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This is an amazing comic book, and am hope another hardback compilation comes soon.

The art work in this is beautiful. I love that the artist uses watercolor instead than another medium. This adds to the eeriness of the darker scenes, and something about it makes the creatures appear more human in their emotions. The art is what drew me to the series, so that as I was reading it We would stare at the pictures for several minutes before switching the page to continue reading. Some comics have trouble filling in the blanks that novels fill out with words, but the artwork more than makes up for anything that would be lost between term and art.

The storytelling is also amazing. Some of the stories will make you laugh, the others will have you crying because they are so moving. The personification of the dogs and cats helps you to relate to them, and the fact that they're like our very own pets makes you drop in love with them within the first few pages.

If only I could say more about this, but you really need to read it yourself to understand. If you love horror and the paranormal, this is for you. In case you love pets and their spazzy quirks, this is for you. If you like drama in personal relationships, this is for you. If you love a good mystery, this is for you. Therefore get it already!, Here is the Eisner successful duo with their honor winning series Beasts of Burden in a complete deluxe edition that is beautifully priced by Dark Horses. What could go incorrect? Nothing. Every page is filled with one of the most in depth water color art styles I have ever noticed in comics. This edition has everything that Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin made in this course which was originally scattered about and printed in 4 different Dark Horse horror anthologies and a short four or five single issue run from Dark Horse as well. This made it very difficult to collect all the material great the wait is over. The content, although mainly apprehension, could really appeal to people of all age groups. Absolutely nothing is grotesque or unpleasant about the series and it has just the write amount of blood to comedy ratio. There is a lot of darkish humor in the series. I would have cherished this when I was obviously a kid, and being an adult now I still find it wonderfully enjoyable. This deluxe edition is a must have for each assortment of horror fans, Darkish Horse fans, or followers great critically acclaimed comics. 5 stars well gained., Not for the faint of heart, this colourful publication is engaging, well-written, and suspenseful. However, it can have mature themes that belie the cutesy animal character types. If you're an animal lover, beware, because there is some semi-graphic animal abuse; the authors avoid sugar-coat things. Personally I actually like that. This series is morbid and does not pull punches, but amounts its darker themes with some humour and good-natured fun. If you enjoy Dark Horses comics such as the Goon or HellBoy, you will like this. One final term of warning: the plots aren't just dark for the sake of night. Many of them are poignant. I, at minimum, was surprised by how deeply some of plots influenced me. I definitely recommend this course., You might read the description and think this is blameless and cute tales about solving paranormal mysteries (Scooby-Doo-esque is what I experienced in mind). It definitely has that but can be much darker at times; things don't always wrap up neatly with unhealthy guys caught and the great guys celebrating a hard-won victory. Personally, I actually tend to enjoy reports like that because they may more real. However, I am also a person with a higher sensitivity to creatures dying. There were definitely some points where I actually needed to put the book down because I actually couldn't read through the tears. Despite that, I actually still really enjoyed the characters and stories. Had this grown into a regular series, I would definitely be a monthly subscriber., I knew absolutely nothing about this book other than it was about pets who investigated the paranormal. I never expected the stories to be so funny or so emotionally gut punching. In case you’ve ever had a pet you will hook up with this book., Evan Dorkin's BEASTS OF BURDEN is my current go-to publication for gifting to non-comic book readers. Superbly created by Jill Thompson, the secret society of creatures that protects Burden Slope is a must-read, though the darkness and apprehension elements that sometimes come out make it appropriate for slightly older readers (I'd say 12+, others might well differ on that - probably is determined by the young person). Dorkin has been one of my favorite comic book humorists for many years now; why this wonderful series hasn't been optioned for a film series is a mystery to me.

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