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This is one of those books that leaves me experience like it was great but it had the potential for being great and even a classic. Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale working with each other is a recipe regarding success, they couldn't produce a bad book if they tried, I don't believe; but heihei feels to be able to me as if the idea and the ideas that will they were going along with could've used a little more fleshing out. All three tales are interesting takes on Batman as Halloween reports, but I can't help but feel like maybe they needed more pages to be able to fully realize them and give them a a lot more satisfying conclusion. A deserving addition to any Batman series, particularly for those fans regarding the Loeb/Sale team., In long run Batman fan, but I learned about comics and Batman through Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman. Which how I figured out what storylines to go back and read. The episode with Jeph Loeb is still a great listen for me and makes me love that will mans stories and Harry Sale's art much more. Started out with the Long Halloween night and Dark Victory but this year I required more of that storytelling dynamic duo so u went for these specials. They did not dissatisfy!, These are generally some solid batman stories. As a stand alone, it's a great guide. But I think it's underrated because it stands inside the shadow of Loeb and Sale's other functions, being TLH and Dark Victory. It's admittedly not necessarily as good as all those, but these are three well written stories in the Dark Knight's Halloween experiences. I would personally recommend checking it out, but just know moving in that will it's not at all related to TLH story arc and not very as good., This series of three stories through Batman's career highlight 3 separate events from Batman's crime-fighting career. The first, and longest in the three stories (and for me many entertaining) deals with typically the Dark Knight's hunt to prevent a lunatic Scarecrow through his usual agenda regarding striking fear into his victim. The second involves a hostage situation along with the Mad Hatter providing as the antagonist, and the final story is actually a play on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. With out spoiling too much, typically the first story works with romance/love, the second with Bruce's mother and the 3rd together with his father. Great since anyone can pick upward and read. Only downside is that it will be a fairly quick study., After reading the extended halloween and dark triumph, I decided to grab haunted knight. The book will be short compared to typically the previous books but will be still a good study but the chapters are most often rushing before they go out of pages. Haunted knight isn't just one story it's basically batman coping with his inner demons as he fights diffrent bad guys throughout typically the days. It does possess a cheerful ending to be able to bring things to a nice close., truly a great bat-comic... has there ever been a far better duo on any bat comic than loeb/sale???

regarding all the various interpretations of bats through the years, typically the one imagined by typically the genius of loeb/sale stands long use as the really best.

in short... great story, great art... amazingly original, completely imaginative and amazingly awesome., If an individual are going into this specific thinking this is by any means a follow up to be able to " the Long Halloween" and " Dark Victory", you may be sadly disappointed. Instead, this can be the telling of three separate stories, making that a Bat-anthology.

The 1 major thing that irritated me in this whole book was the Jokers placement in the final story.... he previously a few panels and then his part of the Loeb/Sale re-telling of " a Christmas Carol" is above.

It's was a satisfying series, something to quickly study through. Price from Amazon online was good, so that was worth it in my opinion to possess in my growing collection., Batman: Haunted Knight serves as a neat pre-cursor to be able to Jeph Loeb's future excellent works a lot more than as a wonderful volume itself. Loeb's writing is as nice inventive as ever. You can tell he was trying to dive further and deeper into Batman & Bruce Wayne's thoughts and heart. Included thus Batman: Haunted Knight are usually 3 short comics that will Loeb wrote in 1996 as Halloween Batman concerns. There is a really long Scarecrow story that will deals with Fear, a crazy Mad Hatter story that deals with Chaos, along with a Penguin/Poison Ivy/Joker story/adaption/tribute to Charles Dickens' A new Christmas Carol that bargains with Ghosts. I believe I liked the Angry Hatter story one of the most as Loeb writes Bruce Wayne as a man who will be burdens with apprehensions regarding being Batman in all the tales.

In all, Loeb writes well, but now as complex when he gets in Batman: Hush or Batman: The Extended Halloween, but you do get glimpses into his later masterpieces starting to be able to form here. The fine art is rather rough by simply Tim Sale, who attracts slender women, but really edgy/block-y men. I really like the colors, but the fine art leaves something to end up being desired. The stories are usually also very short and I think they just get their point across all together, but it's a very simple set of comics. Loeb actually achieves more in his follow-up works. I actually like this comic guide, but the art is just not remarkable.

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