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This really is another example of getting taken advantage of by online advertising. This book is PAPER THIN!! More like a pamphlet. On top regarding this it has very little to no info within teaching you HOW to make corsets, its just a book around the theoretic behind corsets and right now there makings. Don't expect designs, or measurements, or even models. Do expect tool names, and pictures of said tools, and deciphering language on what and exactly how each tool could be used if you ever did learn how to make a corset., I have read about halfway via the book, and this is very informative and straightforward to read with very good, clear illustrations. There usually are some editorial problems such as typos, but only minimally. BUT, what I actually didn't realize is that will this book contains no designs. You need to possess a pattern to make use of the book. As far as I actually can see, the only thing in the book's information about patterns is inside section three in "Altering and fitting. " Is actually a really informative resource, and maybe I ought to have realized that I would also need a routine, but I wish that will had been made clearer in the book's information. The author recommends using either  Victorian Corsets, Chemise and Drawers Pattern (Sewing Pattern)   or  Simplicity Sewing Design 9769 Misses Costumes, RR (14-16-18-20) . I obtained the latter and may edit this review once I actually have it and can start working on it., Good for starters, but offers some misleading things.. I actually bought a lot regarding equipment I didn't want.. as I found out afterwards following historic methods. Just what is best is typically the recommendation to use " German plastic boning" - definitely right and saved me a lot of money.. but it would be good if it had a area on reed boning methods. A lot of this particular I didn't need like how to fit, plus a lot of this I needed more - like how to sew the boning, which presser feet, and much more about typically the fabrics that I discovered by trial and error (a lot of error) I actually especially felt lost concerning how to make typically the casings.. where is typically the boning inserted - my first attempt had typically the bones protruding of as well thin lining fabric. Overall well written and a good starter guide. I actually recommend buying this together with an historic keeps pattern and experiment a while. Also note couteil fabric should be applied for final product to avoid previously mentioned " poking"., This book is usually a bit expensive regarding the size but this is a great foundation for those just beginning corserty. On the other hand, this book is not actually suitable for those that usually are looking to expand their own skills. For one thing, the book teaches several bad habits, such as using a hole punch when inserting grommets. This compromises and strength from the material and weakens the encadrement. You should always make use of an awl. This publication also neglects lots of installing issues as well. Overall though it is a good conjunction with my regular sewing library., Good for people beginning out. It really will not really go in level, they have good instructions regarding the beginner just beginning out. Good to possess around the shelve among other corset construction books regarding different types of techniques, Fantastic for beginners. I used to be advised this book in a corset class I required, but I knew the majority of of the information currently, there were a number of bits of information I actually didn't know but otherwise wasted on me. Its make a great christmas gift for my classmate who's taking the course next semester tho!, I have tried to make corsets inside the past with mediocre results. This book told me what I didn't understand and couldn't guess.

Since the author, Linda Leads to, is the founder regarding Farthingales, a comprehensive set of suppliers is not offered. Yet , the information concerning what supplies and equipment are needed is complete and comprehensive, including just what products are best regarding different applications. All regarding the instructions are obviously and simply written plus illustrated.

This book was an excellent investment regarding me as I consider it can be for costumers, re-enactors, or anyone who would like to try a distinctive sewing project., This is usually a must have the first time corset maker. It is usually detailed, easy to realize and very comprehensive. I have been a costumer for over 5 decades and consider this an extremely valueable resource book.

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