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We would guess that every solitary woman on this planet has experienced times of lovemaking harassment on the job, whether so-call microaggressions or anything upward to and including full-out sexual assault. Gretchen Carlson believes that enough is enough. She is, of course, the journalist who filed a sexual harassment suit against her powerful employer at Fox News, Roger Ailes.

In this guide, Ms. Carlson examines in depth the sorts of situations women deal with every day -- situations in which their professional qualifications are belittled, their body commented on and carressed, their jobs lost when they complain to those who should be guarding them. The most gripping parts of the books for me were selection interviews with women who have suffered from harassment, many of whom lost their jobs and never worked in their fields again.

I recognized all the counter-arguments she has encountered -- " You know I am just kidding. " " Don't you have a sense of humor? " " You need to strengthen up. " I've noticed them myself. And, as Ms. Carlson notes, many of us (especially those who grow up in a faith tradition) are raised to be nice, to not create dunes. Usually it takes a long time before we recognize we don't have to be nice, when others aren't being nice (to put it mildly) to all of us.

Ms. Carlson's book is a rallying cry to speak out, whether one on one or by means of a public complaint and even lawsuit. She confesses that not every women will have the option of speaking out and jeopardizing their jobs and income. Toward the ending of the book, the lady writes, " We don't have to bury our pasts in order to be fulfilled within our futures and options. We can take our failures and our pain, and use them as armor to become more fearless and fierce. " I would argue with her use of the word " failures" -- I don't think failing to report or failing to react is a " failure" for women. It's a decision made with only the information at palm, the degree of personal growth achieved to this point (as well as the ability to respond quickly, in the moment), and the liberty to act and accept the consequences. But she is right that women need to stick together and try to change the ugly, prevailing sexist culture that stifles women's free and full participation in the workforce and in the world.

I would have liked Ms. Carlson to be more specific about her situation and lawsuit -- she discussions only obliquely about it. We are not all newshounds and I got to look up the important points of her lawsuit online. The New York Periods has a great article titled, " Gretchen Carlson, Former Fox Anchor, Speaks Publicly About Sexual Harassment Lawsuit. " But this is a minor sidestep. Books on this topic are vital to bringing about change, and Ms. Carlson's is a readable and convincing argument for walking up our game., What I needed during my overdue teens when harassment in the workplace was your regulation, but it wasn't being discussed as it is now. I thought the guys were just joking around and treating me like a kid sibling and I had no idea the seriousness of it. Gretchen Carlson holds harassment by the ***** and doesn't release. Just what to do and what not to do for the best results. A book that should be read by all females, individuals as naive as I was. I highly recommend this book for the serious subject matter matter that affects more females than you'd think.

#METOO, All women owe Gretchen a major Thank you for writing this book. Extreme, extented harassment by a groupe not only ended my career but caused PTSD and other issues. Also my mother in regulation said I was just being too sensitive! So I found this guide to ring so best shown, and be very helpful in wanting to overcome the many issues the 2 main extented encounters caused, as well as many smaller ones. It is very unhappy that often men (and women too) feel like a competent coworker might be a threat to their career, so they seek to destroy the other person. It is little wonder why American businesses are battling, when coworkers devote more time and imagination into undermining one another than doing their jobs. This book is a light shining on these issues, which go beyond sexual harassment., Just what this isn't: a tell-all book about her experience at Fox News and with Roger Ailes. If that is what you are looking for, stop reading now, and leave. Because likely to just be annoyed, and then write a snarky review saying how peeved you are that it wasn't that, and so on.

What it is: is a pretty good, if ultimately predictable, call to action that Carlson wrote in the wake of the girl encounters being fired from Fox for refused Ailes' sexual advances. Forget about, the lady writes; instead, women must " be fierce. " It's even more regular than it was when she started writing it; just in the final few days, Harvey Weinstein, one of the very most powerful men in Hollywood, was ousted from his production company for allegedly sexually abusing a big number of women; his better half has left him.

The Weinstein case illustrates one of the most interesting and useful points that Carlson makes, that women should remember. While an instinctive reaction to sexual nuisance or rape at work is to visit HR and report it, Carlson details out that there are some potential perils associated with this, and that individual resources departments aren't necessarily your friend but signifies the company, " and a complaint might guide to places you never designed to go. " Sometimes, it's a good idea to have your own lawyer before making a complaint, she notes -- and supplies plenty of advice about how to protect yourself if you're in this situation. That guidance by yourself probably helps it be worth getting this book for any young woman you know who is beginning a corporate career. Carlson is not advocating going nuclear any time someone makes an off-color joke in your area (hey, she worked for Fox, after all... ) but this is the type of advice that, if you find yourself in a toxic word environment or being sexually harassed with a boss, you will want to have already read or have to palm, and not have to seek our while if you're under stress.

Only a few of it is all that useful, of course. There's a lot of cushioning here, including tributes to men who are good and helpful, like the men who show their daughters that they deserve respect, and show their sons not to behave like boors (with stories sometimes involving celebrities. ) The lot of this is common sense stuff, as is advice to " stick to your personal values" and teach children what accountability means.

But interwoven into that " d'uh, that's self-evident... " stuff is valuable information, on matters like the trend toward companies needing their employees to publish to arbitration clauses, which could mean that might never get what they feel is " justice", or even the simple reminder that questions like " what were you wearing? " are as irrelevant in sexual nuisance claims as in afeitado cases.

Probably about fifty percent of this book is substantive and really useful, with the rest of it being motivational speaking-type content or other kind of filler. You'll have to decide whether that makes it worth you time and a share of your book-buying budget. As I said, if I a new daughter graduating from college or university or at college, I had created probably buy it for her because of the Harvey Weinstein news, even though it doesn't contain any of the lurid details (in fact, perhaps because it doesn't contain any of the lurid details) of Carlson's own experiences, and tell the girl that while I am hoping the lady never has any experience like these, this has some information that might help if she ever before does. Sadly, many of us who have recently been in the workplace, or lived into our midsection age, have either got some kind of experience of some kind, or know someone who has, and learned many of these classes ourselves, directly or indirectly.

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