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I recently finished reading just your book, and wanted to say thanks for writing something essential. I was a ranger in North Culbute National Park in the early 90s, but in subsequent trips I've definitely observed change, particularly with the recession of glaciers. Searching at some of the major fires in the west - particularly the massive fire in Yosemite last year and this year's fire in Washington express - it's hard not to think about the connections you so plainly illustrate. Global warming, this tree beetles, dying forests, and so on.

But I do believe your book espouses a lot of hope as well in getting the kids out there. My kids are 10 and 7, and i too try to get them out as often as possible. Over the last year, my oldest has asked how climate change is affecting national parks we visit. This winter we went to Death Valley and he or she asked the ranger about such change when we were in Badwater. He believed to look at the " lowest point" signal, and of course the elevation below sea stage is changing. There are many other changes too, but I think people just say Badwater has a fixed elevation, or even Everest, but it can not.

Maybe that does not sound hopeful, but We think by taking my kids to national leisure areas that they see beautiful things, discover the approaching threats, and determine to preserve them. Hopefully they believe they can come the tide, and maybe it will now just take another generation to get there.

Thanks again for writing such a great publication, I really enjoyed it!, I usually avoid memoirs because the writing is often sub par. Nevertheless this book was extremely well-written (the author is a professional writer) and this issue matter was place on. I was expecting a book about the hopelessness of global warming and the inevitability of ecological collapse, but instead this was a joyful memoir about one man's efforts to show his children some of our nation's most endangered areas. I think the author was successful in conveying the emergency in our need for change without the gloom and doom of a disaster prophecy. It was also nice to see how the author taught his children the importance of ecological issues and the significance of our national parks. He never "beat the issues over their heads" but anxiously waited for the teachable times in which his kids were interested. I thought he did a good job in keeping his kids motivated while supporting them enjoy their various backpacking and camping outings. Aside from the ecological issues which is why this publication was written, it's a great how-to manual for young parents who think hiking should be put apart until the kids are all matured. Yes you CAN take young children backpacking!, I read this straight through. The personal accounts and memories of the kids made me chuckle aloud. The paperback will become the read for my next backpacking journey. The research and writing are blended tremendously., We enjoy travel literature. Simply by reading the introduction, We emailed my daughter and told her to read this book. This is a well written adventure that is a regular reminder of the special places of this country that are in danger of Ășnico loss. The adventures are distributed to the author's young children and remind us all that our youngsters are more challenging than we sometimes realize. It is a great inspiration to consider our children into the outdoors., I've enjoyed my own uplifting encounters at many of these same national leisure areas. Change is coming as it always does and exactly how we deal with that change speaks volumes. What will history say about the way we reacted? Will our record be one we can be proud of or will we be embarrassed by our insufficient effort. The terrific story. A troubling preview of what is ahead., enjoyed this very much. highly recommend it. very informative. motivates to escape and explore. wit, wit, emotion, and truth. a quick read., Little more than endlessly regurgitating climate change statistics. I get it already. Not just a publication about how to hike with children, I'm going to give this author the highest praise I can think of: His writing style is Krakauer-esque. Typically the words and phrases this individual uses to describe the outdoors and his family's encounters evoke perfect images. Some may think it can hyperbole, but I guarantee you that our National Parks are worthy.

1 of my favorite ranges: "Powerful landscapes like the Tetons will manhandle your psyche; they can make you wonder what the hell you've been doing all these years, that you won't have a satisfying answer. " (This exact scenario happened to me personally and my husband during a vacation to Zion, after which we quit our high-paying jobs, purchased an RV, and moved to the Grand Canyon. In the five years since, we've worked and lived in five National Parks - each reward beyond belief. ) If YOU haven't felt the feeling Lanza describes in that quote, I say: "Get thee to a National Park. " Quick!

Plus that's the jist of this book... The areas of this country that were so unique we made the decision to make them National Parks and protect them for posterity are being significantly changed by global warming. Everything IS attached and Lanza will do a great job of laying out the parade of cause and effect that will make our country's most special treasures un-recognizable in simply a few decades.

This can be a book with an important message, but there are plenty of personal stories and fun included too. I recommend it to anyone and everyone -- you'll enjoy the ride and learn a lot as you go.

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