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Jordan Oher, you rock! I seriously enjoyed the book and the movie "The Blind Side". This book of yours takes us so much farther into the lives of at risk children. Although I'm not especially a fan of Ole Miss or maybe the Ravens, I have followed your job for many years. Being a SEC, I heard about your school career from the beginning and retained plan it. Also, I watched Sean Tuohy play basketball at Ole Skip and am am a true fan of the Memphis Grizzlies so I am able to watch one of my all time favorite commentators regularly. Thank you so much for this wonderful insight into your life as you remember it. You happen to be a true motivation to all., This can be a great, heart-felt read. Everyone should read this book. It is amazing to me how Michael Oher went from not a NFL football player. Everyone should realize that it will take one person at a time to help get the basketball rolling for people kids which may have to live through the foster care system. Probably if everyone check out this guide our country could have a little more compassion. Acquire in touch with the local town and donate something, or a lttle bit of time. It will be well worth it!, First off, this guide was amazing. It tells the storyplot of Michael Oher, the football player, and how he went from terrible living and quite much being homeless, to a football superstar enjoying in the NFL. This is a must-have for not simply football fans, but for everyone. The feeling in this book is higher than the atmosphere. One second you are incredibly happy for Michael and another you are on the verge of tears. Gangs, drugs, and guns to the NFL, popularity, and a happy life and family. This book makes you realize how lucky you really, After watching The Blind Side and seeing the shows about how precisely it was made and found out this story was true but with Hollywood embellishments I decided I wanted to learn the real story. I could not have been more pleased. This is certainly a great book by an extrodinary young man. Right now there are lessons for us all all. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this guide into the hands of every young person you understand. This kind of valuable lessons for young and old alike. Jordan Oher is truly a role model for those young people., I liked it because of its genuineness. Very enjoyable read and also thought provoking., Wonderful read and truly motivating story. I looked the details in this very personal reflection of Jordan Oher. The movie was great but this guide puts a better light on Michael's struggles to success. Thank you for sharing this awesome success story and motivating most of us, A small part of the Michael Lewis's best-selling book, "The Blind Side" and the popular movie of the same title, starring Bullock. Ultimately, Michael Oher has co-authored his own book about HIS impressive story. Oher's book is certainly not some short piece of fluff. It covers 21 chapters over about 250 webpages, and sheds light on the real life Michael Oher lived. While this guide is not hard to read, it still packs a strong punch. The most touching chapter... "The Day They Took Me Aside, " describes so what happened when Child Protective Services emerged to take him from his mother. One theme that comes through loud and clear is that Michael Oher was very determined to make something of himself.

In other words, this book gives huge conjunction with the other books and gives more depth than the movie about Jordan Oher's life. Excellent great deal of interesting material, and it packs an important, inspiring and profound concept. Completely worth the time and the money. A lot more importantly, sheds light on the 500, 000 children that are in the foster care system and exactly what their lives and limits the system can deal with., This is with regards to a famous Baltimore Ravens football player who was a homeless boy in Memphis, Tennessee. He describes his child years and how he was always on the run, how this individual was supported if he was older, and how this individual got to the level which he or she is currently at. This is an excellent, interesting book that I was glued to. It inspires me to work as hard as I can and give to the world. I was not a star sportsperson, but I am heading to get to an advanced level of both basketball and karate (the sports that I do). This book pushes me to do so even more. This is a concept for everyone, especially for anyone who is going through difficult times: work hard like Michael Oher (the main character in the book) and you should eventually succeed.

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