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I enjoyed so much reading more about Magnus's life... How he met Will's father, when Jocelyn introduced Clary to him for the first time... how it went his first date with Alec. And also knowing more about his relationship with Camille, and his warlock friends. My favorite I imagine I should say it is when he views Will after 24 years... he helps Will's child, James, to go again to home and he come across with Tessa and Will. It was so hear increased temperatures and one of the things i most like about this book, is the fact shows how much Magnus cared about Will and exactly how many thing resembled him or her of Will., This is a book of brief stories. The first is very very funny and above all others, without depending on understanding of Clare's " Clockwork" series. The particular rest will be more enjoyable for readers who have already met Skinnelegeme as they often reference the bigger novels. So the book seems a little eclectic. That doesn't allow it to be not good.

My own favorite is the tale of how Bane was kicked out of Peru. I keep trying to read it to my teenagers, but we all ending up laughing to hard we have to stop. If you may love it when you start, please keep reading. You will find yourself traveling with Bane in the world all of us adored to much when we first met him., If you liked the character of Magnus Bane through The Infernal Devices and The Shadowhunter series, then this book should be a must buy for you! Yeah, parts of it are a little annoying, as it makes you wish that you could read on and find out more, but as each part is essentially a short story, some are a little unresolved (such what happened in Peru). BUT... the insights this collection gives you into the character of Magnus Bane is incomparable! I absolutely adore this character, so I found them satisfying and enjoyable. I also like the tiny cartoon at the beginning of each part, and for me, having a physical copy of this book was really worth importing it from the UK somewhere and waiting the three weeks it took to get it to me in AUS. Wishing that Cassandra Clare would tell us more about his future/past life. Happy reading!, I enjoyed Magnuses story a lot. They g a 've me some insight on some of the other characters. I wished it had more about he and Alex though. Loved the book., I expected more from this, I guess. The particular entire book is simply a number of excerpts from the life of Magnus Bane, and most are just... boring. These people don't really link collectively in cohesive way and actually made me like the character less than I did before reading it. The Magnus of the primary books is loveable and has depth, but this book portrays him or her to often as simple frivolous and uncaring of anything but lusty activities and fashion. They TYPE of gave him some growth along the way, but didn't really go into any defining occasions that I felt would turn him into the character we first fulfilled through the primary novels. Dissatisfied., I absolutely love all of Cassandra's books. My very favourite being the Infernal Devices. My suggestion - having read each of the Persona Instruments and all Infernal Devises - read the Bane Chronicles last. Every single circumstance and every character will make more sense. If you haven't at least read the Persona Instruments the ending to the Bane Chronicles will be most displeasing.
Another great book, though by Cassandra Clare., It looks... bookish. Rofl I haven't read this, yet, but I am capable to. It arrived in perfect condition. That's all I have for you so far! ☺, Loved this book. Magnus is my favorite character of the series, so I'm glad she elaborated on his history. I also enjoy the collaboration that she did in writing this book. Not really of the needless detail that she put into the Persona Instruments (which, I'm still fuming about - why put so many needless details into a six part series make the TV series COMPLETELY DIVERSE! Basically, either read the books, or watch the TV series - may do both! ) Back again on topic, Magnus just has all of the aspects of a fantastically outstanding character.

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