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I had formed to challenge myself to complete reading this book. That had been within my wishlist for quite some time (almost all come from old Daily Show interviews). The book piqued my interest at first, but the reading became laborious. It truly is essentially a timeline review of the English Monarchy as given by quotes from period pieces. You really have to challenge yourself to understand what the early authors (old, olde English authors) were citing and meaning when reading this book.

The interesting thing is as the book progresses, you can see the transition of the English language centered off of the quotes mcdougal used.

In my opinion, the story might have been told much more simply when there wasn't such an overarching desire by the author to add verbatim quotes in every passage of the book. That reading more like a book than the storyline the cover portrayed., If you are new to the royals, or maybe looking to get a quick lesson in the succulent details of each monarch since Henry VIII, then this is a publication for you. I know a whole lot about very few British monarchs (Henry VIII, his children, and Charles II), but just about nothing abut everyone after James I. This specific book was an entertaining introduction to those various Kings and Queens... the men and women they loved, the mistresses they kept, and the children they hated.

Overall, if your a fan of the Uk monarchy, or even if you have a favorite monarch but don't know anything about other clan, I definitely recommend this. It's a quick read with the book being divided into sections based on the reigning family (the Tudors, then a Stuarts, and so on). After that there are individual chapters in each section provided to each monarch of that particular family. There's a very brief explanation of how that person arrived to power, but the the greater part of each chapter is the sharing of the more unsavory details of that people reign. Can it be intellectually stimulating? Absolutely not. Can it be an amusing way to pass a few lazy afternoons? Definitely., Lot of fun to see all about the royal eccentricities, jealousies, conflicts, murderous traits, betrayals, self-righteousness, intrigues, deceits,..., This is the 3rd Farquhar historical "tabloid" I've read, and he unfailingly continues to entertain. Not only do you get a fair and accurate history lesson, you learn all sorts of entertaining and ridiculous things about royals and their blush-worthy behavior. I never understood that King James (of the King James Bible) was a blatant homosexual, or that the sixteen-year-old first husband of Martha, Queen of Scots perished of an ear illness. This book is packed with amusing tidbits for conversation. Genuinely a fun read, I actually can so far say I recommend all of his books. I've got two more unread and I'm very much looking forward to cracking them available., This book is filled with odd and amusing information, and probably a healthy dose of gossip, about the royal households. Michael Farquhar has a great way with phrasing and retains it light and easy to learn. I've purchased this book, and some of his others, for gifts as well as for personally. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest (and a feeling of humor) in the noble families., This is a great variety of super brief stories and anecdotes about the British monarchy. I actually think it's good for people who are buying a quick crash course in Uk history, but as someone who has done a lot of reading about them, I was a little disappointed at this time book. In most cases, only a few chapters are devoted to each monarch, and there weren't brand new or succulent tidbits which i hadn't observed before. I think the publication could have been lengthier, and better., It's pretty accurate, and very enjoyable. Royals are people, too, and as more likely to get involved in misalliances, misguided affairs and other mischief anyone. It's just that sometimes the reverberations from such behavior are felt more strongly., Entirely centered on the English crown from the Stuarts through the Windsors the viewer will findout the real reasons of marriage; how to not raise a child especially one who will become a future king or queen etc. Goes to prove whether vips or not you can pick your friends but not the relatives. Great source for social historical trivial.

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