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We have always been a huge fan of Batman. I was born in the 80s so I was raised watching the Tim Burton's films (Batman, Batman Returns) as well as Batman the animated series. Later on in the 90s we have the Schumacker films.. Thankfully I was still young and they didn't scar tissue me as much as they could have.. After that we moved into the Nolan trilogy which was overall pretty good. It had been during this period that I started playing the Batman Arkham series of video online games, which were amazing. Why am I telling you all of this? Properly this was the Batman which i knew and grew up with. I desired to dive into the comics but had no idea where to start. Thus after somewhat of research I came across BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Which is essentially a modern retelling of Batman's origin. Many people agree it is the best spot to start if you are just diving into the comics. I didn't want to agree more with them. I was pulled in instantly and didn't want to put this book down. It gave me a whole new perspective on the worlds greatest detective. You see the passion and the struggle to become something greater than himself so that you can take back Gotham. I was very amazed with Gordon's character development. He's always been held in high regard but discovering his origin as well was a real treat. So if you are a Batman fan and are looking to get into the comics, I would concur that THIS is where you should start. Also search the web for recommended reading order. You MAY read most in different order but having a guide to steer you to the proper story arcs in the correct order I find to be very helpful. I can't wait to start the next book!, The year 1986 found the rise of two of superherodom’s most vitally acclaimed graphic novels: Alan Moore’s Watchmen and Frank Miller’s dystopian Dark Knight Returns. After Miller’s success with DKR, a stark depiction of Batman’s future, DC Comics charged Burns with a revamping of Batman’s origin in 1987, 48 years after Frank Kane and Bill Finger’s original take on the character. In the Introduction to the reboot, Dennis O’Neil, one of Batman’s premier writers in the 70’s, said that the retelling of the origin tale had not been about changing the story, but about updating and increasing it: “It could be provided with depth, intricacy, a wider context. Information could be added to give it focus and credibility” (O’Neil, 1). Which was a heavy order for a medium considered childish fantasy, so did 'Year One' deliver?

In quick - yup. Successfully meeting all of O’Neil’s conditions, Miller’s Batman: Year One, beautifully illustrated by Jesse Mazzucchelli and colored by Richmond Lewis, has become the conclusive Batman origin story. Not really simply an explanation of how a man can dress up like a bat and effectively combat widespread crime, though such elements are included, Year The first is more about making credible WHY a man would need to dress upward just like a bat and battle crime, and how Gotham City would respond.

Such as Watchmen and DKR before it, Year One ascends from children’s entertainment to something closer to literature. Though relatively brief, the tale is complex (watch Gotham's #1 cop still come up short, justifying the extreme measures of Batman) and dramatic (two characters who endure trauma to eventually adapt their problem solving strategies while maintaining moral rigor); if this did not make the story of Batman realistic, it made it mature and believable. This guide is a must-read for all Batman or superhero enthusiasts and a great read for anyone at minimum marginally interested in the genre., This can be a book that collects the "Batman" single issues #404-407, as well as around 20 pages of extra content, written by one of the very top writers of the time. It was produced in 1986, and the art reflects this time period. Todays comic book art is now so detailed and refined, this book definetly feels like its from the 80's. Choice to read this as Scott Snyder's current "Batman: Absolutely no Year" is coming out, and they pay much repects/honor to the Year One book, that i wanted to make sure I understood. This book was the first retelling of the origin story of Batman since the original in 1939 by the creators of the figure. You can also inform many aspects of this book have been takin straight because of this story, and integrated into the Christopher Nolan Batman movies as well as other things. I really enjoyed the building relationship between Batman and Gorden, with Gorden coming to phrases with the fact that Gotham City actually does benefit from a vigilante hero. I would recommed this guide to my friends who desired to see a traditional batman begining. Just as a side note, there is a pretty great animated movie based on this book if you enjoy the story., One of the best Batman comics actually written, this and Batman: The Dark Knight Results by Frank Miller are both amazing. If you like Batman at all, this is a great book to start with or read at any point. It's dark, yet fascinating and the characters, peripherals, and villains are so well done.
I didn't review the storyline or go into that because that's done well on this Amazon page already.
But as a huge Batman enthusiast and graphic novel enthusiast, this stands out as one of my favorites and go to suggestions for friends and such.

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