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Quantity 2 of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s operate on Batman picks up right where the last volume concluded. After Batman uncovered their secrets and upset the normalcy that the Courtroom of Owls have taken care of in Gotham for so several years, the Court declares war on Gotham and of course Batman himself. This particular of course results in a major crossover event for the whole Bat-Line of comics in DC. Major numbers in Gotham are assaulted by the Court to ensure that they are the rightful rulers and the superior legend of Gotham. Certainly, Snyder shuts out his Court of Owls arc properly and his execution is faultless. Snyder wraps up most of his plotlines and settles the overall arc, but at the same time opens the door for more exploration in some of the areas he has presented. Batman continues to be struggling with the prevailing theme in both amounts; that he doesn’t know his city as well as he thought. That Gotham is still unexplainable to its defender and its favorite son, Generic Wayne. Within this volume, Generic is confronted by many uncomfortable truths that change some aspects of traditional comic book lore relating to the Wayne family. I am a purist for the most part and I do not really like changes to established characters but this one was very disturbing and I really loved it. Plus, Snyder results in the revelation very ambiguous so what he presents may or may well not actually be true, but it is located in the truth. Despite my high praise and my five-star rating there are a few things that I got some problems with. One, being in issue 8 without warning another artist gets control for the last web pages and it is very abrupt and kind of jarring to not have Greg Capullo finish the issue which bothered me personally tremendously. I have absolutely nothing against another artist coming stepping in for Capullo, nevertheless for the final fifty percent of one issue? That becomes very distracting. Secondly, Batman Annual 1 is contained in this volume level which presents the proper debut of 1 of Batman’s famous villains; Mr. Freeze. The artwork is good and how the figure and the events connect into the broader scheme of things in the Night of the Owls event is very good. But , Mr. Freeze has become a tragic determine in the aftermath of Batman the animated series. His reimagining in the series led to the show winning an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in an animated Program. In the beginning of the issue, everything is fine. The backstory is noise and slightly tragic concerning Fries as a child and his mother. His experimentation on freezing creatures is very much in line with Fries. Even changing his backstory to being a scientist who works with cryogenics at Wayne Enterprises as opposed to GothCorp is fine by me. Nevertheless Snyder reveals that the woman he loves and is obsessed with, Nora, is not his better half and is instead an obsession of Victor’s, he or she wrote his doctrinal thesis onto her. To me I didn’t love this take on Mr. Freeze because of that. I understand that the brand new 52 is essentially a reboot, but I feel that the misfortune and the sympathy for Freeze was lost for this version of the smoothness. The ending to issue 11 is very good. The problem wraps up the primary story but the final half of the issue involves Alfred’s father, Jarvis……yeah, I can’t help but smile a little at that, even though Alfred is the superior butler and perhaps title was not necessarily intentional it’s still amusing to me. Nevertheless the issue is a letter from Jarvis to his son Alfred and it is a very somber letter that goes over several events that take place in this issue involving the Wayne’s and it also reveals a very upsetting mindset from Jarvis and it presents more mystery and intrigue. Greg Capullo is fantastic as always with the artwork and Snyder, as I’ve mentioned before, is still at the top of his game when it comes to writing. A great amazing finale to the Court of Owls history arc., The City of Owls offers terrific battles, good drama, and further character exploration in a most satisfying read. The particular Court of Owls was a fantastic story, not quite Year One or HUSH, but I had not been expecting that and none should you.

Batman battles original foes and an interesting take on the Wayne family never before seen that can compare with this. Batman doesn't win just because he's Batman, neither is he or she portrayed as unbelievably invincible in fights. He starts off the story beaten, betrayed by the location he loves and vows to protect. Physically, he is still recovering from his earlier bout with the Courtroom of Owls. Of course , when a villain is revealed to know Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person, it cannot come to a great surprise he doesn't stick around. Still, the action can feel real and convincingly dangerous; the Talon assassins are unable to die, whereas Batman most certainly can. The conclusion of the Court history is very satisfying.

Presently there is not much to say on Capullo's work, he has improved somewhat on his pieces, which was already more than adequate. The Thrasher Batsuit in particular is visually wonderful. Bruce and company face's convey genuine emotion and help propel the history forward. I was at first hesitant on Capullo as artist, but he has delivered. Additionally, the last chapter detailing the origin and ensuing conflict with Mr. Freeze give Fabok a opportunity to shine. Nightwing and Robin look great, truly looking heroic yet not overdone. The story can feel a little shoe-horned in, but I'm glad it was located at the ending of the story so as not to interrupt the primary arc.

So, with all this praise, why only four stars? For me, it comes right down to two reasons: it's not quite as satisfying as Vol. 1, and two, the Harper Row history. Why don't you enjoy the Jarvis Pennyworth story? It was interesting, the art was a little clunky, but it was a brief and relevant component to the history of the Owls. The Harper Row chapter failed to impress me personally, and I know that sounds arrogant. Batman already has so many excellent supporting characters that Harper, to me, feels unwanted. I will appreciate that POWER has to meet more diverse gender audiences, but I still don't see this as a appropriate excuse. I know Batgirl has her own title, and so she should be doing her own thing, but why not the already established Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain? When Oracle was left out of the New 52, a character emptiness was left in her place, and I understand the need to fill it. Harper Row has the tech skills of Oracle, but not the heart. Whilst this may be unpopular, I felt the story was partly created just to prove that DC is handling the relevant controversies of society and appear young and progressive. That's fine, that's what helps the company survive and earn praise and recognition from diversity groups. Still, I felt the 'forcedness' of the addition, and it remaining me kind of scratch my head. This is just one small component of the book, but still, I think was distracting enough to pull focus from the positive aspects., As Bruce Wayne is attacked in his own home by the Court of Owls, so too is the location of Gotham as all the important people that make Gotham tick are hunted down one-by-one in a determined effort by the Courtroom. Batman must stop the assassins loose in the location and, by using the Bat-family, reclaim Gotham!

The Courtroom of Owls attack is still under way and now volume 2 is here encased in a good hardcover with dustjacket like the first volume. This particular book covers issues 8-12 of the Batman series and Batman Annual #1 as well. The Courtroom infiltrating Bruce's home offers a sense of hopelessness to the secrets Batman maintains and the artwork here by Greg Capullo and Rafael Albuquerque really implement the dread and cunning in the Courtroom attack. However, the only real drawback is the transition from Greg to Rafael is not seamless by any means and simply jumps to a different art-style mid-comic. Continuing on, the total annual issue has guest writer James Tynion IV helping Scott Snyder, who wrote everything in the book, formulate the terrible new origin story to Mr. Freeze. The art by Jason Fabok is what saves the issue however the character of Mr. Freeze is forever scarred by way of a changed origin story for the worse. Greg and Rafael continue art duty for the primary story and a nice backstory for Alfred's father and his struggles with the Courtroom. Finally, we certainly have an issue dedicated to a figure named Harper Row with art by Becky Cloonan. Overall, it's a good book and the wide variety of artists definitely doesn't detract from the feel of the writing. The particular Court of Owls storyline could have had a much better ending but overall, was a good ride with the thrill of seeing Mr. Freeze, Penguin, and many others involved in this takeover of Gotham. Definitely a book to pick up and the textless includes and variant gallery in the back of the book make it even better!

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