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I enjoy the short biographical works., Very interesting read., This is a worthwhile read especially for Catholics whether current or former. It absolutely was interesting to note how many others have the same difficulty with several of the required Vatican thinking that I have questions about., Such a joy it is to have come across this title. The commentaries are sincere, honest with a "no holds barred" attitude.

As a Catholic priest - not within the Roman Church - within the framework of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion - it is important for this type of publication to be observed. From the varied viewpoints it would appear that a few of the authors would find a welcome home at one of our representations of what it means to be a Catholic/Christian last year.

Our doors are ready to accept all; no-one is denied that the Stand. Our clergy is male, female, married, single, homosexual, straight as are our parish members.

This integrity makes one truly walk, as Francis of Assisi would say as
"instruments of peace".

Fr. Joe Spina, OSF
[... ], As much reviewers have pointed out, this may not be a devotional book. But is actually still a great publication with a lot to say about what can happen to faith even as we become adults. And the answer is: many different things.

Most of the prominent people interviewed in it have remaining the Church, or have a complicated relationship to the teaching of the Cathedral on any number of social issues.

Consequently, a lot of people will be put off -- or feel put-down -- by the title, "Being Catholic Now. " How can you be Catholic when you have left the Church, or don't accept its moral teaching? Who are these people of talking for the faithful? You could argue that they have the least sense of all of what it means to be Catholic now.

I won't attempt to answer that question, but I thought the book was strong, and that the people interviewed spoke honestly and thoughtfully.

For many, it was your social teaching of the Church and the moral education of their Catholic schooling that started them on a path of activism, but additionally of wondering that, ironically, led them away from their faith, or led them to have a complicated relationship from it.

Others, such as Capital McCarrick, followed the same path but found it led them into the Church rather than away of it.

Maybe a lot of people don't want to listen to something about that, and fair enough: they should skip the book.

But I think it tells a story many others will understand. And it gives tone to something many Catholics know well: how so many people still see the Church's imprint issues lives even though their faith has taken a radically different (and in accordance to some people, wrong) change.

It shows how, in some sense, they are still Catholic and probably always will be.

I discovered it always thoughtful and often very moving., A broad variety of activities and perceptions... both favorable and undesirable. Easy to pick up and read - a few chapters at a time (or straight through). Particularly worth reading for the " questioning" Catholic. You will find yourself somewhere in this publication., There is actually nothing in this book for no Catholics except perhaps fulfilling a curiosity about `what is a Catholic"? The particular answer is so dissipate that it is no answer at all. The particular thirty eight authors here range from the almost fanatically religious (curiously, a 21 year old young woman) to the almost pathologically angry, a tv comedian who claims "I hate religion. It is the worse thing in the world. inches In between these two extremes are thoughtful, highly successful individuals from the arts, labor movement, business, writing, education, and the religious, a diverse spectrum that demonstrates the diversity of the faith. One of the people missing from the book whom I might have liked to have read is the editor's previous father in law, Mario Cuomo, who was able to give voice to the contradictions between his beliefs and the activities he had to take. But perhaps they are no longer speaking with one another.
The particular authors do not talk to one voice. There are devout Catholics, Sunday morning hours mass Catholics (when they can make it), dropped away Catholics who still have comfortable spot for the faith. You will find men who have been mistreated by the religious (either sexually or as punishment) and men and women, especially women, who keep in mind the love and loyalty of their nuns and priests. Many simply are bitter towards the pecking order of the church because of its inflexability on contraception and abortion i. e., denying sacrements to people who support abortion
While many of the authors are famous, they are all accomplished and successful if unknown to the public. Some have stayed at in the faith and continue to think it is a major part of their lives. Some seem to be to have deep seated issues with the Church keeping them away from Size and even denying they are still Catholics. For others who are no longer in the pews it was simply a couple of the church losing its relevance. Really are you heading to denounce contraception in this day and era and think you're not heading to be thought somewhat loony? But they still remember those incensed packed days when the priest's back was all they saw for the majority of the Mass and i also feel that some of them wish those days could return. As is oft repeated in this book, "Once A Catholic, Always a Catholic. inches
"Being Cathloc Now" is extremely recommended., I could not input it down. Absolutely fascinating. The views not of one but of 38 Catholics from all sorts of occupations...

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