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As a professional in the field of disabilities since 1987 and as a mother or father of any 7 year old son with Fragile X, this book inspired me in many ways. Getting Mrs. Rogers has something for each and every reader as it covers the life and journey of Cindi and Chris Rogers and their sons Jake and May well. This book is a must read for all parents of children with Fragile X but also for all parents in whose children may face lifelong challenges. Professionals in the field of disabilities will gain great insight into what families deal with and how they can support family needs. Cindi gives families and professionals great tools about how support people with Fragile X. Cindi's open and personal type of writing is easy to follow and fun to read. Because the publication is so well written, people who have nothing to do with Fragile X will also enjoy it as a result of inspirational love story found between the covers. Typically the book made me laugh, it made me think, it gave me tools, and it moved me to tears. I could not ask for more from a book!, Cindi Roger's book " Becoming Mrs. Rogers" is a cherish trove of helpful strategies. However, as a mommy of a child with Fragile X, it was so much more. The woman words brought tears, frivolity, pride and most important hope. Thanks Cindi for expressing feelings and thoughts I could not even begin expressing., Becoming Mrs. Rogers is the story of one family's navigation through the world of Fragile X Syndrome. Cindi walks you through their life pre-diagnosis and into the survival mode that happens on acquiring an analysis such as this. You grieve with her as she talks about learning a new way of doing things, letting go of expectations the lady had for her life as a parent, and finally see the beginning of a family not just living with but thriving and enjoying a life that while not what was dreamed of, one that is still beautiful. The Rogers family story brings HOPE to anyone living with a Fragile X diagnosis and then goes one step farther and walks you through her " toolbox" she used and continues to use along the woman journey.

This book is a must have for not just family members living with Fragile X Syndrome, but for anyone working with them as well. As a mother or father of two children with Fragile X Syndrome, I have already begun putting some of the equipment to use and plan to implement many more., I just finished reading Cindi's book. Our family tied to the Rodgers when our twin sons were four years old. One was identified as having Fragile X, the other with developmental gaps, so we brought both sons to be assessed at Dr. Randi Hagerman's clinic. Our stay with the Rodgers left a tremendous impact on me. During that one short visit, we were struck by Cindi and Chris's warmth and their commitment to family life, and also their open hearts and home, and desire to share the Fragile X journey with us and with others. Therefore it was with great delight when I learned recently the lady wrote a book and even more delighted but not surprised that the book would be full of honesty and love. Certainly one of Cindi's gifts is the woman ability to share the woman own unique and specific activities in such a way that even while our own family is completely different, I could relate to each and every page.
Obviously I devoured this book. It reflects the beautiful arc showing how Cindi and Chris together built their altered lives with and for their sons - and how their RV named Rocket became an extremely special member of their family, even a kind of neighborhood. Explode has given them
a way to become more a part of the neighborhood (if I may use Mr. Rodger's language). Rocket was and still is a way this this family could broaden their world through travel; as a way to share times with times in the neighborhood - when the woman sons couldn't handle certain environments, Rocket
drove to those surroundings and provided a safe enclosed space; as a way to train other Fragile X family members in the Fragile X neighborhood
and Rocket will finally become a refuge for retirement for Cindi and Chris in their own driveway as they surprise their home to Jake and May well., What an amazing source for anyone who treats a child with special needs, especially one affected by fragile X problem. Despite the fact that fragile X is a spectrum disorder, there is absolutely something for everyone here. Reading about the Rogers' journey of trials and tribulations certainly rings a bell with me. My own boy is affected by FXS, and the early chapters brought me to cry as it was close up in many ways to our own lives pre-diagnosis and the early times post-diagnosis. I especially love reading about the various techniques described to help children with fragile X change to residing in a less-than-FX-friendly world. My boy has benefited from the side-dialogue, and the ready-not-ready techniques. Hands down, this book is a must have! Not only do we purchase a copy for ourselves, but one for my mother, my mother-in-law, and my son's preschool teacher. Not merely is Cindi an amazing mom and woman, but an innovative pioneer who has delivered much success and happiness into her boys' lives. Right here, she shares that eyesight, and the methods that worked for her family in this very special publication., Becoming Mrs. Rogers is a wonderful book for all families who have a loved one affected by Fragile X Syndrome and families coping with issues also seen in other autism spectrum disorders and more. All families will see similarities in how the Rogers family started out their family, went through The Diagnosis time in their lives and beyond into the The way to Deal, Organize and Fully Live the rest of their lives. You'll link with the feelings of this book and be grateful for the tools and strategies you'll learn. A fantastic surprise for extended family users too so that they learn what it's really like for our families in Becoming Mrs. Rogers.

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