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I actually don't know why it took me so many years to read this book which I knew created an up roar when published. By today's requirements, it is hard to imagine what was so controversial about the book that it was prohibited from many libraries and schools to prevent kids from reading it. It seems like the baseball owners and commissioner were very purpose on maintaining a pristine image of baseball as America's greatest sport. I actually suppose I have forgotten, or, never realized, how puritanical the country was during my youth and the at time this guide was published., A very real, very funny and very touching view of baseball from the inside. It's hard to picture now what an important book this was when it was written, but it really did pull the curtain back on professional baseball. First-time that got been done in any sport. Strongly recommended for any ball fan., Again in 1970, when the book was released, it made a huge controversial splash because it was the first honest work about inside the professional football culture. Compared to all of us tell-all memoirs, however, it can pretty tame stuff. There are funny situations, some sprinkles of profanity, and recommendations to sexual escapades, but mostly the book addresses Mr. Bouton's struggles at 30 years of era to remain worth actively playing in Major League football. Man, I wager my left nut that I actually will never read another book in my whole life that uses the phrase 'knuckleball' so often.

I actually am a 53-year-old man who rarely watches any sporting event; not to mention an entire game. In my younger days, many many moons ago, I loved playing baseball, basketball, sports and whatnot, but watching the stuff never held my interest. With that said, I found Mister. Bouton's one-year memoir to be entertaining and highly informative. About a 3 rd of the athletes described I knew; Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Ted Williams, and the 1960s Birkenstock boston Red Sox players such as Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Cognigliaro and George Scott because being a child residing in Maine and NOT REALLY a Red Sox enthusiast was flirting with a death wish. Most of the players the writer worked alongside didn't even noise remotely familiar. Mr. Bouton exposed such undignified things as drug usage, "beaver-shooting, " sexual infidelity, carried away baseball owners, many athlete's being constantly insecure about their worthiness, and unaware coaches as well as managers. I had to keep reminding myself that these man-children were young guys in their twenties and some of them were not the brightest bulbs in the brain department. Typically the book certainly destroyed any romantic notions about these guys being essentially squeaky-clean, grown-up Boy Scouts.

Mister. Bouton's memoir is written in a brutally honest, sincere and plain-spoken manner which fits very well with the topic matter. Daylights, this stuff isn't William shakespeare by a long chance and that's fine. Several of the words used are considered politically inappropriate in today's world, so please keep in thoughts when it was written. The 2 epilogues in the 1990 edition are also highly informative. It informs about the sports planet's reaction to his book as well as how Mister. Bouton's and his teammates' lives evolved over the next twenty years. My eyes did occasionally glaze over when reading about his knuckleball struggles and shows from certain games, but overall the book was entertaining., Good baseball read

Simply to see the names from the period that JB writes about was enough to keep my interest in reading this guide. When he mentioned Sibi Sisti, Boston Braves, as a coach I understood I would benefit from the read., I had wanted to read this for years, since Jim was playing football in my youth. I actually guess we both expanded old together (but Jim's got several years on me). It was a fantastic read, and I didn't want to put it down. It is the true and real story of football before free agency and million dollar contracts. Even though you DON'T like baseball, you'll like this.

I wrote Jim an email telling him how much I enjoyed the book, and he actually sent me an email back thanking me!

GO THROUGH THIS BOOK!, Unbelievable. To listen to this wonderful classic in the author's own tone is an unforgettable experience. Not a polished actor, his realness, humanity and participation come through loud and clear. Occasionally he laughters at his own humor, and occasionally his tone breaks - most notably when he offers that last famous line in the original text about gripping a baseball, and again in the last heartbreaking update.
You don't have to like baseball to find this book appealing and worth revisiting, but if you're a fan of the game you should not miss this experience., A single of my all time ever favorites!!! Read my first copy as a sophomore (and baseball player) in high school... Have got read it many, many more times since then... just wanted a " good" copy to have rather than the falling apart book that's stashed somewhere on the the bookshelf., In this article it is 40+ years later and Bouton and 'Ball Four' still cracks me up! One of a kind book on being human and real interactions and thoughts. Not just baseball guys busting onions and having olde school-style fun.

Btw, " Ass-Eyes, " thanks for getting myself into big trouble after reading your book while hurling for my Younger HS baseball team. My own diary didn't go over so big simultaneously I read yours. Specially when it became kidnapped by a teammate who abruptly became Fred Talbot reincarnate.

Well worth another read.

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