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Tom Friedman writes a well-balanced, horrifying and sometimes also (absurdly) humorous memoir associated with his time in war-torn Lebanon and in Israel throughout the two intifadas. The insanity that prevails in the Middle East unfortunately taught the world nothing as US adventurism-again based on no understanding of these kinds of cultures whatsoever-has exacerbated the situation even further as offers the widening from the Shiite-Sunni tribalism, this time within the guise of ISIS-and of course the Palestinian-Israeli conflict which includes now become apartheid redux. When will we ever before learn?, Anyone trying to understand the problems in the Midde East and their particular origins should buy and read this book. The author writes from numerous years of experience living in the area and working with both Jews and Arabs, and provides excellent insight into both differences and similarities together., 25 years before My Guaranteed Land (Ari Shavit's fantastic book) Tom Friedman likewise takes us on the grand tour. In Lebanon he relates to us an close up and personal taste of life among war and chaos and suffering. In Israel, he wanders through the air of questions that are present in his own brain concerning the path getting taken by Israel's market leaders. We can see the country through the minds of Americans from the distance and from the minds of the various faith based and non-religious citizens associated with Israel. Mr. Friedman is surely an impassive and, at the same time, an interested party. He shows us the many conflicts of which arise when a nation becomes independent and is usually still finding its way in the world. Americans can relate to of which story.... we are still developing our own country and trying to hoist yourself up to the club in our own ideals. Israel's story, though, seems to be unique within the historical past of mankind and we all must wish them properly. Tom Friedman is still teaching and informing the public on many methodologies. He is a grasp., I knew nothing concerning the Middle East nevertheless when preparing to tour Syria and Jordan directing on historical monuments, this book was recommended to me. Mcdougal opened up the very different land to my own with completely different beliefs and lifestyles. Most importantly the author explained the very different way associated with political thinking and the part of `strong men' in keeping the peace even if temporarily. This book should be compulsory reading with regard to any westerner intending to function in Syria, Lebanon, Michael jordan and nearby countries., The greatest take-home of this book's documentation of the depth of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities is usually the revelation from the intensity of the mutual " positions" each country holds " privately. " Friedman's long-standing coverage of the Middle East gives credibility--and horror, as he reveals both countries feel at bottom that this entire location is theirs to keep. The pieces of the previously undisclosed puzzle could even earn our compassion--though getting resolution seems more compared to hopeless, and though Friedman attempts to give hope by simply book's end, it's obvious the sleight of palm underlying all former discussions has made pea-soup associated with all peace-makers' efforts. Faith in the local leadership, on both sides, is usually hard to tale keep. Why the British and United Nations' members ever before thought one wrong could be balanced by another, usurping Palestinian lands for " historical peoples" is past modern understanding (holocaust notwithstanding). I am glad Middle east took the initiative to be identified by the U. N. Perhaps there this transparency can lead to new points of views and resolutions--though it seems the only sturdy resolution is finding a piece of our planet where a single or the other may fully call home. Friedman has been doing us all the great service--and the middle Far east in particular--in opening these kinds of windows so the gentle may shine through., Reading this book is like enjoying a ten course food, the particular main course is usually an amazing story associated with history. The " experts" on Fox and CNN would be well-served to learn this book as the primer., During my service in Armenia, I ran across this book in the Peace Corps library. Having enjoyed "The World is Flat" I decided to try it away. Part of my score is based on the fact that it is not necessarily simply well-informed but very readable, unlike many non-fiction publications. His work as the journalist for the NY Times is surely the benefit to the visitors who like me might be exploring this subject in depth initially. I never felt buried in facts. I also liked the fact that he was stationed there throughout the 80's and saw things "up close and personal. " And finally, that gave me an understanding associated with "Politics as Theater. inch Neither side seemed of which interested in real give up but just tipping the Scales of Sympathy about the World's Stage their particular way. When the GOP and Obama faced off over Fiscal Cliff in December, exactly the same dynamics seemed to be in spot. Even though Friedman is laying out events that are right now over 25 years past, that is a vivid moment capsule of how significantly embedded are the dysfunctional dynamics between these a couple of countries. It also gave me some historical perspective on the Armenian attitude toward Turkey that I encountered every day within the adult population. The historical lesson I came away with was of which building your National Identification around "being right" will not give the lastest very much room to negotiate for a much better future., It would be interesting to get a Middle Far east update from Thomas Friedman. His book is a great excellent first-hand history concerning the conflicts in the Beirut and Israel.

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