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Performs as said. Frank Miller doesn't fail to deliver again. Looking forwards to his next Darker Knight story., AWESOME!!!!!!, Fantastic story line and wraps up the complete Frank miller series, Manage to be a good sequel and the art is great while also keeping it to the crappy art style and polishing it. The hardcover book is great., Not a wholly necessary entry in a tale that doesn't really need to be a series, but pretty entertaining overall. It's probably the smartest thing Miller's done in 15 years, honestly.

The ending is kind of week, though, and I wish there was mare like a sense of finality to it. It results in the series wide available in a way Burns hadn't in the the previous entries.

Hey, it could have been even worse, especially considering how Miller's All-Star Batman proved. Just like I said before, his writing is back on point here, and is an excellent return to form for him wonderful take on the character., Love the condition of the history, the honoring of cannon and the hope for another work by Burns and company., great, We read Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and loved it. I read Miller's The Dark Dark night Strikes Again and enjoyed it. When I heard about Dark Knight: Master Race, by Miller with Brian Azzarello, I was expecting for mare like a Dark Dark night Returns feeling. And you know what? I performed enjoy it. Master Race isn't very just like the original (that would be hard to accomplish), but I loved it far more than I remember enjoying more than The Dark Knight Strikes Once more. And that's the best thing. Together with sequels or returns to classic stories, there is a risk involved; so many people benefit from the classic original, that the creators risk alienating fans both old and new. Well, in my opinion, Miller and Azzarello have done a fine job with The Learn Race.

A quick synopsis: Batman is lacking and presumed dead, Terme conseillé has removed himself from involving himself in humanity's affairs, Wonder Woman is busy ruling the Amazons and raising her children (a daughter and son). Other heroes seem to be laying low as well. In to this world comes rumor of a Batman sighting, which doesn't sit well with many. Additionally, Lara (the teen daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman) visits the woman frozen father at his Fortress of Solitude. Whilst there, she discovers the bottled city of Kandor, and is convinced to take it to Beam Palmer, the hero known as the Atom. The residents of Kandor want to be returned to normal size and Palmer's shrinking technology is simply the ticket. But all is not as it seems when the Kandorians come back. And thus, the foundation for the story of The Master Race is given birth to.

I enjoyed reading this story. I found that Miller and Azzarello a new new and interesting undertake the story of the Kandorians, and the tie-in to how superheroes were viewed in this world was nice. The subplots, involving Superman, Wonder Woman, and their children; Batman and his new Robin the boy wonder, Carrie Kelley; or even the cameos by heroes such as the Atom, Aquaman, and Flash, were all free and dovetailed nicely with the main storyline. In fact , We really liked how the other heroes were very naturally brought into the story, rather than forced in just for fan service.

In addition to collecting the main comic history, this collected edition also contains nine separate mini-comics stories that ran in the individual comics, each focusing on a aspect story that adds to the overall enjoyment of The Master Race. Several of these stories focus on heroes, such as the Atom or the new Batgirl, and some show events that happen off the page of the main storyline. Just about all were well done and deserved their place in this story.

Overall, We really enjoyed Miller and Azzarello's The Dark Dark night: The Master Race. That was a well-written history that added to the mythology of Miller's original The Dark Knight Results. I highly recommend it to all Batman enthusiasts, and also to anyone who loved The Dark Knight Results. It would also be an entertaining read for new fans wondering what all the Frank Burns Batman fuss is all about.

We received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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