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This is a wonderful and enlightening publication. The story is common - residing in one of the slums of a huge city in India - but it is classic whilst still being inspiring. A advantageous reminder showing how poverty is so widespread even as the large cities of India continue to develop and the middle course grows. The nation is so large that any group is still going to consist of vast numbers of people, and I are unable to imagine how many years it will take before the lower classes so well described in this publication are able to rise to a more hopeful life.

It takes a while until the basis for the title of the book becomes clear. It turns out that the highway alongside the airport, taking people using their arrivals and departures and leading to the modern hotels and relative wealth of the city, is lined with large signs, advertisements that say 'Beautiful Forever' as part of the products slogan, again and again. It is behind these road signs, erected not just in promote the product but also to dam the view from the roadway to the slums, so that travelers and other more fortunates are not disturbed by such sights as they pass by.

We enjoyed this book as well as learned from it, insights into some of the day to day details of life for these people, and how they manage within their own sub societies to scrape out a residing. Imagine, if you can, earning money by foraging through garbage for any small scraps of metal or plastic that could be of value and may be sold to recyclers or scrap agents, at best earning pennies each day and at times not having enough money for even the simplest meal. This is a life that is hard to assume even when reading about it, but it exists and is very real to those who live there today and will carry on and stay in these circumstances for the foreseeable future., Stunning explanation of impoverishment and data corruption in urban India. Typically the pressures, hopes, goals and losses show a world of difference, show where poverty and impoverished establishments lead, and make clear the fact that precisely what are thought to be inalienable rights and acceptable behaviors in the West are a fiction of our own making.

The Forevers was brilliantly collated over a lot of research. Boo is an acute and delicate observer. Through the entire work one feels that she's making these conversations up. Don't. Read her afterword, where she describes her working methods. This view of lives so different from ours should be required for every HS student in the U. S., I've driven past this area several times over the past 20 years and each time wondered how people could handle there -- while to thank God it wasn't me personally. This is a very insightful peek into a way of life significantly different and more difficult than anything the average American can imagine. If you found the film "Slumdog Millionaire" interesting, this may be a book for you. From the well written, relatively easy read that pulls few punches. Designed for the viewer who isn't willing to engage his or the girl brain., This guide takes you into the slums of Mumbai and you see how the people there live, and die, while the gov't and capitalism retains pushing the significance of " light " surface beauty. These people have no recourse, they have no poverty level gov't handouts, they have no way of getting out of the slums. It's heart breaking and sad. I know India is now trying to improve their lives but it's a huge task and as long as that caste system continues, things will move barely at all., Not really for the feint of heart. But refreshing to read about the realistic coping mechanisms of those who would be good. We am the adult walking past the dying guttersnipe and today I see something more of why.

I had created seen Katherine Boo evaluated a few years back as the book was just coming out and purchased it for my dad, considering he'd enjoy it. I never heard from him about whether he did or not, but when We was alerted to the book's reduced price, We got it for myself and found it quite the page turner. I recently now learned from the girl Author's Note of the girl adventure with the abbreviated dictionary. Like many that are suffering serious life threatening injuries, a solo act no matter who else is around, I may understand how her preexisting doubts about life direction and chance acquired a shift in clarity. She chose to commit this brave act of observational journalism and I was very glad she performed., Katherine Boo has explored and written a masterwork in this account of life in a Mumbai slum. The plot centres on a family that earns its residing in buying, sorting and reselling rubbish to recyclers, and encircling community.

Behind the Stunning Forever reads like a novel, but reflects the author's four years of interviews with her subject matter, much of which was captured on video. Typically the book is multi-layered, exposing individual personalities, family and social structures, and monetary and political forces animating modern India. The done work is riveting and provides an in-depth hunt for the best and the worst of this swiftly developing nation.

Had Dickens turned to non-fiction set in Mumbai, it could have resembled this rich and absorbing volume. Strongly recommended., The storyline was spotty, jumping from one character to the next and not leaves you with full closure of how everything proved for the reader. However, it will feed you some sense of living life in the slums and the realistic obstacles people go through in order to maintain. When you want an idea of what life in poverty is like, this story certainly touches that narrative. It hones in on the concept of " hope for the best, but plan for the worse".

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