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Craig Custance takes us deap inside the game with this book -- into the heads of the mentors who have won Stanley Cups and gold medals... the insights provided here got me through this guide very quickly. Now, I'm sad it's over!, This specific is a great read. With inside entry to 10 of the most successful coaches in the game, you'll pick up some lessons on tactics, funny stories about team jokes, and plenty of the emotion and insight that comes from players and coaches who have reached the pinnacle of their sport. But what I found most interesting about this book were the ideas on how to motivate people, manage organizations, and treat others with respect that are applicable to business, family, and personal relationships in any context. Drop the Org Management & Leadership course in your MBA and read this instead., We enjoyed the well crafted company accounts of each of these coaches. As a lover we think in words of wins and deficits but for these men it’s their livelihood. The particular bounce of a puck or an inch of a puck from hitting a post can make or break a career. The chapter on Mike Babcock was one of the better scans on leadership for those in and out of Hockey. Well worth the read!, If you're a handbags coach or even merely a hockey fan, this guide is a must read. It is also a fun read. Craig captures the nature of the NHL's most exclusive fraternity and the men who mold clubs into champions. The reports are great, the ideas are invaluable, and the revelations from the biggest names in NHL coaching can keep you turning webpage after page., Excellent guide. A high level00 fan of the NHL its a must read. Leadership, decision making, dealing with others, it can all covered in this book., A great read that offers excellent information from some of the best coaches in handbags. You'll learn so much about coaching as you turn the pages of this book., Behind the Bench has quickly become one of the better hockey books I've read. It's a smooth read, the storytelling is highly rated, the insight is great and the way Craig gets these coaches to open up in a way you don't often see them do publicly (both personality wise and X's and O's wise) is phenomenal. I actually found myself sifting through these signature games while subsequent along in the guide, and it felt like I had been in the film room with them. Each and every chapter seemingly gets better than the previous one, with all 10 mentors providing a different/unique perspective. Highly recommend to every hockey lover., This is a great read. Craig lays out a simple idea, " tell the story of watching great games with great coaches, " and then does so in a beautifully layered way that lets you know so much more than just how the coach prepared his team for said game. You come away from this book having relived a hugely significant handbags game, understanding more about how each coach coaches, and who each coach are at his core.

The way this guide digs into ideas not only about hockey but also leadership, team building and motivation is exciting.

Loved it.

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