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A reputable analysis of the fig-leaf for endless state inactivité that these abused, brave organizations have become. Reliable because the writer obviously reached his conclusions with great anguish at the fact. Credible because, Rieff is the same author who wrote the Nov NYT 2003 piece, "Blueprint for a Mess" excoriating the administration for its Iraq policy. This is not a Wilsonian / Wolfowitz interventionist itching to let the ship of state set sail, and because of the, his pained findings about the reasons for state inaction/ineffective action in the face of pushing needs to act are credible.

The West/America/Europe in recent decades, primarily through the mechanism of the UN, has made a great show of doing everything possible right up to but excluding actually doing anything. Compassion on the cheap. 'We're doing everything possible, the UN is on the job, and as long as all parties concur and possess invited them, will show up and protect only themselves rudely in front of men and women desperately seeking defense. The NGOs are on site. We're providing the blankets and the coffee and the bandaids to rapist and target alike, so nothing more can be done, and we can all go back to reading our papers and tsk-tsk-tsking and sipping our Capuccinos, comfortable in the knowledge that everything that can be carried out, is being done, short of actually doing soemthing. '

Learn why that's a fig leaf on the UN seal, not an olive branch. Many people are the problem; we don't have the good sense our daddies taught us about when to so when not to lift a hand. Study this book., One of the best books I've ever read. A must if you need to know about the state of the worlds emergency reply and education aid system., --The reporter is a peace functions analyst in Washington POWER. --
David Rieff admits he published this book in the shadows of the damage of the World Business Center. Having covered some of the world's greatest humanitarian disasters, featuring ethnic cleansing and genocide, it should be acknowledged that Mr. Rieff is an impressive character. On balance, however, this book can leave a reader pondering it may well not be such a good idea to let people like Mister. Rieff write books until they've unwound a lttle bit in some nice little nook of the world.
Nevertheless, this is a good book for those enthusiastic about humanitarianism and peace functions in general. Several people in those areas probably will not like the book all that much, but it is a good thing to read publications that annoy you--they make you think. This publication is successful at both tasks. The concerns with this book should come from what seem to be to be passionately held but nonetheless shaky arguments and logic. Often times, Mr. Rieff arrives at conclusions that mystify, often accompanied by normally thoughtful discussion.
One of Mr. Rieff's main contentions is that humanitarianism has made a mistake by seeking to support solutions to the entrée that afflict humanity. In others words, Mr. Rieff seems to think it is a bad idea to use working within the reality of any given situation. Humanitarian organizations should instead presumably go on working to help the patients, but should not worry about attempting to find solutions to the problems that came up with the victims. A reasonable person might quibble with that. Has it not necessarily recently been the human endeavor to work to better our conditions?
A reader will no doubt ask what kind of sense can it make to avoid remedies? Humanitarians have done a grievous harm to their cause by abandoning their neutrality, Mr. Rieff states. In truth, though, neutrality is pretty useless in conflict resolution, and I am unsure it has much more use in education relief. Impartiality is probably the choice-avoid taking edges, but uphold the regulations of the game. And there should be rules. It may be that we as a global community (a concept Mr. Rieff seems quite skeptical of) are moving only fitfully in the direction of regulations on a global basis. So what? Does that mean we should not try? And if trying is the way to go, than humanitarian organizations are doing the right thing. They may well not be doing it well, but much better to look for a long term solution than to keep putting band-aids on wounds.
Rieff has experienced many of the bad things humans do to one another. What a powerful thing, but it is also a bias. A better book would have made points without resorting to emotional fights and logic malformed by perhaps excessive passion., Even though this book's rhythym and pace is melodious, it has lulled my to sleep in about four pages every night for per month. It is very interesting when addressing what happened in the hot crisis centers of recent conflicts but his main thesis is wrapped strangely in fog. The creator can set a long beautiful sentence but (dumb) myself need things " cystal. " But try it, if you're enthusiastic about present day humanitarianism you'll like it., This Rieff's work is reveal analysis of a new form of imperialism imposed on the building world by the western 'masters' this time, however, as humanitarian liberation. Typically the actors are no lengthier soldiers with arms and bombs, but unsuspecting volunteers with syringes and drugs. The recent events in Libya and Syria, not to mention the Iraq disaster follow the screenplay in this guide like a horror movie. I avoid always agree with Rieff's analysis, occasionally find them contradictory, and unable to take them for their logical conclusion without falloff the precipice. But I appreciate his guidance and ability to present a world in such a way wholly unknown to me. A timeless work and a necessary reading for anyone involved in a humanitarian project.

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