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Philistine Alien is book two in the Ice Earth Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. Here we have Liz and Raahosh story.

The particular world and characters Ms. Dixon has created are fascinating. Each character is unique and you could link to them. I really like the dual-POV’s. They will help give us both Liz and Raahosh viewpoint.

We have a few here who need to work on their communication. Raahosh is not just a talker and Liz, well she talks too much. Raahosh has some deep wounds in his soul that need curing. Having a mate provides him that chance to lastly heal and have a family, but keep in mind that come easily. Liz puts upward a fight.

The one thing We really didn’t like was Liz’s treatment of Raahosh. I dislike a heroine who will smack a main character. I get that the girl is frustrated with the woman situation and that many if not all of her choices have recently been taken away from the woman, but to treat Raahosh the way she really does with her actions and words, was disappointing. It made me dislike Liz.

Ultimately around the 35% range Liz has the truth and gets her ass in gear. She apologizes and gives him a chance and starts to learn about the world. Once they progress, I finally dropped into the story. They will have a few challenges to get through with the tribe; before they can be together. It may be sad, sweet, and attractive.

I’m very much enjoying this Sci-Fi Romance series. Even though Barbarian Strange has not been at the top of my list in this series. I still enjoyed it enough to go out and buy the next book. All the characters have enthralled me personally.

Rated: 3. 5 Stars, This story is from the point of view of Liz and Rahoosh. Liz is a loud mouthed, sarcastic, swearing survivor from the crashed room ship and Rahoosh is a hunter and fairly outcast from his clan. The storyplot takes off when the women are stored from the ship by the Not Hoth clan and Georgie. The women are not doing well because of the conditions and the atmosphere which is not compatible with humans. They will require a khui which is a worm like thing or host that comes from their body to filter the harmful environment. Needless to say, the women were not feeling totally aboard to take on this khui. Rahoosh's khui is communicating to him that Liz is his mate and decides to take off with her on his own which is a big no no . Liz is having no part of this and fights Rahoosh the whole way. However, she actually is forced to take the khui which she humorously calls a cootie.

Once Liz's cootie is in her body it is evident that her cootie is speaking to Rahoosh's cootie meaning that she is attached to him and she is fit to be tied. Liz is not a sweet and demure person but more of a dirty mind and mouthed one. The girl might not be as interesting as Georgie from the first book for some but I like the woman even more. I sensed I understood and related to her because of the great writing of her personality. She was constantly crying and vexing about the woman situation thinking Rahoosh did not understand her in fact he did. As in the first book, the humor was what was the most appealing part. We was laughing throughout at the things Liz would say. She would often blame her cootie for her actions and that the girl even called it a cootie was hilarious.

The particular chemistry was steamy but the romance developed overtime, however,. Their relationship was believable and I was rooting for them. The characters especially Liz and Rahoosh were written about in the first person to bring their readers along with their thoughts and wishes. The writing was clean, smart and fun to read with never a dull moment. I loved it!, Micro Review! I do believe I get too wordy when I write publication reviews so I was trying this Micro Overview from Tumblr.

Author and Title? Ruby Dixon’s PHILISTINE ALIEN, second book in the ICE PLANET BARBARIANS series

What made you pick it up? The first book in the series was so excellent and this book is Outer Space Attractiveness and the Beast. We had to read it. And am have had to reread it. It may be one of those books We go to when We require a pick me upward because I really like the characters so much.

Was it what you expected? Indeed. For a sweet smutty book about a big blue alien adorable grumpy feline and his Queen of Sarcasm, it is wonderful. This is certainly my third time to reread it.

Might you read the sequel? I am in the process of rereading their sequel. The only thing stopping me from concluding is I want to write a quick book review for this smutty, fairly sweet Beauty and the Animal in a galaxy significantly far away novel. Whenever Ruby Dixon pops out a Ice Planet Barbarian publication I turn into Fry from Futurama-Shut up and Take My Money. We am about a dozens of books behind but that doesn't stop me from buying the books. I love these characters. It would probably help easily didn't try to read the full sequence each time I get in the mood for research fiction romances and/or Glaciers Planet Barbarians.

This publication is Beauty and the Beast in Outer Area. All our aliens are big blue with horns, ridges and a butt. However our hero Raahosh is scarred on his face and is lacking a horn. He thought he was going to be alone forever. ( Having been a virgin! ) Really dont know if Liz would be described as a beauty but she actually is pure spitfire, independent and strong., While I TOTALLY get where Liz was received from with her desire to be seen as more than only a baby-making machine and to be asked what the girl wanted, I also completely felt for Raahosh and his not-very-sociable self. He has no clue how to treat a female (especially one like Liz) and he or she doesn't quite understand how to deal with her independence.

Actually, he or she likes her independence and her willingness to remain up to him. He is simply not very good about expressing himself. The vocabulary barrier doesn't help either. When Liz uses slang he has to try to figure out what she's getting at. Sometimes with hilarious results.

These barbarians have a lot to learn about human women and observing the fallout tickles my funny bone. Between the urge to mate with their chosen lady and the sass these women can hand out, there's lots of misunderstandings--and sexy times--to come.

I'm kinda fired up about that!

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

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