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This really is my first Glantz guide. I had heard he was a Russo-phile and always spun a inclined story in favor of the Soviets. As a Wehrmacht/Waffen SS fanboy, this had me worried, but I gave it a try. I was not disappointed! Although his Ruskies war reports (every other page, it seems) leads one to believe the "rumors", he is astute enough to weed through the BS (i. electronic., the claim more tanks were destroyed during seventh PzD's attack against Konev's army than what they actually possessed). He presents the reports as what they are--just that. He will not utilize them as the sole basis for talking about what actually happened. We found this to be an excellent supplement (and counter balance) to my catalogue of German-centric books.

Curiously, each of the books I have read before told me personally about the "smooth" enhance of AGC towards Moscow, except that little "bump" around Smolensk. Ironically, it was Weidinger's "Das Reich" that opened up my eyes to the blood enabling at Smolensk/Yelnia and the extent of Timoshenko's counter-offensives. How is it that an SS staff officer shows more of the "truth" than the supposed historians?, Excellent book, any student of the war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union needs to have this in their library. May possibly not be for the casual reader as nearly all of the book is situation reports and combat purchases written by the participants, mainly from the Soviet side, thus rendering it a dry out read., Another book going into great details from the russian front. The particular units covered in this book are giving in times that the battle to capture this city in and make one of the biggest encirclements in military history. The battling that drained the german military is well recorded. The german believing that encirclement was the way to win are finding their action inconclusive, This particular is a very in depth review of the challenges involving the Germans and Russians in July and Aug, 1941 around Smolensk, Russian federation. Though it is very in depth, it truly focuses on the strategic and operational aspects of the battles and there are very little (if not none) personal stories of the battles. On the other hand, from the summaries and communications, you get a good feel for what it must have already been like - hell on earth.

The reason that the writer focuses on this battle is really because he statements that it caused Hitler's Barbarossa invasion of Russian federation to be derailed.

Yet , what I read in this (and maybe in further books the author may come to that particular conclusion) is that when Hitler invaded Russia, he was biting off more than his army could chew up (as the saying goes). After the first 6 weeks of the campaign and surprise wore off, the Soviets reacted well and they had the men, machines and resources to respond. Yet , Philippines didn't have the resources - the men were being lost and not replaced - the strategies system couldn't obtain the equipment to them (including container engines when they broke down) because of the distances and the backwardness of the, and the Germans ended uphad been stretched to handle more space with fewer resources.

In short, the things i read in this book is the fact Germany was stretched by invading Russia and even though won nearly all of the challenges at the start, they were destined to reduce this war (especially after they declaried war on the US ALL which opened up a second front).

I'm looking forward to his second book on this matter., This book has a great amount of fine detail about this part of functioning barbarossa. It might be hard to read as a novel, though, and its certainly not written for an enjoyable read (like A great Army at Dawn). The particular maps are plentiful and rich in detail, although in this volume they may be in black and white., Great book, very good book, Very, very in depth description of the first stages of Germany's invasion of Russia. With all the division and unit names and numbers thrown around, I had developed trouble following the book to become bored with it.

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