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You truly get your money's really worth about this one. Nearly one thousand pages, and pretty much something I never knew before about The Beatles on every one. Spitz really makes you feel like you are right there, with The Beatles during the wild tours, together in the studio, and with them for all the bickering and for the good times. I don't want to give too much away, but just to declare this is probably the best biography I ever read. Spitz really took his amount of time in building the characters which means you felt like you knew them by the end. I would like to read more at this time author, but it doesn't appear like he has written much else recently., This may sound a little wild, but I'm reading this book for the fourth time! I've never enjoyed a book as much. Is actually very well written and grabs my attention with every reading. You will find a lot of Beatles history in this book which I find to be extremely interesting as well as helpful. Also, surprise! I'm inside my 80s and sorry that I didn't pay real attention to what my young kids found so compelling during those times. I find it a super read!, I have never read an e book this long. However the stories about my all time favorite musical artists were so compelling, interesting, and amazing that I plowed through this book in about 3 and a half weeks. Each day I couldn't hold out to find a little while to get back to the boys and see what was going to occur next. I have read publications about the Beatles before but this one experienced so many stories and tales that I experienced never read anywhere else. I heard Bob Spitz interviewed on evening stereo and he told showing how each of the Beatles (except John, of course) had given permission to their friends and associates who were near to them through the years to go ahead and inform the truth about what really went on.

Is actually starts off somewhat slowly with in depth company accounts of their parents and even grandparents for gosh sakes, but then commences into their our childhood when they met each other -- before they were however, Beatles. Great stories. So many behind the scenes views of their inner lives and inner circles of friends, associates, and the people who came into their lives who made them what they were. Lots of explanations of their failures and weak points too. I really felt like I had been there., day by day. Great pictures too., I can't stop thinking about this book. That is so amazing to be a Beatles fan and then read about each member's history and how hard they worked and what they went through before they became the Beatles as a musical success story. There are many layers of depth here and it puts the music in a different kind of viewpoint. It's also mind coming to realize that everyone in the band was 35 or less when they split up. They lived many lifetimes before it concluded and went through an amazing amount of heartache, hardship and turmoil. I discovered this to be a page turner!, Mr. Spitz is a tale teller in the very best sense of the word. His / her writing style is excellent, lending a lot to the unlikely tale of four youths from working school Liverpool, England, rendering it to the ultimate rung in show business. I've been a Beatles fan. They will brought a freshness to a music scene which had become stagnant with the Philly singers made famous by Dick Clark and his American Bandstand empire. I likened the arrival of the Beatles to the arrival of Elvis Presley when I was simply a kid in junior high: he changed the music scene from a stable diet of " old fogey" music to very exciting fare that we kids totally loved (adding Fats Domino, Little Richard, etc., and Alan Liberated, the disk jockey who so successfully promoted Stone 'n Roll). If you need to know EVERYTHING about the Beatles, from inception to dissolution, then this is TYPICALLY THE BOOK you will want!, Even those well-versed in Beatles lore will discover this book enlightening. While the writing sometimes gives the reader the idea that the author is somewhat of a frustrated novelist, the narrative is lively, witty and engaging. Yoko's share to the breakup of the band is abundantly detailed, as are the contributions of John and Paul. In the same way all of the elements combined amazingly at the beginning of the band's journey to lead to its huge creative output and success, the elements at the finish of the trip combined in the same way, albeit tragically, to ensure its demise. A single wishes the music could have continued, but maybe, like all things, there is simply a season and then the season must change. Anyway, the book is a good read and a good vehicle by which to reacquaint oneself with some timeless, beautiful music. Enjoy!, The writer tried to write the conclusive Beatles biography, which my have bogged him down somewhat at times. Well crafted, but didn't flow as well as " Shout" which is still my favorite. Certainly worth reading for Beatle fans. Likewise consider " The Love You Make"., I lastly acquired it and read it. I remember when it came out. I had been thinking about getting it but somehow never did. Is actually a must read for everyone with a serious interest in the cultural phenomena of the Beatles, their lives, times, music and how they influenced the larger culture. Bob Spitz did an amazing job researching his subject, and is a far more than an accomplished writer. This book offers rare insight into the people surrounding the Beatles, especially Brian Epstein.

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