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This really is somewhere between a educational research effort and a novel. A little little more of the former. It goes into exceptional detail about the trickery planning, ship movements, and technical information on the activities in the Pacific leading up to the climactic battle of Midway, which proved to be the turning point in the control of the Pacific during WORLD WAR II. While the author will delve into the individuality of the leadership on both sides (which We found very interesting, particularly the strong Japanese cultural impact on their battle strategies), it reads more as a very good chronology of facts and figures. Bottom collection, you will be much more knowledgeable about the struggle of Midway. However, We purchased it mainly because I had developed heard much about the battle, and how a lot of both luck and great management went into the You. S. victory. The publication doesn't really portray that. The Japanese had no radar, and we performed, a great deal of the sea battles between the Carrier fleets was determined by reconnaissance airplane " finding" the Japan fleet across countless kilometers of ocean, amid sometimes heavy cloud cover. Actually the radar only told us a general location, which of course would be changing as the fleets continued sailing. Typically the stories about Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Spruance, and others read more like daily order of battle management than brilliant maneuvering and military genius. It was interesting that a regular occurrence, even if fleets were found and aircraft launched to destroy ships, no damage was done. Typically the aircraft technology and speed, and the technical shortcomings in our torpedoes mixed with the evasive maneuvers of the enemy delivers very often led to many torpedoes and bombs launched with no hits, or minimal damage done. In summary, I'm glad We read the book, and as I said, you will have a far much deeper knowledge of this historic battle, and the struggle in the Pacific overall throughout the war., Exhaustively researched and well-written history of the most pivotal naval battle in the Pacific Theater in WWII. Typically the many personal information on the men who fought it make for a very enjoyable read, not simply a stuffy recitation of facts. It is like watching the movie "Midway" but with historical accuracy., better than most but not great- had to continue reading kindle and look at routes on tablet-not like a real book, excellent read; very well written, interesting and informative. if nothing else, this discourse illustrates how fate, providence is included in the fog and confusion of war. despite the infighting among military departments and the lack of coordination among commanders and flight groups, the us all navy won a stunning triumph that turned the wave of the war which had swung against us all with the bombing of pearl harbor. like the victory of the Christian believers at venice that flipped the moslem horde, and the defeat of Christianity at constantinople, history is much different for this result. as oft repeated, those who fail to learn or forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes; and this our erstwhile market leaders seem intent on doing; see eg the dedication of the us to give iran nuclear hands. may the outcome of this be as benign to us as the outcome of the war in the pacific., I've read way too many books on world war two, but i'm not sure if I've really read a detailed account of the battle yet. It can just like the battle of coral formations sea, i've read many accounts of the struggle in books, but never an e book just about that battle before.

I really enjoyed this book and finished it really quick. I loved the truth that i was able to buy the audible companion for a very cheap price once i purchased the kindle book, i wish many more books was included with that option and at such a reduced price, a great value and service in my opinion.

The one thing that stood about Mr Symonds book in my opinion was he covered much more then the normal stories of the battle. Went into much greater details on code breaking and the actual air strikes. And the accounts of the Hornet's air group i think was very compelling. I have seen that not everyone has purchased into his theory regarding those hits, but I think selection a very valid point and offered enough evidence to make you consider his promises.

I usually wish to read a book to really get to see the author's view and argument and where they do a great job of supporting their assertions. I believe Mr Symonds did an admirable job and I will be looking toward reading more of his books in the future., Craig Symonds is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors on WWII as well as US Naval History in general. I apprecaite his writing style and capacity to tell the storyline while giving details and facts that help put fights, situations and the situation the subject was facing at the time into clear perspective for you.

This individual made is possible to see such a big or broadbrush view of the situations faced by the naval fighters in the Pacific at the time. His account of wargames held by the Imperial Naval staff prior to launching the battle navy puts the critical piece to the puzzle on why such a big pressure, with already proven pilots and crews, lost such a critical battle to thier enemy with a small amount of great intellegence and a big amount of luck.

The very first of Symonds books I read was " Decision at Ocean: Five Naval Battles that Shaped American History". A new great read and packed with leadership lessons., Can make myself proud to be Us. Some things should not be forgotten and forgiven so quickly. Revenge must of been sweet for these guys. This guide should be mandatory reading for each and every American.

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