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This book by Jim Klopman is an extremely basic training protocol, that is the key to stability & mobility IN LIFE! It can so true- Use it or lose it.
IF you add this to your must do list ( like brushing your teeth), you will not become a fell & cant get up statistic!, Very good strategies for ideas on bettering balance. Get a rope and try it at home and follow the safety instructions, as mentioned throughout the guide., This book is well written - clear and concise. Not overloaded with technical jargon that can be overwhelming. As a woman in my 50s, I had experienced attacks of balance and schwindel issues. Standing, from the sitting down position, and turning at the same time would often cause me personally to lose balance and stumble. Playing with the dog in the garden... running and turning at the same time would cause me to have to sit down and regroup. I assumed this was part of aging and that I simply had to put up with it. I WAS WRONG. I was luckily enough to have the possibility to learn a lot of the basic techniques outlined in the book from Jim and Jesse; and I continue to work with Janet to keep balance techniques a part of my every week exercise routine. This has been life changing for me personally. Nearly I not have any of the balance issues described above; but my confidence and skills huge batch biking and skate skiing have improved quite a lot. I think the techniques referred to in this book would benefit anybody, not just in the athletic realm; but in the afternoon to day living realm. Anybody who wants to feel young and stronger. And who doesn't want that?, Equilibrium Is Power is an enlightening and thought-provoking read. It is going to make you view the world differently! Rick describes how the world we stay in today has severely weakened our natural balance - we stay in perfectly aligned living/working places, are always looking down at our phone screens, wear poorly designed athletic shoes, and so forth - something I never thought about or noticed before. Jim's insights and methods have made me realize the potentially life-and-death importance of balance, not just for athletes however for all humans. This specific book is excellent not only for anyone attempting to improve athletic performance at any level but also just for anyone attempting to feel stronger, healthier and more in control of their body., I think all the five star star ratings must be have been written by the author's relatives. I am about 3/4 through the book, and so far it could all be summed up by saying " it's good to have a good sense of balance". ALRIGHT, but I think that before I bought the guide. If I hadn't thought that, I wouldn't have bought the book to begin with. There are a great deal of chapters like, Putting a Ball, in which you'll learn, after several pages, that havng a good sense of balance is good if you want to throw a ball. You get the general idea. When I finally got to the first set of exercises to improve your balance, it was all a bunch of things could think of yourself if you you spent about two minutes thinking about " what could I do to improve my balance. " The best thing I possibly could say about this book is the fact that is actually cheap, so you won't have to regret shedding a lot of money when you develop shopper's remorse. If I find that there's an amazing amount of value in the last 1/4 of this pos, I'll be truly amazed, and I'll change this review accordingly.

ALRIGHT, I've looked at rest of the book. To do other exercises, you'll need to invest in some equipment, all of which is conveniently available on the author's website, e. g., the SlackBow 1300 currently going for a mere , 250 smackeroos. In case you are convinced you need one of these infants to learn how to balance, I have a couple of bridges across the Pacific I think you might want to purchase., I have taken balance training with Jim. This individual is students of how to improve one's balance - at all levels. I used to be interested in athletic balance, but he also has studied and developed training for remedial needs for improved balance. I expect that athlete's all levels, and those with serious needs to improve balance to prevent falls would learn valuable lessons by reading this book., When you think about bettering your skills for a particular sport or recreational quest, you probably think about working on strength, endurance or mechanics. Balance is definitely something that's inherent in the background. After reading this book, you'll realize that understanding and bettering your balance skills can easily guide to a substantial performance improvement for ANY physical endeavor.

The brilliance of this book is two fold: It explains the pervasiveness and significance of balance in ways no doubt you've never even thought about. After that it provides a clear and well-illustrated training program to improve your own balance skills. There are numerous real-world examples showing that the cake you produced performance improvement can be surprisingly dramatic.

Since an added bonus, enhanced balance skills can expand well beyond physical prowess. There is, for example, an illuminating chapter on " Concussion Repair and Prevention. "

This guide will give you a whole new respect for the value of balance. If you follow its training program, it will also give you more performance enhancement than you probably thought possible. Well worthwhile and highly recommended., it's a simple read, and having proved helpful with Jim on the line and the obstruct. It is great and has contributed to my driving. I'm 65 and still show horses. Super helpful

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