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This guide could be a game changer, if enough people read it and take it to heart. Atul Gawande addresses end-of-life treatment, and how we're getting it wrong, both within the medical establishment and in our families.

Dr. Gawande's book focuses both on medical procedures and living conditions in later life. He addresses the fact that as people close to the finish of life, judgements about their living situation are generally aimed at guaranteeing safety at the cost of retaining autonomy, especially when grownup children are making the decisions. "We want autonomy for ourselves and safety for those we love, " a friend informs the author. We incorrectly treat elders as children, Dr. Gawande says, when we deny them the justification to make choices, even bad choices. People of every age want the right to lock their doors, arranged the temperature they want, dress how they like, eat what they want, admit visitors only when they're in the disposition. Yet, nursing homes (and even assisted living communities) are geared in the direction of making these judgements for those in order to keep them safe, gain authorities funds, and ensure a routine for the service.

Additionally , Dr. Gawande shows how end-of-life physical conditions are most often treated as medical crises needing to be "fixed, " as opposed to managed for quality lifestyle when treatment has become ineffective. Life is more than just a stretch of years; it should have meaning and purpose to be well worth living, he says. This particular is a familiar idea (in fact, I read parts of this book in  The New Yorker ), but he builds a strong circumstance for reform through circumstance studies, stories from his very own life, and examples of how individuals are either becoming victims of, or bucking, the machine. He addresses assisted suicide only briefly, but he mentions it in relation to end-of-life care. "Assisted living is far harder than assisted death, but its options are far greater as well, " he writes.

Typically the good news is that many people are doing what they can to increase the well-being of elders nearing the finish of the lives. He demonstrates the beauty of the hospice care in the home. He tells a great story of a physician who convinced a breastfeeding home to bring in two puppies, four cats and one hundred birds! It absolutely was a risky proposal, however the rewards were phenomenal. It made the place, and the people, come alive. I feel aware, though, that these actions rely on individuals, and only if enough individuals have a vision for change will it come about. For that reason, I am hoping this book makes a huge splash!, I became a fan of Atul Gawande after reading his first book in 2002: Problems: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science. In reading many of his previous books I found he always asked questions: Why do we do things; for what purpose; is this working to achieve the best results for the patient in his physical and cultural circumstance? Gawande tackles the dilemmas of medical ethics by getting close to them with sagacious common sense. I think the majority of his textbooks should be required reading in medical schools.

In this new book Becoming Mortal: Medicine and What Issues in the End, Gawande looks at the problems of the aging population and inevitability of death. This individual points out that you don't have to spend much time with seniors or those with terminal conditions to see how common it is for modern medicine to fail the people it is intended to be helping. In speaking of elder treatment he sadly points out that "Our reluctance to truthfully examine the experience of aging and dying has increased the harm and suffering we inflict on people and has denied them the basic comforts they need most". Many medical professionals are so hell curved on preserving life that they cause horrible and unnecessary suffering.

Gawande factors out that sometimes in striving to provide a patient health and survival their well-being is neglected. This individual describes well-being as the reason one wishes to be alive. He appears at the "Dying Role" as the finish methods describing it as the patient's ability to "share memories, pass on intelligence and keepsakes, settle relationships, establish legacies and make peace with their God. They will want to finish their stories on their own terms. " He can feel that if people are denied their role, out of obtuseness and neglect, it is cause for everlasting shame.

Gawande stocks his deep seated feelings in this book by revealing personal vignettes of how friends and family coped with these powerful and challenging issues. This individual follows a hospice doctor on her rounds. This individual discloses how is mother-in-law Alice's life is transformed through up residence in a senior facility as the only reasonable option. Senior facilities and breastfeeding homes, even the best run, are often clean and sterile institutions that can cause psychological anguish. He includes how he dealt with the final wishes of his father. It is just a despair yet empowering picture of a man and medical doctor honoring his father.

Atul Gawande provides the viewer with an understanding that though finish of life care is inevitable there are ways to humanize the procedure. The patients, their families, the medical specialists are coming to phrases with how to raised face the decision making techniques that will be, in many cases, the last decision. The subject issue is complex and sensitive however the moral of the book is that "The End Matters".

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