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First half was great. Vecsey's knowledge of the earlier days is impressive and his language is fun, colorful, and flows well. I particularly enjoyed his debunking of numerous hallowed myths. However, once the timeline got into his own life, his views and biases became a little overpowering (I have it George, you don't like the designated hitter). Also when I agreed with him I discovered his speaking a bit over the top and obnoxious. Overall I enjoyed it but must have stopped reading somewhere between Jackie Robinson and Charley Finley., Honestly, I don't understand how anyone who professes to love baseball and love good writing can give George Vecsey's little gem of a book lower than five stars. I know: taste is taste, and so on., but yeah, I've already been reading baseball books for 60 years too, and Vecsey didn't mention a name I didn't know, but he picks his spots - essentially, subject areas for short essays - with such wisdom, and writes these essential junctures of the game upward so colorfully and so concisely that, I'd have to say, this book provides more pleasure per web page than any sports guide on my shelf, with the possible exception from the Great American Baseball Cards Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book (Little Brown, 1973) by Brendan D. Boyd and Fred D. Harris, which pleases in a somewhat different, a bit ludicrous way.

Listen, you pick up something from the Modern Library Chronicles series (no, not their affordable editions of classic texts, but those brief, directly commissioned original-content bios and reputations, etc. ), you know it's going to be concise and its coverage idiosyncratic. Try packaging "The Good... " anything into 250 pp and you're going to have to clip corners. Vecsey's book has about as numerous words as most standard "illustrated history" tabletoppers, and, frankly, he gives all of us so much more than a bare introduction, yet less than a textbook, and for individuals who miss a more thorough "milestones of the game" (and actually thought they were going to get it from Modern Library), Vecsey provides a nice chronology of just those developments - the fastest tour through the evolving technology of the game you're ever likely to get.

The overall game has ever been built around personas and its own specific sense of time - as myriad commentators never cease to point out, you can't run out the clock in baseball: you keep on pitching until the last out. Vecsey lovingly focuses on the truly amazing ballplayers of yore (and their teams), mostly in thumbnails but sometimes entirely chapters - the clear Babe Ruth and Wendy Robinson - and on occasions in the game's long continuum, great (e. g., Carlton Fisk) and not so great (e. gary the gadget guy., Bill Buckner... okay, I am a Sawx fan: so? ). Also because Vecsey started attending games not all that long before Used to do, and in the same stadiums, I pay particular attention whenever he personalizes his love the the National Pastime with a story from a game he went to with his father, or listened to on radio stations, or covered as a cub reporter.

I loved this book. That's plain. And am cannot understand how Vecsey's Stan Musial book ended up under my radar... and can't wait to have it inside my hands, and then to stand before a mirror, and curl myself into Stan the Man's mystical left-handed posture... and then, why not?, once again enter the sports event of the mind, walking up the dark ramp that results in field-level car seats, into the exploding sunlight and the greenest green imaginable, and the whitest whites, looking up at the patina of the dignified frieze, lingering at the top of the ramp to take in the whole panorama, then the crack of the bat, batting practice, the ball describing a long, lazy arc..., Every sportswriter has a need to reveal his childhood experiences with the great game - usually baseball but occasionally other sports. This tendency occurs in this volume. How about a different approach, particularly in a thin description of the whole history of baseball? I am slightly above newbie status as far as baseball knowledge and a history of baseball, yet this slim volume is far too breezy and facile for me personally. I believe the Modern Library series aims at brief but definitive surveys of its subject, yet this aim is not met in the current volume. I possess read magazine articles and essay with more detail of analysis and description in twenty pages or less. Yet this volume assumes a basic knowledge of baseball, so I am not clear on the audience meant for this book., Very good, easy to read guide that sort of rambles through the history of baseball in a kind of disjointed way. Lots of information, but often concealed within the author's viewpoint. A good read, but not a serious history., Not really one word mentioned regarding the best philosopher any sports would reproduce. Of course, if you cannot guess his name, well maybe Yogi should not be acknowledged., Disappointing - not as thorough as I expected - rambling!, Excellent. Brought back many baseball remembrances., Very interesting!

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