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Total I'm glad I purchased this book. There's a great recipe for injectable Cajun marinade that Now i'm tired of buying, or not having when I actually need it, so that one recipe may be worth the price I paid for the book.

That said, I actually was wishing for more seasoning mixes, and hot marinade recipes, but there's only a few hot marinade recipes, and the seasonings are all rubs. It can very barbecue based, so it's nice continually like to grill. There are nice marinades that are good for cooking inside though, and a lot of the gravies are good for inside or outside cooking.

Just about all sorts of flavors are represented, from Italian to Middle Eastern, Tex-Mex, to Asian. Your imagination is needed to envision the look of the tested recipes, but experienced cooks will be ok with having less pictures, and appreciate the abundance and short & sweet format of the recipes., OK you have a slab of pig ribs, do you just slap it on the grill, or do you open this book and dress the ribs to efficiency. well i would open the book and make a stroke for the ribs and then cook them as indicated. when they are cooked and smoked start eating.... alsonset, EXCELLENT! We LOVE this book and have made many, MANY rubs and marinades with these tested recipes. I've taken to making the Cuban Adobo marinade (from the citrus in our yard), and when buying chicken/pork in bulk, placing the marinade in the freezer BEFORE sealing it and throwing it in the deep freeze! Think about it -- if you allow the SEALED package to set in the fridge for an hour or so BEFORE tossing in the fridge, the meat has an possibility to absorb the flavour and then again, when it thaws, it can absorb again., Absolutely everything that I possess tried from this book has been great! Particularly the rubs, (the Fajita Rub is the greatest I have tasted anywhere), I may generally rate the products, because I feel that we all have differing likes and opinions when it comes to food, but this book and the recipes in it are good enough that you have to like them., I had this book checked out from the library for 6 weeks and finally decided it was time to buy it. I checked out Alton Brown's books and DVS's from the library and learned a whole lot, but never really cooked anything from them. I actually don't like cooking, but I grew up across the barbecue and camping. I actually don't like Midwestern style beef that doesn't have much more than sodium and pepper onto it. I actually also don't like being pegged in a nook to literally follow the directions word for term, step-by-step and using a specific meat product. There are both recipes and explanatory side bars and information to make clear the reasoning behind good barbecuing. This individual helps you decide what meats would do well to use with each menu and when to use a sauce, versus a rub versus a marinade. Some of the tested recipes are low fat and some of the tested recipes I was able to turn lower fat without compromising flavor. There were still others that were spectacularly indulgent and may only be used every now and then. The best part is that it was easy. I even found me personally enjoying making a marinade in the kitchen while the coals were warming upward in the dollar bar-b-q. And that is another reason I actually like this book. I actually don't need thousands of dollars of barbecue equipment to make the tested recipes. I spend more on the constituents and end upward with spectacular flavors. Right now there are both American tested recipes and exotic recipes comprised in it. My favorite to date is a People from france West Indian Chili Lime scale recipe i cut out nearly all of the oil of and use mainly on chicken. I also dug into my gringo San Diego roots and created a Mexican wet rub by mixing my recipe with a few the recipes in this book. Don't expect extravagant pictures that will double as a table publication. This guide is a functional workhorse. The versatility of this book is why it awesome. I purchased a used hardback because I actually couldn't find a hardback new and I want this book to last a lifetime., wow exactly what a nice surprise. The book was larger than I expected it to be. It truly is chalked full of great tested recipes. I got another one for another gift idea and I will get more. Such a bang for your bucks!, Gave as a present, they love it!, This particular is a great publication of BBQ sauces for the beginner or expert. I've tried many of the sauces so far and loved them. I performed make the blueberry bbq marinade and while it didn't flavor like I expected it would still be a very good sauce. For the most part these recipes are practical and straightforward for anyone to follow. I found i already had *most* ingredients in my kitchen and only had to go out to obtain a few minor things. I have tried a couple of the rubs and perhaps they are a smashing success with my taste buds! I don't have tried the marinades yet but from what I have tried already I think they will be awesome.

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