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Disappointed families are unhappy in various ways (Apologies to Tolstoy), and the Mitsurugi is quite different.

Three poor-little-rich-boys live isolated in a preposterously large mansion after a tragedy claims the life of both their beloved mother and trusted housekeeper -afraid to be hurt again, they keep their distance from the staff, and even their own daddy. A plucky girl named Karen joins the staff, looking to become the same perfect and trusted retainer-like her grandmother -the previously mentioned housekeeper- was. Did I mention she grew upward with the two old boys?

This is a fun little manga, filled with the usual comedic situations and melodramatic emergencies... will be certainly nothing objectionable in it, besides making for light reading -unfortunately, there's also nothing challenging in it, and is actually not unique. Happy manguera, like happy families, are all alike.

If most likely an addict for shoujo, this is a good choice. If most likely curious about shoujo, this is a good choice. If you've read shoujo, and have been unimpressed, this will not impress you. I will continue reading a few more shows, just to see where it goes -I never give up on something after just one sequel., As a self-styled artist I became interested in this Manga thing and acquired this book simply for study of the renderings. Very little of a history line and I'm just wondering since the publication is in English and marketed in English communicating countries, why didn't the author stick to the front-to-back format rather than vice versa? That's always annoyed me as a reader, because I have to turn the web pages all the way back to get to the starting point. Just like someone telling you how the movie ends before you begin watching it., I really liked this preview book. That gave me a great idea of what reading the series will be like, as it incorporated both a full survey chapter and a part one. The plot is very interesting and I really want to see these characters develop. You can tell the primary character has a special reference to the woman masters right off the bat, even if that connection isnt clear right away. The main figure has clear motivation for putting up with some of the nonsense in that maid test, so it makes it all worthwhile. Overall, the section was pretty lighthearted. It can funny with a dash of potential romance., I like the flow of the story and the characters seem to be believable. 2 things I have against it would be the words are hard to read sometimes being hand written look and it was short., I am merely a poor person and I have decided to choose the rest of this series eventually (as fast as I can make money) because I want to understand what happens next. The secret right behind the maid and eldest brother, the relationship between the maid and midsection brother, the youngest sibling who is attached with the maid, and the maid's history. So many things to learn but I have to buy the rest. It's so interesting that I just want to know., I guess butlers and maids would continually be a popular theme for manguera. This first episode is an summary of the figures and their personalities and motivations. Nothing too deep yet as it's only the first episode. That is rather short though and I would like to learning much more and know more about them. Overall, it is very sweet with lots of prospective and I foresee a lot of love triangles or love squares in the future., Hmmm... I think that there is a romantic vibe going on between Karen and the Prince of ice. Furthermore the little master seems to take a great deal of care for Karen always protecting her from his brothers. So sweet!

I chose a flawless score because it was well thought out and the art work was amazing. They didn't leave out anything that's at all.
People that might like this book would be people who like sweet boys, a mysterious/ forbidden love, and did I say cute boys?, I loved the story plot it held me interested all the way through to the end. I am definitely heading to get the next book.

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