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Every single time I think Mr. Silvers are never able to write the book than the one he just had written, he surprises me every time. In this latest installment of the Nate Temple series, Nate is feeling a myriad of down as he has lost someone important to him to another family member, and is dealing with his new power. Then, he or she is approached by Rufus who wants Nate to rescue his daughter from the Beast Master, someone who kidnaps Freaks and puts them in his show. Nate is willing but is put off when Rufus puts a curse on him. Today, in the process of actually finding Rufus’ daughter, enemies have become close friends, close friends are becoming enemies, and everyone thinks Nate is losing him mind from all the talking to “himself” he does. May everything get straightened out or will Nate lose everyone, including the one he thought lost to him in the beginning? Wow! I don’t know very well what I will say that I haven’t said before. Mr. Silvers maintains getting better and better, and if Jim does not hurry up and start writing one of my favorite series again, he’ll have to go off the charts as there is so much goodness in this series to keep me entertained. The series to date is very well crafted, the characters are so much fun, and the action is great. I really can not say enough good things. If you love city fantasy, give this series a try; you would not regret it. Highly recommend!, In the event you haven't read this series, you are lacking out! Every time I finish a book I think This is the book that can't be topped.... Until the next one comes out. Mr. Silver gives again, with a completely paced, unique and hilariously entertaining read. Awesome world building, figure development, and Ganesh may be one of my
New favorite characters. I can't bear in mind the last time I stayed up all evening because I literally had to finish an e book. Pretty sure it was the last Nate Temple guide release. Do yourself a favor and get this book! What are you waiting for?, If you love urban fantasy writers like Patrica Briggs, Kevin Hearne and Seanan McGuire with their epic world building and large cast of characters than the Nate Temple series is the next thing you should pick up. This particular is the 5th guide in the series but the first 4 have time on Kindle Unlimited. In the event you prefer real paper textbooks there's a box set of the very first 4 to catch you up.. We all start with Friendsgiving, complete with friendly mock conflict pre meal like your average American family enjoying some touch football while waiting for dinner. That happens to be prepared by Death so I would not complain about lumpy gravy easily were you. We all quickly finish up with Nate yet again in big trouble, a Beast Grasp come to town to rain throughout everyone's parade running a circus with gladiator style pit arguements featuring... children?!?!?! No tale is complete with out a little romance, and Nate's love story with Indie will have you choosing edges. Love is a battleground., Everyone wants a piece of this guy, Nate Temple. His friends turn against him. The monsters that previously tried to eliminate him... well, they are his first string in a show down with The Beast Master. You can find myths, monsters, legends and Gods in this tale. And there's plenty of action.

Plot twists, epic fights, a wizard that binds his power, recovery houses with chicken legs, a trip to the Vault (what does Nate really look like? ) Tendon gun battles in Manor Falco, Death (Yes, Of which Death) making a " friendsgiving" turkey dinner, The Fae Queens and Elders along with the return of Van Helsing, and the most common crew of suspects. This course just keeps on offering!

So read this payment. Get hooked on the snark, the experience and the action. Then go buy the rest of the series, and enjoy. You won't be sorry you did. Seriously, Shayne Silvers just keeps recovering and better at story teller & writing with every installment of this epic story!

Do they offer a way to give a book more than five stars? Because this one deserves it., Grasp Temple is back in a daring attempt to prevent dark forces from turning the lives of innocents in his city to ash. He must use finesse as well as leverage every relationship he has. The line is irrevocably blurred between friend and enemy and his very sanity is at stake in the latest payment of the Nate Temple thriller series. Find out why the freak community is on pins and needles when the Beast Master comes to town. You would not be disappointed once you get a peek behind center ring., The latest in the series and it just keeps recovering. It includes lost loves which should stay lost, family issues, a circus you don't want to run away to, Nate Temple has his hands full. Add in a few Hindu Gods and the Fae, and our hero is having a very interesting time (in the Chinese curse sense of the word). Lots of action, snark and twists make this a very enjoyable read., Shayne has out done himself with beast master. He expands his urban fantasy world considerably while introducing new characters and developing old ones. The quips have gotten funnier and come from more characters than ever before. Several take culture references are giggle aloud funny. Additionally he or she keeps growing the rules of the supernatural rather than just having some new power appear to save the day. No or wears a black or white head wear in this novel and the gods are suitably (and frustratingly) cryptic as they warn Nate about the future. I must admit, these are the only urban fantasy textbooks I have read. I tend to read more of the epic fantasy authors but Shayne has created a fascinating world contained within, rather than separate, from our own.

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