnancy. I wish I could give it a much better rating I love it so much!!, I feel a brand new expectant lady who was nicely surprised by a positive pregnancy test. My hubby and I were experiencing pregnancy for the first time and we were totally clueless. The emotions and thoughts I've experienced helped me feel like We was being selfish or shallow, but after reading this book, my feelings and thoughts felt like they were not so abnormal. I actually felt relieved and started out to embrace the insanity of pregnancy. If you're buying a novel, this isn't it. It does jump in regards to lot, but my thought on that was maybe Jenny did that because every pregnancy can be different and we probably experience things at different times. If she said specifically what she experienced at that specific time, it could not be as easy to relate. We really enjoyed this publication and would recommend it, especially to first time moms., Such a wonderful real life review on maternity. I suggest it to any new mom. Great fun!

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