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I have mixed feelings about this novel. It tells multiple stories that, despite their

inordinate number, are interwoven surprisingly well. Naturally, these involve multiple

characters, which, it seems to me, are not all necessary to drive the plot. In addition , the

stories zig and zag back and forth in time -- over about a 50-year period -- which makes

following them a lttle bit confusing. The final chapter is nothing more than a disconcerting jumble

of an epilog involving a multitude of characters(some so minor one has forgotten them). I

have a serious issue with epilogs on the whole since I actually believe they rob the readers'

opportunity to picture what comes next in the lives of their favorite characters. This epilog

was especially annoying and nothing less than pure devastation. While reading it, I actually felt the

same as I do in a crowded elevator, just mere seconds from screaming to move out. On the plus part,

it is beautifully written book and some interesting characters are created. The story? I

wasn't aware one existed., So beautifully written.. I had no idea this would be such a moving and memorable publication. One of the few books I plan to return to again. I actually loved the interplay of characters, the way in which everyone linked together. If you love travel in Italy and the Italian language people, I think you will really enjoy this publication., Over the last pair of weeks I've read three of Walter's books- Citizen Vince, The Financial Lives of the Poets, and Beautiful Ruins. I actually enjoyed all three. They will were all very different. Citizen Vince is relatively introspective but also a lttle bit of a crime/gangster first person look at crime, consequence, revenge, and redemption... TFLotP is a Tropper/Hornby-type adventure of all types of people experiencing the defining turning point of his middle age... Gorgeous Ruins is a different sort of book. Epic in scope, with scenes masking 70 years (WWII - present), with real life celebrities (Richard Burton, At the Taylor, etc) mingling with fictional characters, the publication feels good to learn and explores ethical and moral issues like love, loss, right, wrong, selflessness (good) versus narcissism (bad), and other human topics.

I actually very much enjoyed this guide. I'll read it again and give it to friends. Jess Walter's writing is evolving and with Beautiful Ruins they have attained a high-point (I hope it wont be his zenith! ). Great publication!, One fortunate element of publication club is exposure to publications I might not normally read, and though I actually had some problems with this novel, I'm pleased I read it.

The story bounces from seaside Italy in 1962 to present day Hollywood, and documents the interweaving lives of the washed out film manufacturer (Michael Deane), his associate (Claire), a young celebrity (Dee Moray), a tiny town Italian hotelier (Pasquale), a WWII vet/wannabe writer (Alvis), a loser writer/wannabe prosperous screenwriter (Shane), and a ne'er-do-well drug addict (Pat). Oh, and Richard Burton (and by extension Liz Taylor) play key functions too.

How the HECK do these disparate characters place together? So begins Jess Walter's tapestry of a plot.

The story starts off in Portovergogna, Italy (translating to " Port of Shame" ), a little coastal town next to Cinqueterre, in 1962. I actually thank Pinterest for presenting me to the gorgeous area of Cinqueterre. I actually hope some day to visit this explosive color vista.

Pasquale (my favorite character) leaves the college to return home and run the crumbling hotel after his father's dying. He is quite thrilled when a gorgeous blonde comes to stay at his hotel after being dumped with a movie producer in the remote location. Unfortunately, she's been diagnosed with cancer. But is she really sick?

Pasquale addresses English with his guest, actress Dee Moray, and i also loved what he said about learning a vocabulary:

It was curious what wanting to speak English had done lately to his mind; it reminded him or her of studying poetry in college, words gaining and losing their meaning, overlapping with images, the curious echo of ideas at the rear of the words people used.

Quick toward present day Hollywood. The famous Michael Deane's assistant Claire desires for a more glamorous life but is stuck listening to inane movie pitches like:

Logline: The Breakfast Membership meets Nightmare on Elm Street in SECOND PERIOD OF TIME: DEATH, the story of a group of students who must battle a deranged substitute teacher who may in fact be a vampire...

Failed writer Shane Wheeler hopes to frequency their own idea: Donner!: a cannibal epic about the Wild West. *laughs* Shane's parents taught him the ACT philosophy: have trust in yourself and you will do ANYTHING. It worked for a while (even Shane believed their own crap) but it's not working so well recently. This cracked me up:

But recently, fissures have appeared in this beliefs -- faith proving to be not nearly enough -- also it was in the run-up to his divorce that his soon-to-be ex-wife (So fed up with your crap, Shane... ) dropped a bombshell: the Scriptures phrase he wonderful daddy endlessly quoted, " Act as if ye have faith... " never actually APPEARS in the Scriptures. Rather, as far as she could tell, it came from the concluding argument given by the Paul Newman character in the film The Decision.

I enjoyed learning the motivations behind the figures. For example, a malnourishment story about the Transmettre party fascinates Shane because he comes with an older sibling who almost died from an eating disorder. Also, alcoholic Richard Burton is an entertaining JERK in this story. It's clear the author put a lot of effort into plot and characterization.

Unfortunately, I didn't find myself emotionally involved in their intricate stories. This particular is a longer publication, and it didn't have a gripping quality to make me fly through the pages. But I actually am psyched I completed it before book golf club!, What a trip! A person easily admired Pasquale and his Adequate View Motel. Each chapter introduced the reader to new characters and the ways they exploited or supported each other. Mr. Walter paints vivid pictures of Italy, coves by the ocean, paintings on the bunker wall, Valeria and Michael Deane as they looked and handled people and the times we see Dee and then Debra in her life experiences. You seeking things out of the book...... like knowing if Dee's baby was aborted or survived and who and where he was. A person wanted to know about the cinema reigning handful of Cock and Liz. You desired happiness and solutions for Pasquale. You wanted Dab to stay sober and productive. Jess Walter held one guessing with different venues and writing explications within a reading that drawn one along. Like I actually said, " It was a trip through these people's lives., Numerous posts, so many places, so many characters, real and invented. So many life lessons learned and poignantly portrayed. If I were a literature teacher, this would be required reading

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