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A simpleto\ read and simple to follow workout routine. I love the reference about taking care of your health and winning the lotto. I would recommend this guide to everyone starting out on a fitness journey. Actually I learned from it too and I have been exercising for years., Short, simple also to the point. It didn't need to be 400 web pages, but contains just what a beginner needs as advertised in the name. The big on inspiration and goal setting was useful without going all hippie. You could find all the same info using Google, but for the cost here, why trouble., Carefully constructed. Helped me get in better shape., He takes the guesswork out of the workout schedule. He keeps it simple, yet effective. He also has progressions for every exercise., great book nice exercise plan, I've read a few other books from mcdougal and I wasn't disappointed with this one either.

3 main parts stuck out to me:

just one - Honesty
Too many of the people in the fitness industry behave like they are and always have been this perfect fitness god with an 18 group and biceps the size of the head. His integrity about where he was to where he is at was refreshing and made it much easier to forgive where I was to where I'm going.

2 - The S. M. A new. R. T. Goals
I had initially learned about SMART goals from a past employer and paid zero attention to it. Seeing it here was interesting and provided me a new point of view on setting goals. Typically the perspective that saying " I want to (x). " isn't enough to achieve a goal.

3 - The Exercise Descriptions
Nothing bugs myself more than people assuming I know exactly what an exercise is, not to mention the best way to perform it. It absolutely was nice to get a real sense of how I should be perform them. The pictures were extremely helpful., This specific is a very well-written book, and the author's enthusiasm is infectious.

Some nuggets that I took away out of this book: I actually love the idea of keeping a journal and taking photographs at different stages of my work-outs (when I begin, after a couple of weeks, etc. ). Also, I enjoy the author's acronym to continue track of goals: SMART: Specific, Considerable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-specific.

Typically the heart-rate discussion was very helpful, and in the future I will refer back again to this.

Even the discussion of coffee sweeteners was interesting. I will change to sugar and Stevia.

All over, a great publication with lots of helpful advice in it. Thanks Dale!, This specific Beginners Home Workout Program helped me get back again into my workout routine. I actually spend a big porting of my time working on my online businesses and possess family obligations that leave me with little time to go to the gym. I really like how honest Dale is in his description of himself in the introduction because it really motivated me to begin exercising even when it's not the perfect time.

" I was never happy with my buggy-whip arms, chicken legs, and gradual
increase in my waistline. Though I outwardly exuded self-confidence, inwardly I felt
embarrassed with my appearance and lifestyle. "

I actually also like that in the section " Typically the Underestimated & Unsung Leading man of the Greatest House Workout Plans", one of his greatest tools for success in the gym is a fitness journal. By implementing journaling into my workout programs, I've been able to get myself motivated to work out when I wake up early in the morning. I find that when I read about my planned exercises, I actually can focus much easier on the workout because I don't wonder what I will do after I have finished a few sets with my current exercise.

The Beginner's Home Workout Plan is a great book that I suggest to anyone who thinks indicate have the time to go to the gym. This specific book could also be helpful for somebody who has a lot of workout equipment at home who wants to get back into the program of working out again!

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