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I will be 74, not a recommend age to begin learning encoding. Did a lot of programming back at the time of VisualBasic just one thru 3 and then decided there were more interesting things... I feel now a SOA specialist and I have decided it is time to start programming again, with a more modern tool and chose. Net C#. I intend to begin writing web services (soon): ).
The book I will be reviewing has turned out to be perfect: I now understand OOP quite plainly as implemented by C# and I love debugging step by step the computer code which comes with the book. It makes everything so clear.
the book makes positive each and every line of computer code is explained. I feel now adding my very own remarks, step by step into the code (can't rely much anymore on the old neurons) and feel I am progressing quite steadily. Isn't this such a beginner's book should be about?
Be sure to comment a copy of the code since for some reason, a nasty " Error CS0501 'Program. Main(string[])' must state a body because it is not marked abstract, extern, or partial" has begun showing up in the code: (
Will keep updating this post.
Update: Although I was aware of it, I failed to mention that the error described above had nothing to do with the author's computer code -which presents no error that I am aware about - but rather emerged from my fiddling with the code. The mistake disappeared without explanation: ), Of course, easily feel writing a review on the beginner book on C#, that suggests that I am a novice at C#, so what would I know about it? But I can tell if a book is clear, concise, well laid out, well written, accurate, etc. Compared to other books I have read in this price range and category, this is totally superior. It has an index, web page numbers, good examples, well chosen content, and offered in reasonable order as to building of content. Plus the code is well presented on the page also - not confusing to see.

I even contacted Jamie, the author, who is extremely personable and positively involved in making any improvements to get this the best publication on the market.

If you are going to get a first book on C#, I might put this at the top of the list. Until I read this book I used to be thinking of writing my own as a result of huge incompetence or indifference as to accuracy, etc. that I have found in other entry-level publications to C#. Like I said, I am a novice, but I still thought I possibly could write a much better book than others have done - until Jamie's book.

Of course, about to catch going to learn C# Nicely in One Day - perhaps if you have a photographic memory or better. So, probably the subject is misleading. Do not let the title throw you off though. It is a great publication., This guide really does what the title claims, and does it well, but that might not exactly mean what you'd think it means.

The book quickly and efficiently covers all of the basic ground of C# coding, helping you to understand and build lessons, methods, and the like with a good understanding of object oriented principles. By the conclusion of the book, you need to be able to build command line C# applications.

The thing is, almost no real C# programming involves building control line applications. The book does not even touch on fundamentals of functional use like database entry, ASP. NET, or even building Windows applications. As an alternative, it gives you the modern equivalent of decades-old DOS-style programming.

That's not a bad thing, necessarily; it just means that although you can literally learn C# in a day if you apply yourself and perhaps have some basic familiarity with encoding, you will still need to do additional learning in order to be able to do something with your newfound C# skills, like read a book on ASP. INTERNET (for example).

There are minor writing errors in the book (for instance, the non-word " alright" is employed more than once, and the word " staff" is often used like it means " staff member" ) that make it clear that the book was not professionally edited, and the example code is simplistic and pedestrian, but any reservations I may have on those points are much more than compensated for by the clear, to the point way the writer communicates all of the basic and intermediate C# concepts the book covers.

If you're learning how to code from this book, please note too that the author has a few bad coding practices that he is transferring along to you. With regard to example, he regularly includes a variety of unwanted references in the example programs, making it seem to be as though you need LINQ and threading, for example, for a " Hi there world" program. He also, for the sake of examples, codes a whole lot of literal data into his sample routines, which may make the impressionable new programmer feel that information that properly belongs in a database or other organised form of information storage should be hard-coded or at best listed one product per line in a text file. He really does cover error handling but often (for the sake of clarity and simplicity, I imagine) doesn't include it.

These minor problems aside, this is a remarkably well-written book that works surprisingly well for the experienced programmer who wants to learn or review C# concepts as well as for the beginner. However, beginners might be advised to begin with something more fundamental that establishes good programming habits, so that the sample computer code in this book can be considered in framework., If you are new to programming and wants to get your hand on it quickly, this is the book for you. No boring introductions like most books have, it lets you get your hands dirty right on the get-go. This guide is not for those who already are know C# in and away, rather, it's for those who want to quickly learn C# and perhaps buy some other books with advance or deeper details in the future., This book has allowed me to I'm going to be honest. But the book lead me to think that we would be doing examples ALL the way through and that is not true. You do one in the beginning and the next one isn't till after you're revealed to a load details., What a great encoding book. It gives you all you need to meet for get you started in C# without having bogged down in the weeds. If I need more information in a particular area, I actually do a browser search or reference a more detailed C# book (which I found challenging to follow).

The examples are essential. You can't learn a programming language without doing them. The gray cells work best when entering in code and finding where you screwed up.

At the beginning of the book a web page address is given to download a few examples and notes. You need to register but you won't get spam.

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