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I first read The Stunning and Damned when I was about fourteen, right after I had read my first Fitzgerald publication, The fantastic Gatsby. And I was, of course , greatly disappointed; this is no Gatsby. I found the novel verbose and dull, and i also could not relate at all to the two main characters, Anthony and Gloria Patch, a spineless rich young man married to a lazy, domineering, spoiled brat. These people must would be the two of the least sympathetic characters in literary history.

Reading this novel again, almost four decades later, I found much more to appreciate about it than I did in the beginning reading, but I done it with a heavy heart, fervently wishing that a talented editor experienced taken an entire box of blue pencils to the manuscript.

One of the great fictional achievements of "Gatsby" is its amazing economy of style; Fitzgerald stuffs an enormous amount of information into a very brief book, without once departing us feeling that something's been omitted. (This is probably because Gatsby, only among Fitzgerald's novels, started its literary life as a novella--a long brief story--rather than as a novel. Fitzgerald literally taken the original novella manuscript out of galley typesetting and expanded it into a novel. )

"Economy of style" is a description you can't apply to The Beautiful and the Damned; it meanders all over the place, and it employs a hokey and odd fictional device by turning some of the dialogue into actual dramatic scenes from a play, rather than the entire. This gadget might have worked well if Fitzgerald had used it throughout the publication, but he doesn't; this individual drops the dramatic displays after the early chapters of the book, and never re-uses them again. That will just makes those displays stand out even more awkwardly amid the regular prose.

The book also suffers very badly from the lack of sympathetic main characters. Of course, the complete point of the plot is that these people are awful, but we need **some** reason to keep reading their story. Again, if an editor had taken out his box of blue pencils, he might have noted on the manuscript that Anthony and (and especially) Gloria needed some kind of sympathetic counter-balance to their general, dual awfulness. Otherwise, why keep reading? Right now there is a slight--very slight--sympathetic air attached to Anthony, whose main redeeming quality is his self-loathing; this individual knows he is awful and is ashamed of it, but is not strong enough to do anything at all about it. Gloria, on the other hand, does not have idea that she is a greedy, incredibly selfish creature; she thinks her appears are the only thing she needs to offer up to the world in order to obtain all the "goodies" to which she feels entitled.

Regardless of these major flaws, the book is still well worth reading for Fitzgerald's superb prose, some of the prescient philosophizing (he appropriately predicts the death of poetry as a fictional talent, and for the correct reason, too) and the richly drawn tertiary characters, such as Buco, the Japanese houseboy, and Dot, the tragic The southern area of camp follower who falls hopelessly in love with Anthony. There is also something to be gained at contemplating the lives and individuality of the Patches and realizing that almost all of all of us, no matter how problematic we think we are, are much better people than they may be., As others have said here, this is no Gatsby. Nor should it have to try to be--if Gatsbys were a dime a dozen, the literary sphere would be a much different place. This novel does indeed suffer from occasional prosiness, an perspective that is probably too unsatisfactory, and a cast of characters you probably wouldn't want to speak to even though you were paid for your time. It also contains instances of brilliant lyricism almost on par with some of the writing in Gatsby, and although you wouldn't necessarily want to befriend its cast of characters, their struggles and situations are universal to all of us.

This specific is a novel about rich white people in the years around WW1 suffering from ennui, and if you may not handle that sort of thing as a matter of basic principle, it is probably best to look for a different book. The characters are not likeable in any conventional or meaningful sense: they make terrible decisions, say terrible things, and spend much of the novel destroying themselves and one another. That's why you should try that, before you read this, you distribute with the idea that characters need to be likeable to be empathetic. Although we may not associate to the extraordinary quantities of privilege these people possess, we can associate to their habits and attitudes--all of us have gone into slumps, deferred on our responsibilities, ejected at the world, and done things that we regret. These are the things that constitute the lives of the characters of this novel. In case we find these things to be unlikeable in our characters, maybe which just because we may like them in ourselves., The beautiful part of this book with the short stories is amazing. I loved every history R. M Drake had written. Each spoke to me in different ways, as if I could relate it to my own life. I felt moved and handled by each and every short story. Some reviews complain they didn't like the stories at all, but in my opinion, I couldn't have loved every other just like these. I will remember these stories I have read and I hope this individual makes another book similar. I rather read them than his quotes/poetry any day. Completely, one of his best books I've read this far., This specific book's main feature is the beautiful descriptions of things including states of mind and states penalized. I enjoyed reading this book even though many of those descriptions were really cynical and dismal. I guess that is because it was from the point of view of the main players. Overall the book seems to show that such an perspective when you are young and able can really hurt you afterwards., Terminology was never in better hands than in the ones from the crazy drunk Francis Scott Fitzgerald. And this work buzzes with terms that sparkle. And as beautifully crafted as the book is, the darkness of the era of excess and of the souls of those portrayed shines through.
Once again I am happy that I've re-read this work., Arrived good condition except I wasn't really impressed with the publication cover. It was in this glossy material and the picture as shown above was in a really bad quality! The particular pixels were horrible if you're picky with publication covers. Other than that, can't wait to read it!

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