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Absolutely a collection for any true Batman fan. It introduces one character so essential to the franchise - Damien Wayne - and overall is merely a fun read. Basically have one complaint it's that Damien isn't featured throughout the complete collection. Sure, his introduction is the most important facet of the story.... but, 50 percent the book focuses on Bruce's other issues. It can just that the creation of a blood-related son gets the most far reaching consequences and the other stories avoid. One other stories have their merits. A good murder mystery, and Bruce's interactions with Jezebel Jet (a affair pursued in order to establish his persona in the tabloids) won't lose your interest., This review is for the 384 page version.

Collects Batman # 655-658, 663-669, and 672-675
Or to place it another way, this  Batman and Son
and this  Batman: The Black Glove

The Run: Grant Morrison's Batman run is basically one huge tale also it all starts here. I'm a great lover of Morrison's stranger textbooks like Doom Patrol or the Invisibles, but I actually didn't like Morrison's JLA run much, and prevented his focus on Batman for years assuming that he or she couldn't do a good job with "normal" superheroes. After reading "All-Star Superman"and loving it, I decided to give this a shot.

Boy, was I a fool. By now, I've read almost all of it, and if you like Morrison and/or Batman you should at least read the first publication and see how you like it. It's a mammoth story and you also really have to read all of it (well, most of it) in sequence to acquire it, but the journey is well worth it. It is somewhat creepy, spooky and dark, and a bit weird (but not in typical Morrison mind-blowing-fashion weird), which may not attract everyone. Still, give it a shot. And after the 2011 reboot, it's still kinda-sorta-mostly still in canon.

This volume: I've covered "Batman and Son" and "The Black Glove" in reviews for the individual volumes, so I'll make this brief. Gotham is being terrorized by three Replacement Batmen, who were created by an evil mastermind we'll meet in this volume. Batman a new son with Talia al Ghul, Damian, who will eventually become the next Robin. (He's kinda nuts, but he'll increase on you. Or not. YMMV. ) As the other reviewers have mentioned, Damian isn't actually in this volume that much. Bruce Wayne gets in a serious relationship with supermodel-philanthropist Jezebel Jet. Also features the Joker and Harley Quinn (briefly), the International Club of Characters (who? ), man-bats, and even Bat-Mite!

As I actually said, the complete Morrison Batman run is phenomenal, and you also really need to read it all the way in which through, from the beginning., Nicely it was something. I loved parts a lot. The particular Damien storyline was quick, but fun, and went quickly. The introduction of crazed police dressed up in bat suits was cool. Batman sure got his *** rocked plenty of that time period. Always loved to observe that. The particular biggest story that unsuccessful was the scooby doo storyline in the midsection. What the hell was that? Did anyone like it? I used to be finding myself having difficulties to make it through that part. Both way, for the price, get ton of content, and it's not terrible. So that's something., Give Morrison is a great writer. I absolutely don't understand the hate he attracts from comic fans. His Batman is easily the good and most complex Batman out there. Morrison tends to focus a great deal on the inner workings of Batman's mind, which is fascinating, and it is why this book isn't really for kids. This book is fantastic. If you want Batman, this publication can do no completely wrong., Better than the first release. Combines the sequal for a more complete story. Of the three shipped together, it was the best. Cosistantly great artwork and story top notch and attracts us up for those absent years as absentees., It can a great book. A must read for any Bat-fan. Grant Morrison really knows the history of Batman and it is fun to see that what kind of stuff he brings back right from the start years of Batman comics. The art is amazing and the writing is superb. Definitely worth picking out, It's a great book for the first 6 issues, but the n they add the horrible garbage comic Clown at Midnight in this comic. I mean that comic was just dreadful and I stop reading this omnibus for that reason single issue, It's official, I'm a Morrison fan. While I actually really would have cherished to give this selection five stars (and it really was a great value) the stories are mainly setup, and can only be truly appreciated by immediately reading Batman RIP. But yeah, if most likely trying to throw yourself into Morrison's work, this is a must-read!: )

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