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Well done! I laughed out noisy in places, hummed together when i read lyrics, and searched online for other songs to complete my experience of Battle Hymns. You do not have to be a "buff" or have a in depth understanding of the Municipal War to enjoy this work; it is for the historian, the music lover, and all sorts of us who have been touched by the war and its effects. Well written and expertly researched, this was an enjoyable read and it also deserves its place on bookshelves across America. Because an aside: knowing Orlando as a pal, it was easy for me to hear his voice in the passages, however, fortunately... not in the words of the tune. Again, well done; well done!, In this Municipal War sesquicentennial period, it's great to find this book on its music. I use enjoyed reading it immensely and will find it very helpful in my own research and writing on the subject. The documentation and bibliography are impressive. If only the links to the endnotes worked better, but at least I actually can bookmark stuff I actually have to find frequently., The Virginia Chamber Band is planning a major concert in April, 2015: " Music in the Life of President LIncoln. " This book has been--and continues to be--extremely helpful with its comprehensive and interesting approach to the subject., Music makes such a social assertion and I was greateful for the very interesting glimpse into that time of history through the car of it's music., In the Civil War, music is everywhere. Armies sing while marching and in camping.
Drums beat the long roll and dozens of other phone calls. The bands are just about everywhere.
They would play entering towns, crossing important political boundaries, to say thanks to an officer, to entertain the men and boost morale.
Bands fought musical duels when armies where close, former side and than one other playing.

On the home front, music supports the war, commemorates sacrifices, facilitates politicians and political movements while proclaimed your devotion.
Outside of Dixie plus the Battle Hymn of the Republic, how many songs are you able to name? Many will have problems naming ten more.

This particular book is a great teacher, telling the history intelligently and with affection.
This is a general history of the war’s music.
A good offer of what the music posting business is similar to.
A look at how music is performed appropriately and at home.
The CSA's search for " their" songs
How Dixie won and how they tried out to change the words
From David Brown's Body to the Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bonnie Blue Flag
Maryland, my Maryland

Almost all of the above and much more are in this enjoyable, fun to read book.
University of North Carolina Press has published a unique necessary history for our your local library.
After reading this book, I truly appreciate the role of music in the war.
Each time I read about singing or bands playing, reading this book will place the music firmly in the circumstance of the war.

This particular review is from the hardbound book., Great book. McWhirter takes us through popular music, the music business, minstrel music (North and South), military music (official and non-official), and the music of the slaves, the Germans, and the Irish as they all came to keep in the Civil Battle. The result of music on the war was real, and McWhirter's research makes it understandable and believable. I would have liked some scores to get an idea of the tunes, but that would take a lot of space, and would take the book in a completely different direction. The only other complaint -- a minor one -- is that the use of the acronym USCT for United States Colored Soldiers was not explained, at least, not anywhere I could see, and I got to Google it. This particular likely reflects more badly on my reading understanding than on the book, but it would have been helpful to clarify it in the catalog. Still -- a strong 5 stars, and a well-appreciated Christmas gift., A good important part of any Civil War library. Individuals talented and daring musicians who played those wonderful patriotic hymns for both North and South and not only on Sunday. The strap was a crucial part before, during and after most battles, and usually without weapons.

On the internet musical change, some reworded for the better and some for the enjoyment. Great tales to pass to the younger generations.

Lincoln loved almost all of the songs on both sides and requested them frequently., I am a professional classical musician and new to Civil Battle living history. This guide purchase, among many other types of media (CDs, data, printed music, historical data, numerous books, etc. ), will contribute to my research for a course on Civil War Period Music and Civil Battle music that I will present next year to Civil War living historians. This book is well-researched and well-written with many details gathered into one format. The book is interesting to read, and it is a book that I actually would enjoy reading without the research requirement. Is actually captivating! The footnotes for each and every chapter have history tales, as well, and I actually eagerly read the footnotes along with the chapter reading (footnote fact: Did you know that Steinway piano factory was established during the pre Municipal War era in 1853 with the piano manufacturing boom? ). I purchased this book new, and it is worth every cent. It is THE book that will stay on my corner when my research is finished.

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